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1 Author: Joao Rodrigues
A Bayesian Approach to Conflicting Input-Output Data PDF Paper
2 Author: Masaaki Kuboniwa
A Comparative Analysis of the Pass-Through Impact of Oil Prices on an Oil-Exporter and an Oil-Importer PDF  
3 Author: Ana Isabel Guerra
Co-Authors: Ferran Sancho
A Dynamic Hypothetical Extraction Technique for Analizing Price Effects PDF Paper
4 Author: Anne Owen
A framework for classification of assumptions and uncertainties in EE-MRIO calculations PDF Paper
5 Author: Maria Teresa Alvarez-Martinez
Co-Authors: Clemente Andrés Polo
A General Equilibrium Evaluation of Fiscal Policy Responses to Shocks in Spain PDF Paper
6 Author: Nooraddin Sharify
A Modification in the Input-Output Price Model to Analyse the Effect of Exchange Rate Variation on Prices Indices PDF Paper
7 Author: José Ramón San Cristóbal
A Multi-objective Input-Output linear programming model for environmental and energy policy analysis PDF  
8 Author: Panayotis G. Michaelides
Co-Authors: Athena Belegri-Roboli, Maria Markaki
A non-linear Leontief type input-output model PDF Paper
9 Author: Rajas Kamalakar Parchure
Co-Authors: Nasim Fathi
A Ricardian Model of Multicountry Multicommodity Trade PDF Paper
10 Author: Rodrigo Emmanuel Santana Borges
A SAM for Brazil in 2009 - Methodology and Estimation PDF  
11 Author: Yan Xu
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher
A structural decomposition analysis of the pollution terms of trade using the WIOD tables PDF Paper
12 Author: Ying Gao
Co-Authors: Shantong Li
A Study of Chinese Industry Sector Influence Based on SAM Multiplier Model PDF Paper
13 Author: Amin Homaei
Co-Authors: Fatemeh Bazzazan
A Study of the relationship between economic growth and Oil sector in the Iranian Economy PDF Paper
14 Author: Bing-Xin Zhao
Co-Authors: Guo-Qing Chen, Jiang-Hua Zhang
A Study on Measurement of Industry Linkage Effect——based on industry complex network PDF  
15 Author: Jianwen Yuan
A Study on the Relationship between Productivity and Remuneration Ratio in Guangdong Province PDF Paper
16 Author: Liubov Strizhkova
A three-block Input-Output model in scenario forecasting and administrative policy providing (practice, problems, hypothesis) PDF Paper
17 Author: Nickolay Alexandrovitch Pecherskykh
Co-Authors: Svetlana Pavlovna Pecherskikh
Academicians' uclad PDF Paper
18 Author: Bin Su
Co-Authors: Beng Wah Ang
Aggregation Issues in Environmental Input-Output Modeling and Analysis PDF  
19 Author: Nooraddin Sharify
An Approach to Measure the Effect of Invisible Subsidy Elimination on Prices Indices: An extension of Input-Output Price Model PDF  
20 Author: Wei Xie
Co-Authors: Jidong Wu, Ning Li, Shantong Li
An evaluation of the indirect economic loss from a hypothetical catastrophe based on input-output analysis PDF Paper
21 Author: Ana Salomé García Muñiz
An extension of Multilevel Indicators: Study of backward and forward linkages PDF  
22 Author: Joost Reyes Santos
An Input-Output Framework for Assessing Disaster Impacts on Nashville Metropolitan Region PDF Paper
23 Author: Leonardo Javier Mastronardi
Co-Authors: Carlos Adrian Romero
An interregional input output model for Buenos Aires PDF Paper
24 Author: TingTing WU
Co-Authors: Kakali Mukhopadhyay, PAUL J. THOMASSIN
An Investigation of the Leontief Paradox using Canadian Agriculture and Food Trade: An Input-Output Approach PDF Paper
25 Author: Ferran Sancho
An operational, nonlinear input-output system PDF Paper
26 Author: Majid Dehghanizadeh
Co-Authors: Saeed Dehghan Khavari
Analysis and criticism on determination of key sectors in regional input-output table generated by location quotient method (The Case study: Yazd Province) PDF Paper
Analysis of External Linkage in Asian International Input-Output Table PDF Paper
28 Author: Bin Wang
Analysis of Leading industries and competitive industries in Region economics of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei—— Based on Multi-Regional input-output model for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei PDF  
29 Author: Yan Xia
Analysis of low carbon production chains towards modified forward coefficient PDF Paper
30 Author: Oleksandr Chebanov
Analysis of R&D Spillovers in the Ukrainian Economy PDF Paper
31 Author: Jaroslav Zbranek
Co-Authors: Jaroslav Sixta
Analysis of the labour inputs in the input-output framework PDF Paper
32 Author: João Pedro Ferreira
Co-Authors: Luís Cruz, Pedro Nogueira Ramos
Assessing changes in inter-municipality commuting: The Portuguese case PDF Paper
33 Author: Aleix Altimiras-Martin
Assessing the degree of “Isolation” of the Regenerative Economy PDF Paper
34 Author: Xiuli Liu
Assessing the economic and environment impacts of mitigating water consumption and pollution strategies with an input-output model in Beijing, China PDF Paper
35 Author: John Paolo Rosales Rivera
Co-Authors: Paolo Ocampo Reyes
Assessing the Economic Contribution of “Sin” Industries to the Philippine Economy: The Dilemma between Macroeconomic Growth and Microeconomic Welfare PDF Paper
36 Author: Evelien Dils
Co-Authors: An Vercalsteren, Ann Van der Linden, Theo Geerken
Assessing the environmental impact of the food production chain from a Flemish perspective PDF Paper
37 Author: Mohammadgholi Yousefi
Co-Authors: Mojtaba Esfandiari Kaloukan, Zahra Zakeri
Assessing Water Consumption of Industrial Sectors in Iran, Using Input Output Technique PDF Paper
38 Author: Umed Temurshoev
Bayesian analysis of product-level global CO2 emission multipliers from 1995 to 2009 PDF Paper
39 Author: Oleg Lugovoy
Co-Authors: Andrey Polbin, Vladimir Potashnikov
Bayesian Estimation of Input-Output Tables for Russia PDF Paper
40 Author: Chandrima Sikdar
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty
Bilateral trade between India and Sri Lanka - does factor content of trade matter? PDF Paper
41 Author: Hiroaki Shirakawa
Co-Authors: Xin Zhou
Block structural path analysis in a multiregional input-output system: An environmental application to Asia Pacific region PDF Paper
42 Author: Aurelien Genty
Co-Authors: Iñaki Arto, Frederik V R Neuwahl
Building a Time Series of Environmental Accounts for a Word Database PDF Paper
43 Author: Manfred Lenzen
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Daniel Moran, Keiichiro Kanemoto
44 Author: Nikolaus Bayerl
Calculation of a coherent matrix of intermediate consumption in a situation of incomplete product information PDF Paper
45 Author: Xin Zhou
Co-Authors: Minjun Shi, Zhao Zhao
Calculation of the carbon content for border tax adjustment: An application of a re-constructed Japan-China multi-regional input-output model PDF  
46 Author: Hiroshi Sakamoto
Co-Authors: Jin Fan
CGE Analysis of Yangtze River Delta in China PDF Paper
47 Author: Xin Li
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng, Yim Ling Siu
Challenges faced when energy meets water: water implications of power generation in the northern regions of China PDF Paper
48 Author: Felipe F. P. Souza
Chance Constrained Programming and Its Application to Input-Output Analysis PDF  
49 Author: Shinji Kaneko
Co-Authors: Masaru Ichihashi
Change in carbon responsibility for Tokyo from 1990 to 2005: evidence from carbon accounting using inter-regional input-output environmental model PDF  
50 Author: Narges Moradkhani
Co-Authors: Ahmad Khodaverdi
Change in the pattern of household expenditure due to removing energy subsidy on emission PDF  
51 Author: Vadim Manavirovich Gilmundinov
Changes in the Russian Economy Structure and Productivity: a Role of Inter-branch Competition PDF Paper
52 Author: Xue Fu
Co-Authors: Kazushige Shimpo, Klaus Hubacek, Yaxiong Zhang
China's Industry Potential across region for Carbon Emission Reduction based on optimal 2007 MRIO model PDF  
53 Author: Jicheng Yang
Co-Authors: Jin Fan
China’s Industrial TFP Measurement and Decomposition——Comparison Based on Value-added Production Function and Gross Output Production Function PDF Paper
54 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: Jiemin Guo, Yaxiong Zhang
China’s Regional Economies and Domestic Trade in Value Added: An Interregional Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
55 Author: Jan Weinzettel
Co-Authors: Richard Wood
Choice of units in input-output analysis for applications in industrial ecology PDF  
56 Author: Nadia Garbellini
Community Detection Algorithms and Clustering of Input-Output Linkages — Analysis of their interconnections PDF Paper
57 Author: Stefan Giljum
Co-Authors: Barbara Lugschitz, Martin Bruckner, Stephan Lutter
Comparing national Material and Land Footprints in a global perspective PDF  
58 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: Satoshi Inomata, Yaxiong Zhang
Compilation and application of IDE-JETRO’s international Input-output tables PDF Paper
59 Author: Arnold Tukker
Compiling and Refining Environmental and Economic Accounts (CREEA) – towards a global Material/Energy/Economic MR EE SUT PDF  
60 Author: Sanmang WU
Co-Authors: Shantong Li
Complexity of Chinese economy and its evolution: Measurement based upon 1987-2007 National and Provincial I/0 Tables PDF Paper
61 Author: Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Computable Production Prices with Fixed Capital as a Joint Product and Technical Progress --- A simple case PDF Paper
62 Author: Robert Stehrer
Co-Authors: Gerhard Streicher
Constructing a consistent and balanced world SUT system including international trade- and transport margins -Wither Panama PDF Paper
63 Author: Makiko Tsukui
Co-Authors: Ryoji Hasegawa, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo
Construction of a Multi-Regional Waste Input-Output Table PDF Paper
64 Author: Makiko Tsukui
Co-Authors: Shigemi Kagawa
Construction of a Prefectural Multi-Regional Waste Input-Output Table in 2005 for Environmental Analysis PDF  
65 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Co-Authors: Ali Asghar Banouei, Mehdi Karami
Construction of Regional Input-Output Table PDF  
66 Author: Anthony Travers Flegg
Co-Authors: Timo Tohmo
Construction of regional input-output tables using non-survey methods: CHARM and the FLQ PDF Paper
67 Author: Christian Lutz
Co-Authors: Kirsten Svenja Wiebe
Consumption-based carbon emissions in a post-Kyoto regime until 2020 PDF Paper
68 Author: Satoshi Inomata
Co-Authors: Bo Meng
Cross-regional spillover of economic growth: The territorial impact of global manufacturing in China PDF  
69 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Gaaitzen de Vries, Marcel Timmer, Robert Stehrer
Decomposing Factor Income Distributions: The Roles of Trade, Technology and Consumption PDF Paper
70 Author: Ya-Yen Sun
Decomposition of tourism green house gas emission using the environmental input-output PDF  
71 Author: Laura Moniche
Co-Authors: Barbara Diaz
Deconstructing Pyatt’s Apportioning Procedure. A real case scenario: the official Andalusian SAM.(MCSAN-05) PDF Paper
72 Author: Rachel Custodio Reyes
Demand decomposition and input-output subsystems analysis of Philippine industrial carbon dioxide emissions PDF  
73 Author: Pedro Nogueira Ramos
Co-Authors: Ana Lucia Marto Sargento, Eduardo Barata, João Pedro Ferreira, Luís Cruz
Demography and Economy: how they interact in Portuguese peripheral regions PDF  
74 Author: K. Ali Akkemik
Co-Authors: Jia Li
Deregulation in energy prices in China: A CGE Analysis PDF Paper
75 Author: Christoph Hammer
Determining Employment in the latest Austrian INFORUM Model PDF Paper
76 Author: Tong Zhao
Co-Authors: Jin Fan
Development Level, Structure, and Impact of Agribusiness in the Yangtze River Delta(YRD) region :An International Comparison Based on Input-Output Approach PDF  
77 Author: Shuo Manson Hao
Co-Authors: Andrew Cadogan-Cowper, Gregory Legoff, Kuru Mahadeva, Nathan Chia
Development of environmentally extended I-O tables for CHG emissions in Australia PDF Paper
78 Author: Kazuyo Matsubae
Co-Authors: Jun Kajiyama, Keisuke Nansai, Kenichi NAKAJIMA
Development of Integrated Phosphorus Cycle Input Output Model and Its Applications PDF Paper
79 Author: Martin Soeren Lindner
Co-Authors: Dabo Guan
80 Author: Martin Soeren Lindner
Co-Authors: Dabo Guan
Disaggregating the Electricity Sector of China’s Input Out table: Application to Environmental-Economic Life Cycle Analysis PDF Paper
81 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Umed Temurshoev
Distance-Based Measures of Globalization in a World with Fragmented Production PDF Paper
82 Author: Huey-Lin Lee
Do not judge a book by its cover: ecosystem service of the Kaomei wetland PDF Paper
83 Author: Rachel Harris Soloveichik
Do-It-Yourself Home Repair and Remodeling in GDP PDF  
84 Author: Rita Cappariello
Domestic value added content of exports: a cross-country comparison for the major European economies PDF Paper
85 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher
Double-Counting in Computations of Factor Contents of Trade PDF Paper
86 Author: Shigemi Kagawa
Co-Authors: Kazuyo Matsubae, Shinichiro Nakamura, Tetsuya Nagasaka, Yasushi Kondo
Dynamic Waste Input-Output Analysis of Durable Goods: A Case Study of the Automobile Use PDF Paper
87 Author: Antonio F. Amores
Dynamics in Keysector-Analysis PDF Paper
88 Author: Kambale Kavese
Eastern Cape automotive sector analysis: an economic model for policy and investment development PDF Paper
89 Author: Bernhard Mahlberg
Co-Authors: Mikulas Luptacik
Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Productivity change over time in a multisectoral economic system PDF  
90 Author: Mahua Dutta
Co-Authors: Shalini Singh Sharma, Shri Prakash
Economic Development and Sustainable Use of Ground Water in India PDF  
91 Author: Christian Lager
Economic dominance theory (Roland Lantner, Didier Lebert, Jérôme Gallo and Fabrice Lequeux) PDF  
92 Author: Olaf Jonkeren
Co-Authors: Bogdan Dorneanu
Economic impact assessment of Critical Infrastructure failure in the EU: A combined Systems Engineering - Inoperability Input-Output model. PDF Paper
93 Author: Thea Christine Graham
Economic Impact ov Civil Aviation in the United States PDF  
94 Author: Christian Lutz
Co-Authors: Ulrike Lehr
Economic impacts of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Germany PDF Paper
95 Author: Matías Piaggio
Economic structure and Greenhouse gases emission Key sectors analysis for Uruguay PDF Paper
96 Author: Keiichiro Asakura
Co-Authors: Satoshi Nakano
Economic, Environmental and Energy Analysis on Future Energy Production Technology: Solar Power Satellite PDF Paper
97 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty, PAUL J. THOMASSIN
Economy wide Impact of CEPA between Canada and India PDF Paper
98 Author: Masaru Ichihashi
Economy-wide Impacts of consumer responses to environmental information disclosure in Tokyo and the other parts of Japan PDF  
99 Author: João Carlos Lopes
Employment elasticities, multipliers and key sectors in Portugal: an input-output approach PDF  
100 Author: Ahmad Khodaverdi
Co-Authors: Narges Moradkhani
Energy and Carbon Embodied in International Trade of Iran PDF Paper
101 Author: Cuihong Yang
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher
Energy Consumption Coefficient Comparison of Outsourcing to China PDF Paper
102 Author: Haiyan Zhang
Energy Consumption Disparity in China 1987-2007: An Interregional Decomposition Analysis PDF  
103 Author: Paulo de Tarso Gaeta Paixao
Energy economics modeling with hybrid units applied to supply and use tables PDF Paper
104 Author: Kjartan Steen-Olsen
Co-Authors: Jan Weinzettel
Environmental Burdens of the EU’s Consumption: An MRIO-Based Assessment PDF  
105 Author: Juan-Pablo Castañeda
Co-Authors: Patricia Villatoro
Environmental input-output analysis in developing countries: Assessing the cross sectoral impacts of forest use in Guatemala PDF  
106 Author: Andrii Verstiak
Co-Authors: Mariia Grygorkiv, Vasyl Grygorkiv
107 Author: Ruslan Biloskurskyy
Co-Authors: Vasyl Grygorkiv
Environmental stochastic input-output model and its deterministic equivalent PDF Paper
108 Author: Guillermo Hernandez Rodriguez
Co-Authors: Antoine Beylot, villeneuve jacques
Estimating consistent Physical Supply-Use Tables (PSUTs) considering data uncertainties PDF Paper
109 Author: Arteom Denisov
Co-Authors: Vadim Manavirovich Gilmundinov
Estimating imperfect competition impact on producer prices in Russia in 2000-2010 PDF Paper
110 Author: Alsu Sayapova
Co-Authors: Rustam Ishbulatov
Estimating of stochasticity of technological coefficients in Russian Input-Output tables PDF Paper
111 Author: Jian Wang
Estimating Regional Freight Movement in Australia Using Commodity Flows and Input-Output Coefficients PDF Paper
112 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
European food security; the role of foreign natural resources and imported intermediate inputs in European agriculture PDF Paper
113 Author: Takatoshi WATANABE
Co-Authors: Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Mitsuru Shimoda, Zuoyi YE
Evaluation of Supply Restriction due to a Huge Disaster PDF Paper
114 Author: Laura Moniche
Co-Authors: Barbara Diaz, Mercedes Cerquella
Evaluation of the tourism activity effects in Andalusia. An application of the Andalusian official SAM (MCSAN05) PDF  
115 Author: Pasqua L'Abbate
116 Author: Wilmar Ascarraga
Exports as an Engine of Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis by mean IOA between China and Mexico PDF Paper
117 Author: Stephan Lutter
Co-Authors: Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Extending multi-regional input-output (MRIO) models with water use data for policy-related applications PDF  
Co-Authors: Arpita Ghose, Debesh Chakraborty
119 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Factor Proportions and Trade in Iran PDF Paper
120 Author: Yuan Xiao Hui
Co-Authors: Binjian Yan, Jin Fan, Wan Xing
Factors Decomposition of Household Consumption on Agricultural Products in China: an Output Approach PDF Paper
121 Author: Elena Alekseevna Staritsyna
Co-Authors: Eduard Filaretovich Baranov, Igor Alexandrovich Kim
Features of Russian Input-Output Accounts Reconstruction in NACE/CPA PDF Paper
122 Author: Kurt Kratena
Co-Authors: Gerhard Streicher
FIDELIO: A fully interregional dynamic econometric long-term input-output model for the EU PDF  
123 Author: Kurt Kratena
Co-Authors: Gerhard Streicher, Frederik V R Neuwahl, Ignazio Mongelli, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Aurelien Genty, Iñaki Arto, Valeria Andreoni
FIDELIO: a New Econometric Input-Output Model for the European Union PDF Paper
124 Author: Alexander Olegovich Baranov
Co-Authors: Tatiana Tagaeva
Forecast of Russian Economy Development in 2012 – 2014 Using the Dynamic Input –Output Model PDF Paper
125 Author: Christian Lutz
Co-Authors: Kirsten Svenja Wiebe, Ulrike Lehr
Fostering a low carbon economy with carbon pricing revenues: growth and employment impacts of directed technological change PDF Paper
126 Author: Sangwon Suh
Framework for hybrid life-cycle inventory databases: a case study on the Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) database PDF Paper
127 Author: Faye Duchin
Future Sources of Food and Energy: Implications for the Global Distribution of Income PDF  
128 Author: Amarendra Sahoo
Co-Authors: Arjan de Koning, Reinout Heijungs
Global Integration and Carbon metabolisms in the EU: A 2-regional Input-Output Framework PDF Paper
129 Author: Manuel Fernandez-Grela
Co-Authors: Melchor Fernandez, Xesús Pereira
Global updating of supply-use tables with parameter calibration of estimation errors PDF Paper
130 Author: Yuliya Kiriyenko
Goods Markets Input-Output Modeling in Open Economy of Ukraine PDF  
131 Author: Iljen Dedegkajeva
Goods sent abroad for processing: measuring and recording in the supply and use tables for Estonia PDF  
132 Author: Keisuke Nansai
Co-Authors: Kenichi NAKAJIMA, Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo
Green technologies and their global resource dependency: Material flow analysis using a global link input–output model PDF  
133 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Co-Authors: Jakub Fischer
Gross Domestic Product of the Czech Republic in 1970 – 1990 PDF Paper
134 Author: Shigemi Kagawa
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Sangwon Suh, Shunsuke Okamoto
Growth of a Service Economy and the Global Warming PDF  
135 Author: Shikhanwita Roy
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty
Growth of Information Sector in Indian Economy during the Reform Period PDF Paper
136 Author: Rajas Kamalakar Parchure
Co-Authors: Rajas Kamalakar Parchure, Ujwala Sakharam Kamble
137 Author: SAEED QADIR
Has Gravity lost its pull: Why Augmented Gravity Trade Model fails to predict Intra-industry trade exchanges? PDF Paper
138 Author: Francesca Severini
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli
Health care expenditure and CGE model: an application for the USA PDF  
139 Author: Karolien Lenaerts
Co-Authors: Bruno Merlevede
Horizontal or Backward? FDI Spillovers, Input-Output Tables, and Industry Aggregation PDF Paper
140 Author: Kurt Kratena
Co-Authors: Ignazio Mongelli
Households in FIDELIO: Dynamic optimization with durables and energy PDF  
141 Author: Robert Stehrer
Co-Authors: Neil Foster
HOV with technology and consumption dissimilarity PDF Paper
142 Author: Hongxia Zhang
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
How ageing affects Chinese Economic growth and structure: An integrated framework of dynamic input-output model PDF  
143 Author: Devrim Murat Yazan
Co-Authors: Vito Albino
How Far is an Input-Output Production System from Perfect Industrial Symbiosis? PDF  
144 Author: Monica Serrano
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher
How much would the Kyoto Protocol cost to consumers? PDF Paper
145 Author: ZHU Kunfu
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang, Xikang Chen
How to Estimate the Value-added Generated by International trade: based on a Two-country IRIO model PDF  
146 Author: Wen Long
Co-Authors: Huiwen Wang
How to forecast the future input-output table? -An approach based on historical table series PDF Paper
147 Author: Fernando Escobedo-Cardeñoso
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven
Hybrid Interregional Input-Output Construction Methods: Applied to the Seven Region Spanish Input-Output Table PDF Paper
148 Author: Yuko Oshita
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Shigemi Kagawa
Identifying Environmentally-Important Industrial Clusters Using Multi-way Clustering Method PDF Paper
149 Author: Paul J J Veenendaal
Co-Authors: Arjan M. Lejour, Hugo A. Rojas-Romagosa
Identifying vertical specialisation via trade in value added PDF Paper
150 Author: María del Carmen Delgado López
Co-Authors: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Impact Assessment of European Funds in Andalusia 2000-2006 using the Social Accounting Matrix 2005 PDF Paper
151 Author: Shri Prakash
Impact of Inflation and Interest Rate on Growth of Indian Economy: A Study in Input- Output Framework PDF Paper
152 Author: Yuwan Duan
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang, ZHU Kunfu
Impact of Sino-Japan trade on Energy use and CO2 emission —Application of Sino-Japan international input-output table PDF Paper
153 Author: Astra Auzina-Emsina
154 Author: Michael L Lahr
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Guerra, Haiyan Zhang, Jinwoo Kwon
Impact of the Loss of Rail System Service on a Key Segment of New Jersey's Urban Industrial Corridor: A Simple CGE Analysis PDF Paper
155 Author: Forgon Mária
Impact of the SUT and NA integration on the compilation process of the annual Hungarian NAs PDF Paper
156 Author: Mohammad Hssanzadeh
Co-Authors: Vahid Faaliyat, Zahra Zakeri
Impact of world industrial price reduction on industrial trade balance of Iran PDF  
157 Author: Zhao Zhao
Co-Authors: Minjun Shi, Xin Zhou
Impacts of China’s energy conservation policy on Japan-China Trade: Spatial analysis based on a re-constructed Japan-China multi-regional input-output model PDF  
158 Author: Minjun Shi
Co-Authors: Na Li
Impacts of controlling energy consumption quota on regional development in China-A simulation based on a multi-regional CGE model PDF Paper
159 Author: Maryam Soleymani Movahed
Co-Authors: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Impacts of Oil Price Shocks on Iranian Economy (CGE Approach) PDF Paper
160 Author: Priyam Sengupta
Impacts on Resource Requirements to Achieve Planned Targets in India Using a Study Based on Leontief & Ghosh model PDF Paper
161 Author: Bruno Rodrigues Pinheiro
Income Distribution and Reproduction Price in Sraffa: An Analysis for the Brazilian Economy PDF  
162 Author: Binjian Yan
Co-Authors: Yingheng Zhou
Income Mobility or Consumption Mobility: Dynamic Social Welfare in Rural China PDF  
163 Author: Utz Peter Reich
Income sources and income inequality – a SAM analysis PDF Paper
164 Author: Alexandra Penedo de Sousa Marques
Co-Authors: Joao Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
Income-based responsibility PDF Paper
165 Author: Esteban Fernandez Vazquez
Co-Authors: Esteban Fernandez-Vazquez, ROSA BERNARDINI PAPALIA
Incorporating inter-industry linkages in ecological inference: recovering disaggregated data by entropy econometrics PDF  
166 Author: Luis A. Lopez
Co-Authors: Maria Angeles Cadarso, Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez, Nuria Gomez
Indirect Pollution Haven Hypothesis in a context of Global Value Chain PDF Paper
167 Author: Heinz Kurz
Input Output Analysis, quo vadis? PDF  
168 Author: Mitsuo Yamada
Input-Output Analysis of the Interdependence between Japan and China through Japanese Overseas Production PDF Paper
169 Author: Vidas Lekavicius
Co-Authors: Arvydas Galinis, Vaclovas Miškinis
Input-Output Analysis of the Structural Transformations in the Lithuanian Energy Sector PDF Paper
170 Author: Panayotis G. Michaelides
Co-Authors: Angelos T Vouldis, Theofanis Papageorgiou
Input-Output Credit Multipliers in a crisis economy: The Case of Greece PDF  
171 Author: Madeline Dumaua Cabauatan
Input-Output Multiplier Analysis for Major Industries in the Philippines PDF  
172 Author: Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Manfred Lenzen
Input-Output Scenario Analysis – Using constraint optimisation to integrate dynamic model outputs PDF Paper
173 Author: Reiner Staeglin
Co-Authors: Rainer Fremdling
Input-Output Table for Germany in 1936 as New Benchmark for Economic Historical Analysis PDF Paper
174 Author: Harry C Wilting
Input-output-based allocation of energy-related GHG emissions by end use PDF Paper
175 Author: Joanna Zomil Resurreccion
Co-Authors: Joost Reyes Santos
Integrated Stochastic Inventory and Input-Output Models for Enhancing Disaster Preparedness of Disrupted Interdependent Sectors PDF Paper
176 Author: Julia Kowalewski
Inter-industrial relations and regional employment development in Germany PDF  
177 Author: Mohammadgholi Yousefi
Co-Authors: Mojtaba Esfandiari Kaloukan, Zahra Zakeri
Inter-Industry Linkages and Sectoral Productivity in Iranian Economy PDF  
178 Author: Nikita Ivanovich Suslov
Inter-sector, inter-region analysis of interaction between national economy as a whole and its energy production seсtor PDF Paper
179 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: Fang Yong, Norihiko Yamano
International Economic Interdependence and Global Value Chains: An International Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
180 Author: Kurt Kratena
International Outsourcing, Carbon Leakage, and Employment Leakage PDF Paper
181 Author: Jidong Wu
Interregional economic impact analysis of the Wenchuan earthquake, China PDF Paper
182 Author: Taku Ishiro
Interregional Water Footprint Analysis between Japan and China PDF Paper
183 Author: Luiz Carlos Santana Ribeiro
Co-Authors: Glaucia Possas
184 Author: Rosita Pretaroli
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Maurizio Ciaschini
Intertemporal structural change of policy variable for USA economy PDF  
185 Author: Robert Stehrer
Intra- and interregional multipliers in a global production PDF  
186 Author: Casiano Manrique
IO Economic model of a business. Application to a company of the tourist sector PDF  
187 Author: Ariovaldo Lopes de Carvalho
Co-Authors: Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Fausto Freire
IO-Multiobjective model to assess economy-energy-environment interactions in the Brazilian economic system PDF Paper
188 Author: Wiljar Gudmund Hansen
Is it sufficient to apply transport data as a proxy for actual trade data in a SCGE model? PDF  
189 Author: Jin Fan
Is the Implementation of the Industrial Revitalization Planning One of the Crucial Factors to Lead to Famine of Peasant Workers in China? PDF  
190 Author: Sergio Alvarez
Co-Authors: Agustín Rubio, Anne Owen, John Barrett
Isolating economies. Is trade a large CO2 driver? PDF Paper
191 Author: Martin Lábaj
Co-Authors: Mikulas Luptacik
Labor Productivity Changes and Wages: The Case of Slovakia PDF  
192 Author: Shantong Li
Co-Authors: Jianwu He, Sanmang Wu
Level and Structure of Producer’s Service of Various Region of China and Its Influence PDF Paper
193 Author: Jesus Carlos Exequiel Domingo Castillo
Co-Authors: Krista Danielle Sy Yu
Liberalizing the Philippine Mining Industry: A CGE approach into analyzing its sectoral impacts on the economy PDF Paper
194 Author: Probir Karar
Linkage and vertical integration of the indian economy with special reference to service industry PDF  
195 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
196 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
Co-Authors: Patrick Hansen, Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs
Macroeconomic Effects of the German Government’s Building Refurbishment Programme PDF Paper
197 Author: Jianwu He
Co-Authors: Shantong Li
Macroeconomic impacts of carbon capture and storage in China PDF Paper
198 Author: Esteban Fernandez Vazquez
Co-Authors: Esteban Fernandez-Vazquez
199 Author: Akiko NAKAJIMA
Measurement of employment inducement coefficients: methodology and empirical result for Japan 1995-2005 PDF  
200 Author: Kazuhiko Nishimura
Measurement of Process and Product Innovations in the LCD TVs in Japan PDF  
201 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Measuring the EU value added embodied in EU foreign exports by a consolidation of 27 national supply and use tables for 2000-2007 PDF Paper
202 Author: Senay SARAC
Co-Authors: Necla Ayas
Measuring the Sectoral Employment Effects of Changes in Final Demand in Turkey PDF Paper
203 Author: Hüseyin Gazi Özhan
Medium Term Growth prospects for the Turkish Economy: Simulations with the Model Turina PDF Paper
204 Author: Timo Eickelkamp
Co-Authors: Hermann-Josef Wagner
205 Author: Richard Wood
Co-Authors: Jan Weinzettel
Methods of disaggregation of input-output tables PDF  
206 Author: Jannick Schmidt
Co-Authors: Stefano Merciai
MFA and waste accounts in physical supply-use tables PDF Paper
207 Author: Rachel Harris Soloveichik
Modeling Personal Transfers from the US PDF  
208 Author: Ganna Makarkina
Co-Authors: Tamara Merkulova
209 Author: Kurt Kratena
Module DEIO: Session 1 PDF  
210 Author: Kurt Kratena
Module DEIO: Session 2 PDF  
211 Author: Kurt Kratena
Module DEIO: Session 3 PDF  
212 Author: Kurt Kratena
Module DEIO: Session 4 PDF  
213 Author: Christian Lager
Co-Authors: Heinz Kurz
Module H-IOA: Session 1 PDF  
214 Author: Christian Lager
Co-Authors: Heinz Kurz
Module H-IOA: Session 2 PDF  
215 Author: Christian Lager
Co-Authors: Heinz Kurz
Module H-IOA: Session 3 PDF  
216 Author: Christian Lager
Co-Authors: Heinz Kurz
Module H-IOA: Session 4 PDF  
217 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Module IOT: Session 1 PDF  
218 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Module IOT: Session 2 PDF  
219 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Module IOT: Session 3 PDF  
220 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Module IOT: Session 4 PDF  
221 Author: Stefano Merciai
Monetary input-output tables and physical balances PDF Paper
222 Author: Ketaki Nitin Abhyankar
223 Author: Akiko NAKAJIMA
Natural vs Market Prices: Comparison on Japan for 50 years PDF Paper
224 Author: Xiaolin Lu
Co-Authors: Xu Jian
New Application of RAS Structural Decomposition Approach in the Regional Economies of China, 2002-2007 PDF Paper
225 Author: Nobuhiro Okamoto
Non-survey Method for Estimating a Multi-regional Input-Output Model in China PDF Paper
226 Author: Joshua Temitope Adekeye
Numerate Triple Bottom Line Accounting For The West African Economy – An Input-Output Analysis PDF  
227 Author: Bernhard Michel
Offshoring, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Productivity PDF  
228 Author: Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Co-Authors: Nadia Garbellini
On Concepts and Measures of Changes in Productivity --- A reformulation PDF Paper
229 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
Co-Authors: Johannes Többen
On the Construction of Regional Input-Output Tables with Imported Products inside the Transactions Matrix PDF Paper
230 Author: Michael L Lahr
On the Misuse and Miscalculation of Multipliers, the Inconsistency of Gross Output, and Other Matters That Perplex the Conscientious Regional Economic Impact Assessor PDF  
231 Author: Josef Richter
On the tectonics of the empirical basis of input-output analysis PDF Paper
232 Author: Shinichiro Nakamura
Co-Authors: Kazuyo Matsubae, Kenichi NAKAJIMA, Yasushi Kondo
Open-loop versus closed-loop recycling in IOA: a sysnthesis PDF  
233 Author: PITAN SAMUEL
Optimization of Material Flows and Resource Productivity - An Input-Output analysis PDF  
234 Author: Shri Prakash
Output Effect of Efficiency of Indian Stock Market in Indian Economy-A Study in Programming-Input-Output Frame-work PDF Paper
235 Author: Paulo de Tarso Gaeta Paixao
Co-Authors: Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto, Ricardo Buratini
Overcoming the Difficulties of Developing and Transferring an Input-Output Model for Electricity Consumption Forecasts to the Users PDF Paper
236 Author: Daniel Moran
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke
Overview of the Eora World MRIO Project PDF Paper
237 Author: Yasushi Kondo
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Shigemi Kagawa
Path-based Matrix Decomposition Analysis: Theory and Application PDF Paper
238 Author: eiman cheratian
Co-Authors: Zahra Zakeri
Pathology of Sugar Industry in Iran and Its' relationship to Economic Key Sectors PDF  
239 Author: Faye Duchin
Payment Flows in the Global Economy: Tracking Consumer Outlays to Owners of the Embodied Factors of Production in the Same and Other Regions PDF  
240 Author: Andreas Löschel
Co-Authors: Michael Schymura
Peeling the Onion: Analyzing Aggregate, National and Sectoral Energy Intensity in the European Union PDF Paper
241 Author: Norihiko Yamano
Policy discussions using Inter-country Input-Output system PDF  
242 Author: Nickolay Alexandrovitch Pecherskykh
Political Economy Interests in The Kern of Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
243 Author: Reinout Heijungs
Principles and promise of network theory and its application to EIOA and related industrial ecology tools PDF  
244 Author: Anke Michaela Mönnig
Product Tax Modelling - using the dynamic inter-industry Model INFORGE PDF Paper
245 Author: Gerardo Fujii-Gambero
Co-Authors: Rosario Cervantes-Martinez, Wilmar Ascarraga
246 Author: Pedro Quaresma de Araujo
247 Author: Magila Souza Santos
Co-Authors: Bruno Rodrigues Pinheiro
Productivity of the Brazilian Economy Though the Input-Output Matrices: an analysis from the Perron-Frobenius Theorem PDF  
248 Author: Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Quo Vadis MRIO? - Wrap-up of MRIO Showcase Session PDF Paper
249 Author: Norihiko Yamano
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
REAL-IO : Analytical toolbox of Inter-Regional Input-Output Analysis PDF  
250 Author: Vitezslav Ondrus
Recording of globalisation phenomena in the Czech national accounts PDF Paper
251 Author: Xuemei Jiang
Co-Authors: Yonghua Zhang
Regional economic structure and structural change for the Chinese economy: An input-output analysis PDF  
252 Author: Anindita Sengupta
Co-Authors: Panchanan Das
Regional Empirical Input Output Model - Structural Analysis of West Bengal Economy PDF  
253 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Luca Cherubini
Regional Employment Patterns in a Globalizing World: A Tale of Four Italies PDF Paper
254 Author: Kuishuang Feng
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek, Laixiang Sun
Regional Inequality and CO2 Emissions in China: a consumption based MIRO approach PDF Paper
255 Author: Efstratios Loizou
Co-Authors: Aleš Kuhar, Antoaneta Golemanova Kuhar, Vilém Semerák
Regional input-output modeling for policy analysis: The case of agro-food sector in border regions of Germany, Greece and Czech Republic PDF  
256 Author: Iman Rahimi Aloughareh
Co-Authors: Kiarash Nassersasdi, Mohsen Ghafory Ashtiany
Regional Macroeconomic loss Estimation of Earthquake: An Integrated Methodology – A Case Study of Tehran PDF Paper
Regional optimization of air pollution in Greece via input-output analysis PDF Paper
258 Author: Petr Musil
Co-Authors: Jana Kramulova, Jaroslav Sixta
Regional price differences and their impact on regional macro-aggregates PDF Paper
259 Author: Pran Krishna Pal
Co-Authors: Adrija Pal, Dipti Prakas Pal
Regionalisation of Trade and Development: A Study in the Input-Output Framework PDF Paper
260 Author: Kurt Kratena
Rents in an input-output model with substitution between primary factors and factor markets (= CGE model?) PDF  
261 Author: Joshua Temitope Adekeye
262 Author: yifang liu
Co-Authors: YUE WANG
Research on Dynamic Price Model Based on Transmission Delay-- taking the petroleum price fluctuation for example PDF Paper
263 Author: Xue Fu
Co-Authors: Bo Meng, Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng
Research on Industry Actual Potential for Carbon Emission Reduction based on Optimal Input-Output model PDF Paper
264 Author: Xu Jian
Co-Authors: Jing He, Xiaolin Lu
Research on input-output coefficients variability and its influential factors: an empirical analysis based on input-output table of China PDF  
265 Author: Xuemei Li
Co-Authors: Jun Yan
Research on the Economic Impacts of Railway Industry in China Based on Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
266 Author: Christian Lager
Round Table with Peter McGregor, Jan Oosterhaven, Alejandro Cardenete, Kurt Kratena and Christian Lager PDF  
267 Author: Natalia Ustinova
Russian Input-Output Survey for Compilation Benchmark Input-Output Tables for 2011: the Experience and the First Results PDF Paper
268 Author: Svetlana Slobodyanik
Co-Authors: Liudmila Tishina
Russian’s foreign trade relations researches as an integrated part of an IO analysis PDF Paper
269 Author: Albert Steenge
Scarcity rents and backstop technologies in exhaustible resources modeling PDF  
270 Author: Bjarne Madsen
Co-Authors: Jie Zhang
Scenario analysis for Territorial attractiveness and mobility flows PDF Paper
271 Author: Basanta K Pradhan
Co-Authors: Amarendra Sahoo
Sectoral Growth and Poverty Alleviation under Alternative Market Regimes: a Social Accounting Matrix Approach for India PDF Paper
272 Author: Ning Li
Co-Authors: Jidong Wu, Wei Xie
Sectors reconstruction simulation of Wenchuan earthquake in China based on input-output model PDF Paper
273 Author: Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez
Co-Authors: Luis A. Lopez, Maria Angeles Cadarso, Nuria Gomez
Shared responsibility of CO2 emissions from trade and international freight transport PDF Paper
274 Author: Min Wei
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang
Short-term Distributional Effect of Carbon Reduction Policy Based on Industrial Abatement Cost Curve PDF  
275 Author: Joshua Temitope Adekeye
Solid waste generation and management in Nigeria: - An environmental input-output modelling approach PDF  
276 Author: Panchanan Das
Co-Authors: Anindita Sengupta
Sources of Growth and Structural Change in Input Output System in India: Estimating Temporal Leontief Inverse PDF Paper
277 Author: Necla Ayas
278 Author: Sherwin Gabriel
South Africa and the global economic crisis: Assessing the effects using a static CGE model PDF Paper
279 Author: Xuemei Jiang
Co-Authors: Yonghua Zhang
Specialization and its changes in Chinese Provinces: Is the international integration still matters? PDF Paper
280 Author: Binjian Yan
Co-Authors: Jin Fan, Yingheng Zhou
Specialization, Market Integration and Agribusiness Development in China: A Study based on Chinese Regional Input Output Tables in 1997, 2002 and 2007 PDF  
281 Author: Vahideh Ansari
Co-Authors: Habibollah Salami
Specifying the Sources of Output Growth in Iran with Emphasis on Agricultural Sub-Sectors: An Input-Output Approach PDF  
282 Author: Edward Nathan Wolff
Spillovers, Linkages, and Productivity Growth in the US Economy, 1958 to 2007 PDF Paper
283 Author: Kristyna Vltavska
Co-Authors: Jaroslav Sixta
Sport Satellite Account in the Czech Republic PDF Paper
284 Author: Simon Alejandro Guerrero Hurtado
Statistical experience in compiling the input-output tables (IOT) based on the Chilean National Accounts 2008 Benchmark Compilation PDF Paper
285 Author: Dabo Guan
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek
Stepping into Water Crisis: analysing the driving forces of China’s water resources exhaustion PDF Paper
286 Author: Seyed Iman Azad
Co-Authors: Ali Asghar Banouei, Majid Rahmanifirouzjaei, Najmeh al sadat Azad
Structural Analysis of Industry and Services Emphasizing on Production Services and New Economy: The Experience of Iran and other Selected Countries PDF  
287 Author: Charalampos Economidis
Co-Authors: Manolis Bousounis
Structural changes arising from the loan agreement for the Greek economy PDF Paper
288 Author: Charalampos Economidis
Co-Authors: Manolis Bousounis
Structural changes arising from the loan agreement for the Greek economy PDF Paper
289 Author: Quanrun Chen
Co-Authors: Bart Los, Erik Dietzenbacher
Structural decomposition analyses: the differences between applying the semi-closed and the open input-output model PDF Paper
290 Author: Thiago Moraes Moreira
Co-Authors: Luiz Carlos Santana Ribeiro
291 Author: Partha Pratim Ghosh
292 Author: Agnirup Sarkar
Co-Authors: Partha Pratim Ghosh
293 Author: Michal Habrman
Co-Authors: Mikulas Luptacik
Structural decomposition of CO2 emissions in the Slovak economy PDF  
294 Author: Takashi Yagi
Structural Inflation and Input-Output Analysis PDF  
295 Author: Dipti Prakas Pal
Supply –Driven I-O Model :Distribution Coefficient Approach PDF  
296 Author: Evelien Dils
Co-Authors: An Vercalsteren, Ann Van der Linden, Theo Geerken
Sustainable production and consumption of food in Flanders PDF  
297 Author: Bruno Rodrigues Pinheiro
Technological Aspects of Brazilian Industry Structure: A Structural Analysis through Triangularization of Input-Output Matrices of 1996-2005 PDF  
298 Author: Maria Llop
Co-Authors: Xavier Ponce-Alifonso
Technological change and agriculture: looking for a win-win water policy PDF  
299 Author: Pablo Ruiz-Napoles
300 Author: Yang Liu
Co-Authors: Jin Fan
The Analysis of China’s Lower Manufacture Value Added Ratio with High Foreign Intermediate Goods PDF Paper
301 Author: Elisabeth Valle
Co-Authors: Clemente Andrés Polo
The analysis of the redistributive effects of tourism on a regional economy PDF  
302 Author: Satoshi Inomata
Co-Authors: Bo Meng
The BRICs International Input-Output Table: An introduction PDF  
303 Author: Iljen Dedegkajeva
The compilation of the import matrices: Estonian experience PDF Paper
304 Author: Christian Lager
The Concept of Factor Prices in Multisectoral Models PDF  
305 Author: Gulay Gunluk-Senesen
Co-Authors: Tolga Kaya, Umit Senesen
The Construction Sector in Turkey: A Structural Path Analysis of the Employment and Import Linkages PDF Paper
306 Author: Christian John Reynolds
Co-Authors: John Boland, Kirrilly Rebecca Thompson
The creation of a dual Waste and Multi Regional Input-Output model for Australian conditions PDF Paper
307 Author: Antonio F. Amores
The Debt Crisis as an Input-Output problem PDF  
308 Author: Maria Markaki
Co-Authors: Athena Belegri-Roboli
The Determinants of Labour Productivity in the Greek Economy PDF Paper
309 Author: Luiz Carlos Santana Ribeiro
Co-Authors: Anderson Pereira Viana Leite, Camilla Petrelli Corrêa de Almeida
310 Author: Abbas Azizi
Co-Authors: Nooraddin Sharify
The effect of foreign trade on environment in Iran: CO2 emission case study PDF  
311 Author: Zhaoyuan Xu
Co-Authors: Jianwu He, Shantong Li
The Effect of Trans-Pacific Partnership on the economic growth of China PDF  
312 Author: Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch
The effects of government funded R&D on SMEs in Germany: An Input-Output-Analysis PDF  
313 Author: Maria Teresa Alvarez-Martinez
Co-Authors: Clemente Andrés Polo
The effects of reductions in social security contributions of employers in Spain during the Great Recession PDF  
314 Author: hui li
Co-Authors: Xikang Chen
The Forecast of China’s Population Structure Based on Demographic Input-Output Model PDF  
315 Author: Iñaki Arto
Co-Authors: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Erik Dietzenbacher, Valeria Andreoni, Ignazio Mongelli, Aurelien Genty, Alejandro Villanueva
The Game of Trading Jobs for Emissions PDF Paper
316 Author: Mårten Berglund
The global climate impact of Swedish consumption: an input–output analysis time series of CO2e emissions from 1993 to 2005 PDF Paper
317 Author: Marek Rojicek
The Globalisation Effects on the Trade Flows: Czech Experience PDF Paper
318 Author: Alexandra Penedo de Sousa Marques
Co-Authors: Joao Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
The GTAP Database as a Large Sparse Multi-Regional Input-Output Table PDF Paper
319 Author: Maria Angeles Cadarso
Co-Authors: Luis A. Lopez, Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez, Nuria Gomez
The ignored role of investment in the allocation of environmental responsibilities: the case of tourism industry. PDF Paper
320 Author: Mohammadgholi Yousefi
Co-Authors: Mojtaba Esfandiari Kaloukan, Zahra Zakeri
The Impact of Export Earning Falls on the Growth of Other Sectors in Iranian Economy PDF Paper
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte
The impact of houshold behavior on GHG and SO2 emissions in a regional economy: A case of study for Aragon (Spain) PDF Paper
322 Author: Qing-Hua Bi
The impacts of Carbon Tax on Chinese Economy: Based on a dynamic CGE Model PDF  
323 Author: Eskinder Demisse Gemechu
Co-Authors: Francesc Castells, Isabela Butnar, Maria Llop, Maria José Amores Barrero
The impacts of environmental tax on production and consumption of goods in the Spanish economy PDF Paper
324 Author: Ning Kang
The Input-Output Statement Real-Time Tabulation Method and the Realization of the Real-Time Analysis for the Financial Management and the Supply-Demand Chain Management PDF Paper
325 Author: Ning Kang
The Input-Output Statement Real-Time Tabulation Method and the Scientific Basis for the Modern Enterprise Management System PDF Paper
326 Author: Elsa Cristina Vaz
Co-Authors: Ana Teresa Eduardo, António Bento Caleiro, Gertrudes Saude Guerreiro, José Madeira Belbute
The input-output table for the Alentejo Region in Portugal PDF Paper
327 Author: Andreea Claudia Serban
The need for lifelong learning in a flexible labour market. The case of Romania PDF  
328 Author: Devrim Murat Yazan
Co-Authors: Achille Claudio Garavelli, Vito Albino
The Performance Measures of Agro-Energy Production Chains: The Grape Pomace Case PDF  
329 Author: Susana Santos
The policy decision process in a SAM (Social Accounting Matrix) framework. PDF  
330 Author: Oliver M. Fritz
The Regional Economic Consequences of the Upcoming Crisis: Simulations using Sindelar 10, a Spatial CGE-Model for Austria PDF  
331 Author: Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
Co-Authors: Gustavo Barros
The Regional Economic Structure of Brazil in 1959: An Overview Based on an Inter-State Input-Output System PDF Paper
332 Author: Ramezan Hosseinzadeh
Co-Authors: Nooraddin Sharify
The role of different factors in changes in energy consumption in Iran during 1988–2001: An input–output analysis PDF Paper
333 Author: Ling YANG
The Role of Households in Sustaining China's Economy 1997-2007, A Structural Path Analysis PDF Paper
334 Author: Manfred Lenzen
Co-Authors: Anik Bhaduri, Arne Geschke, Daniel Moran, Keiichiro Kanemoto, Maksud Bekchanov
The role of regional disaggregation and scarcity weighting in the analysis of global virtual water flows PDF  
335 Author: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Co-Authors: Nuno Sousa, Valeria Andreoni, Iñaki Arto
The Single Market as an engine for employment growth through the external trade PDF Paper
336 Author: Gregory Max Legoff
Co-Authors: Gregory Legoff
The use of the Australian Input-Output tables for policy purposes PDF Paper
337 Author: Tiago Camarinha Lopes
Co-Authors: Henrique Dantas Neder
Theory of Programming and Political Economy: an alternative introduction based on Sraffa, Leontief and Lange PDF Paper
338 Author: Andre Carrascal
Co-Authors: Manuel Fernandez-Grela, Xesús Pereira
Tourist profiles and atmospheric emissions in Spain PDF Paper
339 Author: Klaus Hubacek
Co-Authors: Kuishuang Feng
Towards a spatially explicit and seasonal accounting and modeling framework for water provision, consumption and trade-off assessment: A case study for the Niger River in Africa PDF  
340 Author: Chen Lin
Co-Authors: Shaoan Huang
Tracing iron flows by using the input-output framework PDF  
341 Author: Anke Michaela Mönnig
Trade and Qualification - Linking Trade Flows to Qualification Needs by using the dynamic inter-industry Model INFORGE PDF Paper
342 Author: Robert Stehrer
Trade in value added and the value added in trade PDF Paper
343 Author: Maria Ivanova
Transaction Costs as Measurement of Institutionally Led Structural Changes PDF Paper
344 Author: Jari Kauppila
Transport Satellite Accounts: Opportunities and Challenges PDF  
345 Author: Xue Fu
Co-Authors: Bo Meng, Klaus Hubacek
Turnpike Optimality in Environment-Input-Output System: Analysis on the Adjustment Potential of China’s Industry Structure for Carbon Emission Reduction PDF Paper
346 Author: Zhuoying Zhang
Co-Authors: Hong Yang, Minjun Shi
Understanding Beijing’s water crisis: changes in water footprint of Beijing 1997-2007 PDF Paper
347 Author: Larisa Victorovna Melnikova
Co-Authors: Naimdjon Mulaboyevich Ibragimov, Victor Ivanovich Suslov, Yuri Semyonovich Ershov
Urgent problems of constructing supply-use tables and their use in forecast calculations PDF Paper
348 Author: Agustin Cañada
Co-Authors: Isabel Toledo
Using Input/ output extensions for analysing the economic impact of tourism at a regional level: The development of regional TSA in Spain PDF  
349 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: CARMEN LIMA, Ferran Sancho
350 Author: Masaaki Kuboniwa
Value added Trade Revisited PDF  
351 Author: Vahid Taghinezhad Omran
Co-Authors: Nooraddin Sharify
Variations in Energy Productivity in the Industrial Sector of Iran PDF Paper
352 Author: Sandra Maresca
Co-Authors: Ilaria Piscitelli, Massimo Anzalone
Versus the first Italian Tourism Satellite Accounts: the production approach PDF Paper
353 Author: Maksud Bekchanov
Co-Authors: Anik Bhaduri, Manfred Lenzen
Virtual water concept for economic and ecological restructuring: evidence from Uzbekistan, Central Asia PDF Paper
354 Author: Jing li
Co-Authors: Chen Lin, Shaoan Huang
Waste input-output model at substance level PDF Paper
355 Author: Ignacio Cazcarro
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte
Water footprints in Spain based on a MRIO model with 16 Spanish regions PDF  
356 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty
Water pollution in India: An Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
357 Author: Pongsak SUTTINON
Water Resources Management under Climate Change Impacts: Inter-Regional Water Resources Input Output Table Approach PDF  
358 Author: Carlos Dionisio Pérez Blanco
Co-Authors: Thomas A. Thaler
Water use, income generation and the Verdoorn’s law: a dynamic input-output framework to assess water productivity. An application to Castile and León Region (Spain) PDF Paper
359 Author: Iñaki Arto
Co-Authors: Valeria Andreoni, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Water Use, Water Footprint and Virtual Water Trade: a time series analysis of worldwide water demand PDF Paper
360 Author: Leonardo Javier Mastronardi
Welfare effects in a regional economy: The case of Buenos Aires using a CGE approach PDF  
361 Author: Paul de Boer
Which model for measuring aggregate change should be used in structural decomposition analysis? PDF  
362 Author: Iñaki Arto
Co-Authors: Valeria Andreoni, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Worldwide economic effects of changes in international trade due to natural disasters: the case of Japan earthquake and tsunami (2011) PDF Paper
363 Author: Deepika Chawla
Co-Authors: Pradeep Apte
‘Product’ & ‘Factor’ revaluations in Seton-Leontief Type models: Illustrations from Indian Institutional sectors PDF Paper
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