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1 Author: Isabelle Rémond-Tiedrez
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven, Joerg Beutel, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
A consolidated European Union and euro area supply-use system and input-output tables PDF  
2 Author: Erik Dietzenbacher
Co-Authors: Bart Los
A correct method to determine the factor content of trade PDF Paper
3 Author: Partha Pratim Ghosh
Co-Authors: Arpita Ghose, Debesh Chakraborty
A critical review of the literature on integrated macroeconometric & input-output models PDF Paper
4 Author: Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar
Co-Authors: Clemente Andrés Polo, Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
A decomposition of CO2 production emissions in the Andalusian economy PDF Paper
5 Author: Faye Duchin
A General Framework for Determining Factor Use, Factor Rents, and Goods Prices in a Multisectoral Model PDF Paper
6 Author: An Vercalsteren
Co-Authors: Evelien Dils, Theo Geerken
A Life Cycle Assessment of printed matter using EE-IO data: Opportunities and limitations of a combined approach PDF Paper
7 Author: Kuishuang Feng
Co-Authors: Stephan Pfister, Sangwon Suh, Jan Christoph Minx, Klaus Hubacek
A multi-region input-output analysis of global virtual water flows PDF  
8 Author: Renato Paniccia'
Co-Authors: Luca Cherubini
A multiregional structural analysis of a dualistic economy: the italian regions over a decade (1995-2006) PDF Paper
9 Author: Yasushi Kondo
A New Method for Triangulation of Input-Output Tables for Comparing Industrial Structures and Investigating Clusters of Industries PDF Paper
10 Author: Yukinori Nakano
A positive observation of long-term knowledge industries change in France and Japan. PDF Paper
11 Author: Makiko Tsukui
Co-Authors: Takumi Ichikawa, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo, Masaru Kagatsume
A Regional WIO Analysis of the Effect of Non-residents’ Consumption: A Comparison between Tokyo and Kyoto PDF Paper
12 Author: Jianwen Yuan
A Study of the Relationship Between Cultural Industry and Economic Growth in Guangdong Province PDF Paper
13 Author: Randall Jackson
Co-Authors: Walter Schwarm
Accounting foundations for interregional commodity-by-industry input-output models PDF Paper
14 Author: Kyle Hood
Aggregate effects and measuring regional dynamics PDF Paper
15 Author: Arne Geschke
Co-Authors: Daniel Moran, Keiichiro Kanemoto, Manfred Lenzen
AISHA : A Tool for Constructing Time Series and Large Environmental and Social Accounting Matrices using Constrained Optimisation PDF Paper
16 Author: Satoshi Inomata
An evolutionary perspective on production networks in the Asia-Pacific region PDF Paper
17 Author: Shuchang Qi
Co-Authors: Hong JIN, xianxin ZENG
An approach for the compilation of China 2005 Supply and Use Tables PDF Paper
18 Author: Krista Danielle Sy Yu
An Economic Analysis of the Philippine Tourism Industry PDF Paper
19 Author: Li Hong
Co-Authors: Jianwen Yuan
An Input and Output Analysis of Changes of Guangdong Province’s Industrial Structure in China PDF  
20 Author: Joost Reyes Santos
An input-output framework for assessing hurricane impact on regional workforce productivity PDF Paper
21 Author: Zorikto Bato-Dugarovich Dondokov
An Integrated Keynes-Leontief “Macro-Econometric and Input-Output Model“ PDF Paper
22 Author: Ma Zhong
Analysis on virtual water cycle of economy in Zhangye City using regional input-output model PDF  
23 Author: Mohd Yusof Saari
Analyzing impacts of growth in production sectors on poverty across ethnic groups in Malaysia: using an extended multiplier decomposition technique PDF Paper
24 Author: Jianqin Yuan
Co-Authors: Xu Jian
Analyzing industrial structure change in the Input-Output Economic System based on Q-analysis: an Application to Chinese’s Economy from 1992 to 2005 PDF Paper
25 Author: Keisuke Nansai
Co-Authors: Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo
Application of a Global Link Input-Output Model to Material Flow Analysis: A Case of Scarcity Metal PDF  
26 Author: Tatyana Sergeevna Novikova
Application of conjoined input-output models for investment project evaluation: the economic efficiency approach PDF Paper
27 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: Norihiko Yamano
Application of Factor Decomposition Techniques to Vertical Specialisation Measurements PDF Paper
28 Author: Mohammadgholi Yousefi
Application of Input-Output Technique forAssessing Water consumption of Manufacturing Industries in Iran PDF  
29 Author: Rachel Harris Soloveichik
Artistic Originals as a Capital Asset PDF Paper
30 Author: Baoline Chen
Balanced System of U.S. National Accounts and Structural Distribution of the Aggregate Statistical Discrepancy PDF Paper
31 Author: Shri Prakash
Co-Authors: Amit Sharma
Balancing Factor Endowment and Composition of Indian Exports PDF Paper
32 Author: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Daniel Moran, Manfred Lenzen
Building Eora: a Global Multi-region Input Output Model at High Country and Sector Detail PDF  
33 Author: Xin Zhou
Co-Authors: Hiroaki Shirakawa
Can Consumer Responsibility Help Address Carbon Leakage Concerns? An Economic Analysis of Participation vs. Non-Participation in a Mitigation Regime PDF Paper
34 Author: Niaz Ahmed Bhutto
Co-Authors: Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui, Selim Cagatay
Can Natural Gas Substitution in Transportation Sector Reduce Green House Gases (GHGs) Significantly: An Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
35 Author: Jinghua Li
CGE Analysis of the Impacts of a Carbon Tax on China’s Economy PDF  
36 Author: Shalini Singh Sharma
Changing levels and pattern of rainfall on climatic factors and their effect on output PDF Paper
37 Author: Paulo de Tarso Gaeta Paixao
Comments on Brazilian structural change during 2000-2008 PDF Paper
38 Author: Michael L Lahr
Co-Authors: Ling YANG
Comparing Input-Output Tables of Different Economies: A New Application for Decomposition Techniques? PDF Paper
39 Author: Andre Carrascal
40 Author: Hongtao Liu
Co-Authors: Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto, Karen R. Polenske, Youmin Xi
Comparison of direct and indirect energy consumption between China and the United States PDF Paper
41 Author: Akiko NAKAJIMA
Comparison of Natural Prices and Market Prices: Case of Japan for 1951-2000 PDF Paper
42 Author: Bent Thage
Compilation of symmetric input-output tables with a minimum of assumptions. PDF Paper
Co-Authors: Peter Gordon, James Elliott Moore, Harry Ward Richardson
Constructing a Flexible National Interstate Economic Model (FlexNIEMO) PDF Paper
44 Author: Tantri Tantirigama
Co-Authors: Joanne Leung
Contribution of transport to economic growth and productivity in New Zealand PDF Paper
45 Author: Claudio Socci
Co-Authors: Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli
Convenient policy for Health care expenditure in a multisectoral extended model PDF Paper
46 Author: Xu Jian
Co-Authors: Xiaolin Lu
Correlations among direct input coefficients and its applications to update IO tables: a empirical investigation PDF Paper
47 Author: Arnold Tukker
Creating consolidated EU27 Supply-Use and Input-Output Tables, adding environmental extensions (air emissions), and conducting Leontieftype modelling to approximate carbon and other 'footprints' of EU27 consumption for EUROSTAT PDF  
48 Author: Robert Stehrer
Co-Authors: Neil Foster, Gaaitzen de Vries
Decomposing trade in value added PDF Paper
49 Author: Ana Maria Dias
Decomposition of final demand by products into primary input contents - methodology and applications PDF Paper
50 Author: Nickolay Alexandrovitch Pecherskykh
Deficit of Resource, Tension of Need and Utility of Wealth PDF Paper
51 Author: Wendy Li
Depreciation of Business R&D Capital PDF Paper
52 Author: Debesh Chakraborty
Co-Authors: Arpita Ghose, Paramita Dasgupta
Determinants of India's foreign trade during reform PDF Paper
53 Author: Kim Kwang Moon
Developing a Bilateral Input-Output Table in the Case of Thailand and Vietnam: Methodology and Applications PDF Paper
54 Author: Janja Kalin
Development of Input-Output Accounts within National Accounts: Compilation and analysis of tax matrices within the input-output accounts for Slovenia PDF Paper
55 Author: Iljen Dedegkajeva
Development of Supply and Use Tables at the previous year’s prices: Estonian experience PDF Paper
56 Author: Bernhard Michel
Direct and indirect productivity gains from offshoring PDF Paper
57 Author: Dipti Prakas Pal
Diversification of Farm and Non-Farm Sectors and Structural Transformation of Rural Economy PDF Paper
58 Author: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Co-Authors: Antonio F. Amores, Esteban Fernandez-Vazquez
Does bias really matter in input-output analysis? An almost definite answer PDF Paper
59 Author: Yan Xu
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher
Does the rest of the world matter? A sensitivity analysis with the WIOD tables PDF Paper
60 Author: Alexandra Penedo de Sousa Marques
Co-Authors: Joao Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
Downstream emissions and the carbon trade balance between world regions PDF Paper
61 Author: Reinout Heijungs
Co-Authors: Arjan de Koning
Dynamic analysis of the official EU27 IOT and its environmental extensions PDF  
62 Author: Nathaniel Springer
Co-Authors: Faye Duchin
Economic and environmental impacts of shifts in regional diets: a global MRIO scenario analysis PDF  
63 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Economic Impact of Adopting Healthy Diet in Canada PDF Paper
64 Author: Hongxia Zhang
Economic Structural Change and the Development of Service in China PDF Paper
65 Author: Luís Cruz
Co-Authors: Eduardo Anselmo Castro, Pedro Nogueira Ramos
Economically Sustainable Demography: Reversing Decline in Portuguese Peripheral Regions PDF Paper
66 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Co-Authors: Biswanath Bhattacharyay
Economy Wide Impact of the Trade Integration between Japan and India: A GTAP Analysis PDF Paper
67 Author: Mikulas Luptacik
Efficiency analysis of a multisectoral economic system PDF  
68 Author: Euijune Kim
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Nam Kyung-Min
Efficient Size of Regional Population: an Interregional CGE Model Approach PDF Paper
69 Author: Kurt Kratena
Embodied and induced technological change and the price of carbon PDF Paper
70 Author: Helmut Mayer
Embodied CO2 emissions of German imports - How do technology assumptions affect the results? PDF Paper
71 Author: Martin Soeren Lindner
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek
Embodied energy intensities in Chinese Provinces PDF Paper
72 Author: Pran Krishna Pal
Co-Authors: Dipti Prakas Pal, Pal Swati
Energy intensity and structural change : I-O analysis based on hybrid units PDF Paper
73 Author: Umed Temurshoev
Entropy-based benchmarking methods PDF Paper
74 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
Environmental Policy and Fiscal Consolidation PDF Paper
75 Author: Claudio Socci
Co-Authors: Francesca Severini, Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli
Environmental progressive tax reform through a dynamic general equilibrium analysis PDF Paper
76 Author: Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
EPSIM - An Integrated Sequential Interindustry Model for Energy Planning: evaluating economic, electrical, environmental and health dimensions of new power plants PDF Paper
77 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: Ferran Sancho
Estimating and comparing multiplier matrices: the role of resources and the role of technology. PDF Paper
78 Author: Oleksandr Chebanov
Estimating Structural Change Factors in the Ukrainian Economy PDF Paper
79 Author: Carol A Robbins
Co-Authors: Zoe Ambargis
Estimating the Local Economic Impact of U.S. University Activity Using a Bill of Goods Approach PDF  
80 Author: Elena Alekseevna Staritsyna
Co-Authors: Eduard Filaretovich Baranov, Igor Alexandrovich Kim
Estimation of Russian constant-price input-output tables according to NACE and CPA PDF Paper
81 Author: Goetz Zeddies
European Integration and National Labor Markets - On the Factor Content of Intra-European Trade Flows PDF Paper
82 Author: Sebnem Sahin
Co-Authors: Yasuhide Okuyama
Evaluating Economic Effects of the 2004 Tsunami on International Trade PDF Paper
83 Author: Christian John Reynolds
Co-Authors: John Boland
Extending the Waste Input Output Model to behavioural change: the case of municipal food waste in South Australia PDF Paper
84 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Co-Authors: Antonio F. Amores
Firm Efficiency, Industry Performance and the Economy: Three-Way Decomposition with an Application to Andalusia PDF Paper
85 Author: Shigemi Kagawa
Co-Authors: Shinichiro Nakamura
Forecasting replacement demand of durable goods and the induced life cycle emissions: a dynamic waste input-output approach PDF Paper
86 Author: zhang shaojun
Co-Authors: Shantong Li
Foreign Trade and Inter-Province Trade of China PDF Paper
87 Author: Wilmar Ascarraga
Co-Authors: Gerardo Fujii
Fragmentation, vertical specialization, manufacturing exports and economic growth in Mexico PDF Paper
88 Author: Jan Weinzettel
Co-Authors: Kjartan Steen-Olsen
Global shifts of green house gas emissions and requirements for water and bio-productive land PDF Paper
89 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher, Frederik V R Neuwahl, Marcel Timmer, Robert Stehrer
Globalization and China's Growth: A Longitudinal Analysis of Impacts on Worldwide Energy Use PDF Paper
90 Author: Ana-Isabel Guerra
Green tax reforms and the mitigation of the rebound effect: the evaluation of a likely fourth divident PDF Paper
91 Author: Pablo Ruiz-Napoles
Greenhouse gas emissions in Mexico, relative cost estimations and policy implications PDF Paper
92 Author: Xiuli Liu
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
Grey Neural Network and Input-Output Combined Forecasting Model and Its Application in Sub-sector Energy Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Estimation in China PDF Paper
93 Author: Ronald L Horst
Co-Authors: Douglas Shannon Meade, Douglas E Nyhus, Jeffrey F Werling
Health Care Spending in the Long Run: An Application of the Inforum LIFT Model PDF Paper
94 Author: Jian Wang
High Speed Rail and Regional Economic Development in Australia: A Multi-regional Input-Output Approach PDF Paper
95 Author: Alfredo José Mainar Causapé
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte
Household Consumption and CO2 Emissions: The Influence of Technological factors and Composition of Final Demand PDF Paper
96 Author: Yuko Oshita
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa
Identifying critical supply-chain paths that drive the change in CO2 emission in Japan PDF Paper
97 Author: Jianwu He
Co-Authors: Shantong Li
Impact of China’s Domestic Carbon Emission Trading Scheme PDF Paper
98 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Impact of Removing Energy Subsidy on the Environment Improvement (Air Pollution) PDF Paper
99 Author: Erich H. Strassner
Co-Authors: Jennifer Lee
Imported Inputs and Industry Contributions to Economic Growth: An Assessment of Alternative Approaches PDF  
100 Author: Carol A Robbins
Co-Authors: Jennifer Lee, Matthew Donahoe, Olympia Belay
Industry-specific price indexes for R&D PDF  
101 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven
International material resource dependency in an input-output framework PDF Paper
102 Author: Kathryn Gail Marshall
International Productivity and Factor Price Comparisons PDF Paper
103 Author: John Robert Madden
Co-Authors: James Giesecke
Interregional dispersion of impacts from regional economic shocks: A CGE explanation PDF Paper
104 Author: Jan Oosterhaven
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher, Jiansuo Pei
Interregional trade, supply chains and regional income disparity PDF Paper
105 Author: Umit Senesen
Co-Authors: Gulay Gunluk-Senesen, Zeynep Yilmaz
Jobless growth with imported inputs: The Turkish case PDF Paper
106 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Long-run Effects of a Disaster: Structural Analysis PDF Paper
107 Author: Marcel Timmer
Co-Authors: Bart Los
Making Room for China: a Global Value Chain Approach PDF Paper
108 Author: Andrew Skelton
Co-Authors: Dabo Guan
Mapping flows of embodied emissions through the global production system – a quantitative investigation using a global multi-regional input-output model PDF  
109 Author: Esteban Fernandez Vazquez
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
Matrix adjustment with non reliable margins: a Generalized Cross Entropy approach PDF Paper
110 Author: Hank Robison
Co-Authors: Jonathan Crapuchettes
Measuring Central Place Architectures in Multi-Regional Input-Output Systems PDF Paper
111 Author: Norihiko Yamano
Co-Authors: Bo Meng
Measuring global fragmentation/openness indicators using harmonized international input-output database PDF Paper
112 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven
Methodological aspects of international environmental accounting of CO2 and water use in input-output models PDF Paper
113 Author: Vadim Manavirovich Gilmundinov
Modeling of Russian Economy Structure with GE-IO Approach PDF Paper
114 Author: Bart Hertveldt
Co-Authors: Bernhard Michel
Offshoring and the Skill Structure of Labour Demand in Belgium PDF Paper
115 Author: Everlan Elias Montibeler
Oil exploitation regulation framework and effects in the sector and its relation to the whole economy: the case of Brazil's 1997 change PDF Paper
116 Author: Albert Steenge
On Rents in Input-Output Modeling PDF  
117 Author: Robert Stehrer
Co-Authors: Neil Foster
On the Factor Content of Bilateral Trade PDF Paper
118 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
On The Intertemporal Stability of Bridge Matrix Coefficients PDF Paper
119 Author: Arnold Tukker
Overall review of the EXIOPOL project and approach towards harmonisation of SUT and environmental extensions PDF  
120 Author: Maurizio Grassini
Overlapping Leontief: A Boolean approach to economic thought PDF Paper
121 Author: Carlos A Lopez-Morales
Co-Authors: Faye Duchin
Policies and Technologies for a Sustainable Use of Water in Mexico: A Scenario Analysis PDF  
122 Author: Utz Peter Reich
PPP's for SDR's? Towards a coherent accounting measure of global inflation PDF Paper
123 Author: Takatoshi WATANABE
Co-Authors: Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Mitsuru Shimoda, Zuoyi YE
Price effects of VAT reform in China:With a focus on “refund rate of export tax” and “tax credit of investment goods” PDF Paper
124 Author: Cameron MacKenzie
Co-Authors: Kash Barker
Quantifying the Impacts of Industry Preparedness Strategies with a Risk-Based Input-Output Model PDF Paper
125 Author: YAN WANG
Co-Authors: Minjun Shi
Regional carbon footprint and interregional transfer of carbon emission in China PDF Paper
126 Author: Alsu Sayapova
Regional differentiation of technological coefficients in Russia PDF Paper
127 Author: Ricardo Luis Lopes
Co-Authors: Kleber Defenti Bernardino
Relationship between income classes and CO2 emissions in Brazil PDF  
128 Author: Takashi Yagi
Rent and Profit PDF Paper
129 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty
Resource Intensity in India PDF Paper
130 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Co-Authors: Jakub Fischer
Retrospective Measures of GDP Using Input-output Tables for Former Czechoslovakia PDF Paper
131 Author: CARMEN LIMA
Co-Authors: Francisco Javier André, Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Revisiting the Phillips curve:A CGE-MCDM approach PDF Paper
132 Author: d'Artis Kancs
Co-Authors: Andries Brandsma
RHOMOLO: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Modelling Approach to the Evaluation of the EU's Regional Policies PDF Paper
133 Author: Natalia Ustinova
Russian Input-Output Survey for Compilation Benchmark Input-Output Tables for 2011 PDF Paper
134 Author: Narges Moradkhani
Sectoral Energy Intensity In Malaysia PDF Paper
135 Author: Peter Rørmose Jensen
Sense and sensitivity of structural decomposition analysis PDF Paper
136 Author: Seyed Iman Azad
Co-Authors: Najmeh al sadat Azad, Nasim Fathi
Services Intensities in the Iranian Economy: An Input-Output Approach PDF Paper
137 Author: Debesh Chakraborty
Co-Authors: Paramita Dasgupta, Partha Pratim Ghosh
Structural analysis of the Indian economy in the conventional and augmented input-output frameworks PDF Paper
138 Author: Michael Schymura
Structural change, trade and the environment: an application to WIOD data PDF Paper
139 Author: Ignacio Cazcarro
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte
Structural Decomposition Analysis of water uses in Spain PDF Paper
140 Author: Marco Antonio Marquez
Structural Spillovers and Feedbacks in North American. An international and national approach. PDF Paper
141 Author: Haiyan Zhang
Co-Authors: Michael L Lahr
Structure Decomposition Analysis of China’s Energy Intensity Change from 1987 to 2007 PDF Paper
142 Author: Binjian Yan
Co-Authors: Jin Fan, Yingheng Zhou
Study on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Structural Change of Agribusiness PDF Paper
143 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Supply and Use Tables at Basic Prices for the Czech Republic PDF Paper
144 Author: Piet Verbiest
Supply, use and input output tables in the Netherlands PDF Paper
145 Author: Vittorio Nicolardi
Supply-Use Tables: Simultaneously Balancing at Current and Constant Prices. A new Procedure. PDF Paper
146 Author: Bernd Struck
Co-Authors: Arif Cheema, Asif Bajwa
SUT in developing countries: compromising in statistical units PDF  
147 Author: Carl Pasurka
Technical Change Adjusted for Production of Bad Outputs in Input-Output Models PDF Paper
148 Author: Shigemi Kagawa
Co-Authors: Ryoji Hasegawa, Makiko Tsukui
The Carbon Footprint and Carbon Leakage of Prefectures: A Case Study of Japan PDF  
149 Author: Branko Vitas
The Challenges of introducing new standards and classifications into the Australian Input Output Tables PDF Paper
150 Author: Christian Lager
The Concept of Rent in Economics PDF  
151 Author: Denise Imori
Co-Authors: Caio Waisman, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
The Development of the Brazilian Amazon Region and Greenhouse Gases Emission: A Dilemma to Be Faced! PDF Paper
152 Author: Xin Zhou
Co-Authors: Satoshi Kojima, Takashi Yano
The Economic and Environmental Effects of Border Adjustment Measures: A Multi-Region CGE Analysis for Japan PDF Paper
153 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Co-Authors: somaye mohsenpour
The Economic Importance of Housing Sector in Tehran Province- Extraction Method Approach PDF Paper
154 Author: Yusuf M. Siddiqi
The economy and environment- An integrated approach for Canada PDF Paper
155 Author: Xin Zhou
Co-Authors: Hiroaki Shirakawa, Manfred Lenzen
The Effects of Aggregation: A case of carbon footprint accounting by using Multi-Region Input-Output models PDF Paper
156 Author: Reinout Heijungs
Co-Authors: Arjan de Koning
The Exiobase DBMS for the storage SUTs and transformation into trade-linked input-output tables: some illustrative applications PDF  
157 Author: Shuchang Qi
Co-Authors: Jie CHEN
The Experience of Compiling Chinese Non-competitive Input-output Tables PDF Paper
158 Author: Chandrima Sikdar
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty
The Factor Content of Bilateral Trade between India & Sri Lanka PDF Paper
159 Author: Gaaitzen de Vries
Co-Authors: Marcel Timmer, Neil Foster, Robert Stehrer
The Factor Content of Trade: Time-series Evidence PDF Paper
160 Author: Daniel Moran
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Keiichiro Kanemoto, Manfred Lenzen
The Global Carbon Footprint of Consumption: Findings from the Eora Model PDF  
161 Author: Marek Rojicek
The Globalisation Effects on the Trade Flows: Czech Experience PDF Paper
162 Author: Bart Maria Jan Van den Cruyce
The homogenisation of detailed employment data PDF Paper
163 Author: Arteom Denisov
The impact of energy resources price increase on inflation in Russia in 2000-2010 PDF Paper
164 Author: Daju Xu
The Least Eigenvalue of the Input Coefficients Matrix PDF Paper
165 Author: Rossella Bardazzi
The measurement of productivity: contributions to the analysis from IO economics PDF Paper
166 Author: Tatyana Olegovna Tagaeva
Co-Authors: Vadim Manavirovich Gilmundinov
The Modeling of Health Risk Factors in Russia with Using Input-Output and Econometric Approaches PDF Paper
167 Author: Binjian Yan
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Jin Fan, Yingheng Zhou
The Modelling of Computable General Equilibrium Integrated Multi-Household Model and Its Application for China PDF Paper
168 Author: Shantong Li
Co-Authors: Jianwu He, Zhaoyuan Xu
The Prospects of China’s Economic Development in 2030-Based on the DRC-CGE Model PDF Paper
169 Author: Ning Kang
The Relationship Between The Tabulation Method Of Real-Time Input-Output Table And The Modernization Of Enterprise Management PDF Paper
170 Author: Julian Neira
The Role of Intermediate Goods and Financial Frictions on Economic Development PDF Paper
171 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Co-Authors: Victoria Shestalocva
The Solow Residual, Domar Aggregation, and Inefficiency: A Synthesis of TFP Measures PDF Paper
172 Author: Sangwon Suh
The structure of life-cycle environmental impact of the U.S. economy PDF Paper
173 Author: JIYOUNG PARK
The Supply-Driven Input-Output Model: A Reinterpretation and Extension PDF Paper
174 Author: Zorikto Bato-Dugarovich Dondokov
The Use of Modified Input-Output Model for Tax Policy Evaluation: The Russian Case PDF Paper
175 Author: Antonio F. Amores
Co-Authors: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
The use of supply-use tables for the identification of key sectors using unbiased input-output multipliers PDF Paper
176 Author: Christian Lager
The Wage as Rent: The Factor-Price Frontier revisited PDF  
177 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Abdul Azeez Erumban, Robert Stehrer, Marcel Timmer, Gaaitzen de Vries
The World Input-Output Database (WIOD): Introduction and Selected Database Construction Issues PDF Paper
178 Author: Sangwon Suh
Tracking metal flow network using hybrid Ghoshian framework PDF Paper
179 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Treatment of the Intra-EU Trade Flows to Obtain Consolidated European Union and Euro Area Use Tables PDF Paper
180 Author: Ganna Makarkina
Co-Authors: Tamara Merkulova
Using input-output model with fuzzy parameteres for analysis of sectoral structure of Ukranian industrial region PDF Paper
181 Author: Douglas Shannon Meade
Using the Inforum LIFT and Mudan Models to Investigate the Effects of Cap & Trade Legislation on International Leakages PDF Paper
182 Author: Susana Santos
Using the SNA and SAMs for a better (socio-)economic modelling PDF Paper
183 Author: Rodrigo Emmanuel Santana Borges
VAT reduction as anticiclic policy and macroeconomic effects: the case of Brazil in the current crisis PDF Paper
184 Author: Xin Li
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek, Yim Ling Siu, Kuishuang Feng
water and energy nexus in energy production: assessing water consumption and CO2 emissions of wind power in China PDF  
185 Author: Taku Ishiro
Water Footprint Analysis in Kanto basin zone, Japan by compiling the Kanto Interregional Input-Output Table PDF Paper
186 Author: Faye Duchin
Co-Authors: Carlos A Lopez-Morales
Water Scarcity in the World Economy: Improving the Hydro-Economic Interface PDF Paper
187 Author: Valeria Andreoni
Co-Authors: Iñaki Arto, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Worldwide economic effects of changes in international trade due to natural disasters: the case of Japan earthquake and tsunami PDF  
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