22nd International Input-Output Conference
& 4th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
14-18 July 2014, Lisbon, Portugal



In complement to the 22nd IIOA Conference there will be a paddle tennis competition, at a sports center within walking distance from the conference venue. The competition will take place on Tuesday and Friday, July 15 and 18, starting at 7pm. The winning team will be awarded a symbolic prize.

Paddle tennis is a light and fun sport with simple rules. Even if you have no prior experience you will learn quickly. The competition is open to every conference participant and accompanying person. You only need to bring comfortable clothes and footwear, the organization will provide the paddles and the tennis balls.

To apply send an email. You can apply as a team, indicating the names of both players, or as an individual, in which case the organization will take care of team matching.

We will communicate the final calendar of matches shortly before the conference. For any further information about the competition during the conference, please ask at the reception desk.

We look forward to meeting you Lisbon!

Joao Rodrigues
José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche


Babysitting Services

Will be provided by the O Bambi School (http://massanod.wordpress.com/galeria/ - this site is only available in Portuguese, but the photos give a good idea of the quality of service);

The babysitting is for children aged between 3-months and 10-years old, from 08.00 to 18.00 hours;

Children will be supervised by specialists who are professionally trained for varying age groups. French, English, Spanish and Italian are spoken;

Children less than 3 years old will have a sleep after lunch;

The price, including meals (morning and afternoon snacks, plus lunch), is: 5 days (all week) 150 euros; 30 euros per day; half-day (morning or afternoon) 20 euros.