22nd International Input-Output Conference
& 4th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
14-18 July 2014, Lisbon, Portugal


Abstracts and Papers

In total, 384 abstracts and 168 full papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstract Full Paper
1 Author: André da Cruz Parreiral
Co-Authors: Eduardo Barata, João Pedro Ferreira, Luís Cruz, Pedro Nogueira Ramos
A bi-regional Input-Output model for Portugal: Centro Region and Rest of the Country PDF Paper
2 Author: Iman Haqiqi
Co-Authors: Morteza Mortazavi Kakhki
A CGE Analysis of Educational Opportunities, Human Capital, and Regional Income Distribution Using Regional SAM PDF  
3 Author: Iman Haqiqi
Co-Authors: Mahdi Ghaemi, Marziyeh Bahalou Horeh
A CGE Analysis of Welfare and Sectoral Impacts of Removing Interest Rate Subsidies: A Model Based on Financial SAM and Flow of Fund Accounts PDF  
4 Author: Iman Haqiqi
Co-Authors: Marziyeh Bahalou Horeh
A CGE Model for Labor Migration Analysis Using Labor Micro Consistent Matrix PDF Paper
5 Author: Fernando Vázquez-Bravo
Co-Authors: Ana Sofía Malagamba, Enrique Gutierrez-Carreras
A Comparative Kernel Structure of Mexico, Brazil and South Korea: A Pretopological Input-Output Analysis. PDF Paper
6 Author: Iman Haqiqi
A Comparison of CGE and IO models in analysis of Water Scarcity and Climate Change PDF  
7 Author: Ari Beorlegui
Co-Authors: Alejandro Brugués, Noé Arón Fuentes
A Dynamic Input-Output Model for Small Regions: The Mexican Case. PDF  
8 Author: Michael Chun-Yang Huang
Co-Authors: Nobuhiro Hosoe
A General Equilibrium Assessment on a Compound Disaster in Northern Taiwan PDF Paper
9 Author: Ana Isabel Guerra
A Hybrid Input-Output Proposal to Identify Key Sectors for the Production and Distribution of Electricity PDF Paper
10 Author: Elena Alekseevna Staritsyna
Co-Authors: Dmitri Piontkovski, Eduard Filaretovich Baranov, Igor Alexandrovich Kim
A Methodology for Constructing Time Series of Input-Output Accounts based on the uniform classification (Russian Experience) PDF Paper
11 Author: Jing Zhou
Co-Authors: Maria C. Latorre
A multilevel analysis of FDI: The role of big world players (China, East Asia, EU28, Japan, U.S.) in production networks and final markets PDF Paper
12 Author: Rob Levy
A new flexible, extensible model of the global economy with input-output models at its heart PDF  
13 Author: Yuwan Duan
Co-Authors: Bart Los, Cuihong Yang, Erik Dietzenbacher
A New Interregional Input Output Table for China: Construction and Application PDF  
14 Author: Nooraddin Sharify
A Nonlinear Supply-Driven Input-Output Model PDF Paper
15 Author: Oscar Córdoba
A pretopological analysis for amplification and absorption effects in the economical structure: a comparison among Mexico with center, center-periphery and periphery countries PDF  
16 Author: José Manuel Márquez
A pretopological analysis for amplification and absorption effects in the economical structure: a comparison of Mexico with center, center-periphery and periphery countries PDF Paper
17 Author: Carlos Flores
Co-Authors: Alejandro Brugués, Germán Osorio, Noé Arón Fuentes
A Re-elaboration of the Strategic Planning Model for the Mexican Economy: An Application to Poverty Reduction Strategies. PDF  
18 Author: Bhupesh Yadav
A Regional Social Accounting Matrix for India 2007-08 PDF Paper
19 Author: Ryoji Hasegawa
Co-Authors: Makiko Tsukui, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo
A Spatial Structural Decomposition Analysis of Carbon Footprint of Household Consumptions for Japanese Regions PDF Paper
20 Author: Zeus Guevara
Co-Authors: Joao Rodrigues, Tânia Costa Sousa
A structural decomposition analysis of primary energy use in Portugal PDF Paper
21 Author: Faye Duchin
Access to Resources and Resource Rents PDF  
22 Author: Martin Bruckner
Co-Authors: Stefan Giljum
Accounting for global biomass and land flows embodied in trade – A comparison of approaches and a proposal for a way forward PDF  
23 Author: Bin Su
Co-Authors: Beng Wah Ang
Alternative approach to measure the emissions embodied in value added and resulting income-based emissions PDF  
24 Author: Cagacan Deger
Co-Authors: Elif Tunali Caliskan, Gulcin Gurel Gunal, Osman Aydogus
An Application of the Hybrid Approach to Constructing Regional Input-Output Tables: Case of Izmir, Turkey PDF Paper
25 Author: Nooraddin Sharify
Co-Authors: Mohammad Ali Ehsani
An Approach for Stable Input-Output Coefficients PDF Paper
26 Author: Bart Maria Jan Van den Cruyce
An evaluation of the impact of the new ESA rules for Goods for Processing and Merchanting on the Belgian SUT and IO tables for 2010. PDF Paper
27 Author: Leonie Wenz
Co-Authors: Alexander Radebach, Anders Levermann, Jan Christoph Steckel, Robert Bierkandt, Sven Norman Willner
An Inhomogeneous Approximation-and-Update Approach to Refine Multi-Regional Input-Output Tables PDF  
28 Author: Marcelo Pereira da Cunha
Co-Authors: Joaquim Eugênio Abel Seabra, Simone Tatiane do Canto
An input-output analysis of energy and GHG emissions indicators of gasoline and diesel oil in Brazil PDF  
29 Author: Hauke Schult
Co-Authors: Alexander Radebach, Armin Fügenschuh, Ingmar Vierhaus, Jan Christoph Steckel
An Input-Output based approach to explore hidden potentials in global production chains PDF  
30 Author: Joao Rodrigues
Co-Authors: António Lorena, Antonio Miguel Amaral, Ines Santos Costa, Miguel Preto, Paulo Trigo Ribeiro
An Input-Output Model of Extended Producer Responsibility: A study of the used tire management system in Portugal PDF  
31 Author: Zorikto Bato-Dugarovich Dondokov
An Input-Output Model with an Expanded Composition of Endogenous Parameters: Synthesis of the Keynesian Income Multiplier and the Leontief Model PDF  
32 Author: Eduardo Barata
Co-Authors: Ana Lucia Marto Sargento, Luís Cruz, Pedro Nogueira Ramos
An Input-Output Model with Resource-Constrained Sectors: An Application to the Agri-Food Development Strategy in the Context of a Portuguese Bi-Regional Model PDF  
33 Author: Cristina Sarasa
Co-Authors: Ignacio Cazcarro, Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte
An integrated MRIO - CGE model for studying water and production reallocations in Spain PDF  
34 Author: Ali Alsamawi
Co-Authors: Joy Murray, Manfred Lenzen
Analysing Effects of International Trade on Global Income and Employment PDF Paper
35 Author: hui li
Analysis on China’s Urban and Rural Residents’ Income Based on Structure Decomposition Analysis PDF Paper
36 Author: Shunsuke Okamoto
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Shigemi Kagawa
Analyzing Instability of Industrial Clustering Techniques PDF  
37 Author: Chen Lin
Co-Authors: Makiko Tsukui, Ming Liu
Analyzing the iron flow of China by using WIO-MFA PDF  
38 Author: Nathaniel Paul Springer
Anticipating Impacts of Future Agricultural Production in Africa Using Global Physical and Payment Networks PDF  
39 Author: Robert Andrew McDougall
Co-Authors: Badri G Narayanan
Application of dynamically calculated total requirements coefficients to CGE simulation analysis PDF Paper
40 Author: Evelien Dils
Co-Authors: An Vercalsteren, Ann Van der Linden, Theo Geerken
Application of EE-IO models in the Flemish policy context : examples and requirements PDF  
41 Author: Petr Musil
Co-Authors: Jana Kramulova
Application of MRIO model on a small economy: case study of the Czech Republic PDF Paper
42 Author: Rachel Custodio Reyes
Assessing the effects of trade on employment in the Philippines: A SAM-based multiplier and structural path analysis PDF  
43 Author: Kazuki Tamesue
Assessing the estimation accuracy of LQ method for regionalization of input coefficients: a case study in Japan PDF Paper
44 Author: Luís Cruz
Co-Authors: Jose Dias
Assessing the evolution of energy and CO2 intensities in the EU PDF Paper
45 Author: Sheree Ann Pagsuyoin
Co-Authors: Joost Reyes Santos
Assessing the Impacts of Water Prioritization Strategies Using Dynamic Input-Output Modeling PDF  
46 Author: Hidayat Amir
Co-Authors: Anda Nugroho, Verina Januati Wargadalam
Assessment of Fiscal Incentive to Support the Development of Renewable Energy in Indonesia PDF  
47 Author: Colin Webb
Co-Authors: Norihiko Yamano
Asymmetries in bilateral trade statistics: challenges in harmonising trade in goods and services for linking national I-O tables PDF  
48 Author: Andrey Polbin
Co-Authors: Oleg Lugovoy, Vladimir Potashnikov
Bayesian Updating of Input-Output Tables PDF Paper
49 Author: Cristina Sarasa
Co-Authors: Virginie Doumax-Tagliavini
Biofuels, technological change and uncertainty: Evidence from France PDF  
50 Author: Milagros Dones Tacero
Business Cycles and Sustainable Economic Development PDF  
51 Author: F. Stephan Lutter
Co-Authors: Stefan Giljum
Calculating comprehensive material footprint indicators with a global MRIO-MFA model. The case of EXIOBASE 2.0 (for special session on CREEA) PDF  
52 Author: F. Stephan Lutter
Co-Authors: Stefan Giljum
Calculating comprehensive material use and productivity indicators: a review of MRIO-MFA and other methodological approaches (for special session on MFA & IO modelling) PDF  
53 Author: F. Stephan Lutter
Co-Authors: Stephan Pfister
Calculating comprehensive water footprint indicators with a global MRIO model. The case of EXIOBASE 2.0 (for special session on CREEA) PDF  
54 Author: Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Co-Authors: Guangwu Chen
Carbon accounting and footprinting of cities using a virtual input-output laboratory PDF  
55 Author: Harry C Wilting
Carbon and land footprint time series of the Netherlands - integrating data from the GTAP and WIOD databases PDF Paper
56 Author: Kirsten Svenja Wiebe
Co-Authors: Arnold Tukker
Carbon emissions – the relevance of consumption-based accounting and policy PDF  
57 Author: Nuria Gomez
Co-Authors: Fabio Monsalve, Maria Angeles Cadarso, Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez
Carbon footprint for the University of Castilla-La Mancha PDF Paper
58 Author: Yan Xia
Carbon trading and its provincial economic impact: a multi-regional Input Output analysis PDF  
59 Author: Naci Dilekli
Co-Authors: Faye Duchin
Cellulosic Biofuel Potential in the Northeast: A Scenario Analysis PDF  
60 Author: Yosuke Shigetomi
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Susumu Tohno
Change in supply security footprints of critical metals induced by Japanese household consumption from 2005 to 2035 (for special session on MFA and IO model) PDF Paper
61 Author: Rosario Cervantes-Martinez
Co-Authors: Gerardo Fujii
62 Author: Masaaki Kuboniwa
Changes in trade balances with the paradigm shift from gross to value added terms among BRICs, the USA, the EU and Japan PDF  
63 Author: Xuemei Jiang
Characterizing Relative Performance: The Energy Efficiency Advantage of Foreign-invested Enterprises in China PDF  
64 Author: Yaxiong Zhang
China's economic and trade interdependencies with other BRIC countries - from a GVC Perspective PDF Paper
65 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: Jinjun XUE, Lin Guo
China’s Domestic Value Chains and CO2 Emissions PDF  
66 Author: Xue Fu
China’s Regional Structure Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Right: a GIS-based Multi-regional Goal Programming Input-Output Model Combining with CGE Analysis PDF  
67 Author: Xue Fu
China’s Structural Adjustment of Economy and Investment for carbon emissions reduction: a turnpike in environment-input-output system PDF  
68 Author: Pablo Ruiz-Napoles
Co-Authors: Martín Carlos Puchet Anyul
69 Author: Maria Angeles Cadarso
Co-Authors: Fabio Monsalve, Guadalupe Arce, Luis A. Lopez
Choices and consequences of sector allocation of embodied emissions in global production systems PDF Paper
70 Author: Rafael Perez Peña
Co-Authors: Carlos Flores, Germán Osorio, Gilberto Martínez, Jorge Muñán, Leidy Suárez, Lourdes Morones, Lucero Moreno, Noé Arón Fuentes
Climate Change in the Mexican Regions: Integration of the Direct, Indirect and Dynamic Effects in a Simulation Input Output Model PDF  
71 Author: Robert Stehrer
Collateral Imbalances in Intra-European Trade? Accounting for the Differences between Gross and Value Added Trade Balances PDF Paper
72 Author: Panayotis G. Michaelides
Co-Authors: Konstantinos N. Konstantakis
Combining Input-Output (IO) analysis with Global Vector Autoregressive modeling (GVAR): Evidence from the USA PDF Paper
73 Author: Iskander Vilevich Syrtlanov
Co-Authors: Alsu Sayapova
Comparative analysis of methods for assessing the value transfer in the formation of the final product PDF Paper
Comparative structural analysis of the Mexico economic regions, using interregional input-output models. PDF  
75 Author: Bart Hertveldt
Co-Authors: Bernhard Michel, Caroline Hambÿe
Comparing constant and current price multipliers for Belgium PDF Paper
76 Author: Francisco Javier De Miguel-Velez
Co-Authors: Antonio Manresa, Maria Llop
Comparing Demand and Supply Multipliers: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach PDF  
77 Author: Kurt Kratena
Co-Authors: Gerhard Streicher
Competitiveness and tax reform in Europe PDF  
78 Author: Maria Cruz
Compilation of supply and use tables at previous years prices in Portugal PDF Paper
79 Author: Iljen Dedegkajeva
Compilation of the supply and use/input-output tables according to the ESA 2010 for Estonia PDF Paper
Compilation of US and EU supply, use and input-output tables in the European classifications and comparison of the two economies PDF Paper
81 Author: Forgon Mária
Co-Authors: Eva Varga
Compilation of use tables at basic prices and split to domestic production and imports in Hungary PDF Paper
82 Author: Daria Taglioni
Connecting new and old data to GVC concepts PDF  
83 Author: Jacob Fry
Co-Authors: Manfred Lenzen
Constructing a multi-regional waste input-output framework using Australian waste data PDF  
84 Author: Yafei Wang
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Manfred Lenzen
Constructing a time series of Chinese multi-region input-output tables PDF Paper
85 Author: Mitsuo Yamada
Construction of a Multi-regional Input-Output Table for Nagoya Metropolitan Area, Japan PDF Paper
86 Author: Harry X Wu
Construction of China’s Input-Output Table Time Series for 1980-2010: A Supply-Use Table Approach PDF Paper
87 Author: Anindita Sengupta
Construction of Regional Input-Output Table in India using non-survey method: The Case of West Bengal PDF Paper
88 Author: Jakub Fischer
Co-Authors: Jaroslav Sixta, Kristyna Vltavska
Construction of Regional Input-Output Tables in Practice PDF Paper
89 Author: Mangat Ram Saluja
Construction of Social Accounting Matrix for Andhra Pradesh for 2007-08 and Impact Analysis of MNREGA PDF Paper
90 Author: Johannes Többen
Construction of subnational multiregional Input-Output tables: The case of Germany's federal states. PDF  
91 Author: Angel Aguiar
Co-Authors: Badri G Narayanan, Mark Gehlhar, Robert Andrew McDougall
Construction of the Trade Data for the GTAP Data Base PDF Paper
92 Author: Matías Piaggio
Co-Authors: Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Construction subsystem and carbon dioxide emissions PDF Paper
93 Author: Kirsten Svenja Wiebe
Co-Authors: Christian Lutz, Simon Gandy
Consumption-based carbon policies from a top-down and a bottom-up perspective PDF  
94 Author: Daniel Moran
Co-Authors: Edgar G. Hertwich, Richard Wood
Convergence between the Eora, WIOD, EXIOBASE, and OpenEU’s consumption-based carbon accounts PDF Paper
95 Author: Ezra Davar
Cost of production (Supply price) of Goods: Walras versus Leontief PDF  
96 Author: Stephen Harris Levine
Creating Multiregional Input-Output Flow Tables for Scenarios about the Future from the Outcomes of World Trade Model Calculations PDF  
97 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: Jiemin Guo
Cross-border Allocation of Employment in Global Value Chains: A Measurement Using International IO Decomposition Techniques PDF  
98 Author: Yongming Huang
Co-Authors: Anthony Travers Flegg, Timo Tohmo
Cross-Hauling and Regional Input-Output Tables: The Case of the Province of Hubei, China PDF  
99 Author: Ya-Yen Sun
Co-Authors: Wen-Huei Chang
Decompose tourism carbon footprint using the Environmental Extended Input-Output Model PDF Paper
100 Author: Jong-Hwan Ko
Decoupling and Sources of Structural Transformation of Emerging Asian Economies? An International Input-Output Decomposition Analysis PDF Paper
101 Author: Rachel Custodio Reyes
Demand decomposition and input-output subsystems analysis of the Philippine CO2 emissions PDF Paper
102 Author: Jacco Daalmans
Co-Authors: Tommaso Di Fonzo
Denton PFD and GRP benchmarking are friends. An empirical evaluation on Dutch Quarterly Supply and Use Tables PDF Paper
103 Author: Francesca Severini
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli
Designing the Health Care Services through dynamic CGE approach PDF  
104 Author: Eiichi Nakazawa
Co-Authors: Colin Webb, Norihiko Yamano
Determinants of Trade in Value-added: Market Size, Geography and Technological gaps PDF  
105 Author: Zorikto Bato-Dugarovich Dondokov
Co-Authors: Konstantin Pavlovich Dyrkheev
Development of Input-Output Tables in Russia: Experience of the Republic of Buryatia PDF  
106 Author: Jozef Kubala
Direct and indirect effects of technology transfer through foreign direct investments: The case of Slovakia PDF Paper
107 Author: Margarita Barrera-Lozano
Co-Authors: Alfredo José Mainar Causapé, José Vallés Ferrer
Disaggregation of Economic sub-sectors based on Optical Development in the Spanish Economy PDF  
108 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Disaster and Structural Change: Case Study on the 1995 Kobe Earthquake PDF  
109 Author: Ana Serrano González
Co-Authors: Dabo Guan, Rosa Duarte
Dissaggregating agricultural water flows in the world PDF Paper
110 Author: Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Co-Authors: Nadia Garbellini
Dissecting Trade Imbalances in the Eurozone: A WIOD Analysis PDF  
111 Author: Umed Temurshoev
Co-Authors: Ronald E Miller
Distance-based shared responsibility PDF  
112 Author: Quanrun Chen
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang, Lianling Yang, Peng Liu, Xiangyin Chen, ZHU Kunfu
Distinguishing the Processing Trade in the World Input-Output Table: A Case of China PDF Paper
113 Author: Maarten van Rossum
Co-Authors: Bram Edens, Roel Delahaye, Rutger Hoekstra, Sjoerd Schenau
Do the new SNA 2008 concepts undermine Environmental Input Output Analysis? PDF Paper
114 Author: ZHU Kunfu
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang, Quanrun Chen
Domestic Content of China’s Exports and its Contributing Factors: a Structural Decomposition Analysis PDF  
115 Author: Bernhard Michel
Co-Authors: Bruno Merlevede
Downstream Offshoring and Firm-level Employment - Evidence for Belgian Manufacturing Firms PDF  
116 Author: Yukinori Nakano
Dynamic industrial change by the popularization of the front-end ICT. PDF Paper
117 Author: Anke Michaela Mönnig
Co-Authors: Kirsten Svenja Wiebe, Marc Ingo Wolter
118 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuel Policy in Canada PDF  
119 Author: Guntur - Sugiyarto
120 Author: Maria Markaki
Co-Authors: Athena Belegri-Roboli
Economic Crisis and Labour Market Turbulence: Greek economy and its Trading Partners (2008-2013) PDF  
121 Author: Christian Lutz
Economic evaluation of climate protection measures in Germany PDF Paper
122 Author: Moisés Espitia
Co-Authors: Alejandro Díaz, Noé Arón Fuentes
Economic Growth, Social Class Inequality and Poverty in Mexico: A Multisectorial Dynamic Model PDF  
123 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Economic Impact of Climate change in Iran- SAM Approach PDF  
124 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven
Economic impact of natural gas flow disruptions PDF  
125 Author: Akhilesh Kumar Sharma
Economic Impact of Social Protection Programmes in India: A Social Accounting Matrix Multiplier Analysis PDF Paper
126 Author: Francesca Severini
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Irfan Ahmed, Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli
Economic policy eff ects and financial crisis: a dynamic CGE model for Italy PDF  
127 Author: Giovanni Mandras
Co-Authors: Giorgio Garau, Patrizio Lecca
Economy-wide rebound effects from an increase in efficiency in the use of energy: the Italian case PDF  
128 Author: Lorenzo Toffoli
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Maurizio Ciaschini
Education Services and Reallocation of Government Expenditure PDF  
129 Author: Antonio Carlos Moretto
Co-Authors: João Dias, João Carlos Lopes, Rossana Lott Rodrigues
Effects of demand shocks in the Brazilian economy: new production and value added multipliers PDF Paper
130 Author: Fernando Bermejo
Co-Authors: Eladio Febrero
Effects of household consumption patterns on employment: Evidence from Spain during the economic crisis PDF Paper
131 Author: Luca Fraccascia
Co-Authors: Achille Claudio Garavelli, Vito Albino
Efficiency measures of industrial symbiosis network using enterprise input-output analysis PDF  
132 Author: Esteban Fernandez Vazquez
Empirical estimation of non linear input-output modelling: an Entropy Econometrics approach PDF Paper
133 Author: Anthony Travers Flegg
Co-Authors: Carlos Adrian Romero, Leonardo Javier Mastronardi
Empirical Evidence on the Use of the FLQ Formula for Regionalizing National Input-Output Tables: The Case of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina PDF  
134 Author: Carla Oliveira Henriques
Co-Authors: Dulce Coelho, Natalie Cassidy
Employment effects of electricity generation from renewable energy technologies in the UK PDF Paper
135 Author: Eduardo Amaral Haddad
Co-Authors: Michael L Lahr
Endogenous Local Government Spending and Fiscal Multipliers in a Metropolitan Input-Output System PDF  
136 Author: Yoshio Kajitani
Co-Authors: Kazuyoshi Nakano
Enhancing Business Resilience under Power Shortage: Effective Allocation of Scarce Electricity Based on Power System Failure and CGE Models PDF Paper
137 Author: Shogo Eguchi
Co-Authors: Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa
Environmental Efficiency Analysis of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil PDF  
138 Author: Yan Xu
Environmental Kuznets Curve and Effects of Emission Outsourcing PDF  
139 Author: Koji TAKASE
Co-Authors: Yasushi Kondo
Environmental policy and consumer behavior under monetary budget and time constraint PDF  
140 Author: Scott John Kelly
Estimating embodied risk within global supply chains PDF  
141 Author: Mohd Yusof Saari
Estimating impacts of minimum wages on poverty across ethnic groups in Malaysia PDF  
142 Author: Niaz Ahmed Bhutto
Co-Authors: Michael L Lahr
Estimating the Cost of Reducing CO2 Emissions by 17 Percent by US in 2020 PDF Paper
143 Author: Rosita Pretaroli
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Francesca Severini, Maurizio Ciaschini, Yousaf Ali
Estimating the economic impact of tourism industry through the MM approach PDF Paper
144 Author: Shih-Mo Lin
Co-Authors: Jin-Xu Lin
Estimating the Economy-wide Impacts of Energy Shocks in Taiwan under a Social Accounting Matrix Framework PDF  
145 Author: Nobuhiro Hosoe
Estimation Errors in Input-Output Tables and Prediction Errors in Computable General Equilibrium Analysis PDF Paper
146 Author: Antonio F. Amores
Co-Authors: Sanjiv Mahajan, Marisa Asensio Pardo, Elena Márquez Ordóñez, Cesar Martin Nuñez, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Isabelle Rémond-Tiedrez
Estimation of balanced PYP supply and use tables: the European experience PDF  
147 Author: Felipe Andrés Labrín
Co-Authors: Viviana Andrea Rosales
Estimation of SUTs at previous year prices in Chile PDF Paper
148 Author: Isabel Grilo
European Commission, Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs PDF  
149 Author: Lucian Cernat
European Commission, Directorate General of Trade PDF  
150 Author: Stephan Moll
Eurostat's regular estimations of CO2 emissions from final use of products in the EU PDF Paper
151 Author: Ana Maria Dias
Co-Authors: Emídio Graça Lopes
Evaluating the impact of alternative fiscal policy measures on public debt and on GDP with an input-output based model – application to Portugal PDF  
152 Author: Raquel Langarita
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte, Sofía Jiménez
153 Author: Ryoko Morioka
Co-Authors: Koji Tsuda
Evaluation of Tottori economic growth strategies based on a forecasted input-output table of the year 2020 PDF  
154 Author: Jose Teran-Vargas
Experience in implementing the SNA 2008 in Mexico's SUT and IOT for the benchmark year 2008 PDF  
155 Author: Konstantin Stadler
Co-Authors: Richard Wood
Exploring resource efficiency through individual supply chains - precision and accuracy in analysing the impacts of apparel PDF  
156 Author: Monica Serrano
Co-Authors: Rosa Duarte
Female participation in recent economic growth: how, who and where? PDF  
157 Author: Erika Burkowski
Co-Authors: Fernanda Finotti Cordeiro Perobelli, Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
Financial and Social Accounting Matrices for Brazil PDF Paper
158 Author: Luis A. Lopez
Co-Authors: Guadalupe Arce, Jorge Enrique Zafrilla, Manuel Morenate
Financial crisis and consumption patterns effects on carbon and material footprint PDF Paper
159 Author: Yuko Oshita
Co-Authors: Yasunori Kikuchi
Flow Analysis on Products of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Industry using Structural Path Analysis PDF Paper
160 Author: Adolf Acquaye
Foreign Aid and the Environment: A Critical Analysis using MRIO PDF  
161 Author: Carol Elizabeth Moylan
Full Integration of the Industry Accounts for the United States PDF Paper
162 Author: Sanjiv Mahajan
Future Challenges and changes in the new SNA 2008 and ESA 2010 PDF  
163 Author: Kathleen Bernardo Aviso
Co-Authors: Joost Reyes Santos, Krista Danielle Sy Yu, Michael Baliwag Promentilla, Raymond Roca Tan
Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach to Updating Input-Output Technical Coefficients PDF Paper
164 Author: Hagen Schulte in den Baeumen
Co-Authors: Albert Steenge, Daniel Moran, Manfred Lenzen
Global Economic Impacts of Severe Space Weather PDF  
165 Author: Faye Duchin
Co-Authors: Stephen Harris Levine
Global Economic Networks: Tracking Material Flows and Money Flows, Downstream As Well As Upstream PDF Paper
166 Author: Miguel-Angel Tarancon
Co-Authors: María-Jesús Gutiérrez-Pedrero
Global Productive Efficiency from a Input-Output framework. PDF  
167 Author: Kayoko Shironitta
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa, Shunsuke Okamoto
Global Structural Change and Its Implication for CO2 Emissions PDF  
168 Author: Rutger Hoekstra
Co-Authors: Bernhard Michel, Sangwon Suh
Global value chains and CO2-emissions: a conditional structural decomposition analysis PDF  
169 Author: Victor Kümmritz
Global Value Chains and Development PDF  
170 Author: Jianwu He
Co-Authors: Sanmang WU, Shantong Li
Global Value Chains and Region Economy within China PDF  
171 Author: Susan F Stone
Global value chains and the cost of protection PDF Paper
172 Author: Bart Verspagen
Co-Authors: Jan Fagerberg
Globalization and the European Crisis PDF  
173 Author: Natalia Ustinova
Co-Authors: Irina Masakova
Goods for processing: the case of Russia PDF  
174 Author: Natalia Ustinova
Co-Authors: Irina Masakova
Goods for processing: the case of Russia PDF  
175 Author: Kazuhiko Nishimura
Co-Authors: Satoshi Nakano
Gravity Based Estimation of Interregional Transactions with Monte Carlo RAS Proportioning PDF  
176 Author: Jean Marc SIROEN
Co-Authors: Ayçıl YÜCER, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
Gravity Models, Interregional Input-Output, and Trade in Value Added: A New Approach Applied to Brazil Internal and International Trade PDF Paper
177 Author: Sofía Jiménez
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Raquel Langarita, Rosa Duarte
Growth and Productivity in the Spanish and European economies. PDF  
178 Author: Alfredo José Mainar Causapé
Co-Authors: Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar
Growth, employment and public spending in the Social Accounting Matrix of the Spanish economy for 2008 PDF  
179 Author: Yoshihiro Hashiguchi
Co-Authors: Bo Meng, Norihiko Yamano
GVC based Comparative Advantages in the Context of International Fragmentation Production PDF  
180 Author: Anke Michaela Mönnig
High-skilled Labour Force - Impediment to Growth? PDF  
181 Author: Keiko Ito
Co-Authors: Harry X Wu
HOW COMPETITIVE IS CHINESE INDUSTRY? – Decomposing Skilled and Unskilled Labor Costs in an Input-Output PDF Paper
182 Author: Huijuan Wang
Human Capital Embodied in China’s International Trade PDF  
183 Author: Hugo Rojas-Romagosa
Co-Authors: Arjan M. Lejour, Paul J J Veenendaal
Identifying hubs and spokes in global supply chains using redirected trade in value added PDF Paper
184 Author: Barun Deb Pal
Identifying key sectors for Green Growth in India: An Environmental Social Accounting Matrix multiplier analysis PDF Paper
185 Author: Chandrima Sikdar
Identifying the hindrance to increased trade flow between India and Bangladesh PDF  
186 Author: Maureen Lankhuizen
Co-Authors: Mark Thissen
Identifying true trade patterns: correcting bilateral trade flows for re-exports PDF Paper
187 Author: Ambiyah Abdullah
Co-Authors: Xin Zhou
Impact assessment of green investment on environmental sectors in Japan using input-output analysis PDF  
Co-Authors: Saswata Chaudhury
Impact of carbon based unilateral trade measures on exports from developing countries: A case study of India PDF Paper
189 Author: Anushree Sinha
Co-Authors: Avantika Prabhakar, Rajesh Jaiswal
Impact of Infrastructure Investment on Quality of Job Creation: Closed Input-Output Analysis for Indian States PDF  
190 Author: Priyam Sengupta
Co-Authors: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
191 Author: Jianwu He
Co-Authors: Sanmang WU, Shantong Li
Impact of Urbanization on Economic Growth in China PDF  
192 Author: Hongfu Ni
Co-Authors: Jiechang Xia, Zhang Shiyun
Impacts of R&D Expenditure on Economic Growth and Structure Based on Beijing Dynamic CGE Model PDF Paper
193 Author: Jaroslav Sixta
Co-Authors: Martina Šimková, Petr Musil
Implementation of ESA 2010/SNA 2008 Into Czech Input-Output Tables PDF Paper
Co-Authors: José Trinidad Vivanco
Implications of U.S. and China trade in the Green House Gases generation, 2000-2010 PDF Paper
195 Author: Mohammadgholi Yousefi
Co-Authors: Hadi Mousavi-Nik, Mojtaba Esfandiari Kaloukan, Zahra Zakeri
Import Content of Exports and Industrialization PDF Paper
196 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Income Effects of Cash Subsidy Payment, Social Accounting Matrix Approach: The Fixed Price Multiplier PDF Paper
197 Author: Juan Carlos Castillo
Co-Authors: Gaaitzen de Vries
Industrial Policy and the Domestic Content of Mexico’s Maquila Exports: A long-run perspective PDF Paper
198 Author: Luca Fraccascia
Co-Authors: Ilaria Giannoccaro, Vito Albino
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200 Author: GAUTAM NEGI
Co-Authors: Shri Prakash
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Input-Output Analysis of Turkish Construction Industry by using World Input-Output Database for 2002-2012 Period PDF Paper
202 Author: Erich H. Strassner
Co-Authors: Matthew Russell
Integrated Industry-Level Production Account for the United States: Intellectual Property Products and the 2007 NAICS PDF Paper
203 Author: William Wills
Co-Authors: Marcelo Moreira, Romulo Neves Ely
Integrated Modeling of the Land Use, Water and Energy Nexus of Brazilian Biofuels Expansion under Climate Change PDF  
204 Author: Marco Springmann
Integrating emissions transfers into international and national policy-making PDF  
205 Author: Anke Schaffartzik
Co-Authors: Dominik Wiedenhofer, Nina Eisenmenger
Integrating Material Flow and Input-Output Data: All Is Not Said and Done PDF  
206 Author: Manoj Kumar Singh
Inter- Industry Linkages and the clustering of innovative activities: Framework for Indian Economy and National Innovation Policy PDF Paper
207 Author: Mariusz Plich
International Comparisons of Structural Changes in National Economies in the Light of WIOD Database PDF  
208 Author: Nadia Garbellini
International division of labour and countries' competitiveness: the case of Italy and Germany PDF  
209 Author: Vinicius de Almeida Vale
Co-Authors: Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
210 Author: Erik Dietzenbacher
Co-Authors: Michael L Lahr
Interregional feedbacks revisited from a global value chain perspective PDF  
211 Author: Claudio Socci
Co-Authors: Francesca Severini, Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli
Intertemporal Structural Change for the convenient Economic Policy variables through the MM approach PDF  
212 Author: Arne Geschke
Co-Authors: Keiichiro Kanemoto, Richard Wood
Investigating alternative approaches to harmonise MRIO data PDF  
213 Author: Hajime Ohno
Co-Authors: Kazuyo Matsubae, Kenichi NAKAJIMA, Shinichiro Nakamura, Tetsuya Nagasaka, Yasushi Kondo
IO-MFA-based linear programming for the quality-oriented End-of-Life vehicle scrap recycling (for special session on MFA & IO modelling) PDF Paper
214 Author: Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez
Co-Authors: Luis A. Lopez, Maria Angeles Cadarso, Nuria Gomez
Is family seasonal consumption good for the environment? Unraveling the monthly local and international trade using a MRIO PDF  
215 Author: Shigemi Kagawa
Co-Authors: Jan Christoph Minx, Keisuke Nansai, Klaus Hubacek, Sangwon Suh, Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Key CO2 emission clusters accelerates world CO2 emissions PDF  
216 Author: Stela Rubínová
Knowledge Spillovers through International Supply Chains PDF Paper
217 Author: Andrea Karim El Meligi
Co-Authors: Claudio Socci, Maurizio Ciaschini, Nicoleta Anca Matei
Labor force requirement and return migration policy in Romania PDF  
218 Author: Martin Lábaj
Co-Authors: Mikulas Luptacik
Labor productivity changes and wages: Cost-push effects PDF Paper
219 Author: Jaroslav Zbranek
Co-Authors: Eva Javorská
Labour analysis based on Time Input-Output Tables PDF Paper
220 Author: Roxana Julia
Co-Authors: Faye Duchin
Land Use Change and Global Adaptations to Climate Change PDF  
221 Author: Moana Simas
Co-Authors: Edgar G. Hertwich, Richard Wood
Land, energy, and carbon embodied in international trade: Evidences from CREEA model PDF  
222 Author: Joanna Zomil Resurreccion
Co-Authors: Enrico C Paringit, Joost Reyes Santos
LIDAR-Based Framework for Integrating Local-specific Vulnerability Conditions in Deriving Perturbations to the Dynamic Inoperability Input-Output Model PDF Paper
223 Author: Matías Piaggio
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher
Looking for virtuous structural change in Uruguay: Linkages of medium and high technological sectors PDF Paper
224 Author: Vadim Manavirovich Gilmundinov
Co-Authors: Alexander Olegovich Baranov
225 Author: Sebastien Miroudot
Co-Authors: Hakan Sten Nordstrom, Olle Grünewald
Made in the Region, Sold in the World. New Evidence on the Internationalization of Supply Chains PDF Paper
226 Author: Panchanan Das
Manufacturing Industries, Final Demand and Economic Growth: Application of Econometric Analysis and Input Output Model with Indian Data PDF Paper
227 Author: Yanxia Zhang
Co-Authors: Haikun Wang, Ming Xu, Sai Liang
Mapping Knowledge Domains between Input-Output Analysis and Complex Network Analysis PDF  
228 Author: Karl Schoer
Co-Authors: Jan Weinzettel, Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Material footprint of EU27: comparison between Eurostat and Eora models - For special session on MFA & IO modelling PDF  
229 Author: Anne Owen
Co-Authors: John Barrett, Kjartan Steen-Olsen
Matrix difference statistics and their use in comparing input-output databases PDF  
230 Author: Vladimir Motorin
Matrix Homothety and GLS-based Extension of RAS Method PDF Paper
231 Author: Weilin Liu
Measuring the Embeddedness of China’s Manufacturing in Global Value Chain PDF  
232 Author: Utz Peter Reich
Mechanisms of distributing national income: a comparative SAM analysis of Canada, Germany, and Portugal PDF Paper
233 Author: Hugo Rojas-Romagosa
Melting Ice Caps and the Economic Impact of Opening the Northern Sea Route PDF Paper
234 Author: Antonio F. Amores
Co-Authors: Marisa Asensio Pardo, Elena Márquez Ordóñez, Cesar Martin Nuñez, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Methodology to estimate European matrices of VAT, other taxes and subsidies on products PDF Paper
235 Author: FIDEL AROCHE
Co-Authors: Ana Salomé García Muñiz
236 Author: María del Carmen Delgado López
Co-Authors: Alfredo José Mainar Causapé, CARMEN LIMA, Fabien Santini, José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores, Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar, Sébastien Mary, Sergio Gomez y Paloma
Modelling Rural Economies (MORE) PDF Paper
237 Author: Krista Danielle Sy Yu
Co-Authors: Joost Reyes Santos, Kathleen Bernardo Aviso, Michael Baliwag Promentilla, Raymond Roca Tan
Modelling the Effects of Successive Disasters: A Dynamic Inoperability Input-Output Approach PDF  
238 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Guerra
Module Applied General Equilbrium: Session 1 PDF  
239 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Guerra
Module Applied General Equilbrium: Session 2 PDF  
240 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Guerra
Module Applied General Equilbrium: Session 3 PDF  
241 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Guerra
Module Applied General Equilbrium: Session 4 PDF  
242 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Module Disasters Analysis: Session 1 PDF  
243 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Module Disasters Analysis: Session 2 PDF  
244 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Module Disasters Analysis: Session 3 PDF  
245 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Module Disasters Analysis: Session 4 PDF  
246 Author: Sangwon Suh
Module Environmental LCA: Session 1 PDF  
247 Author: Sangwon Suh
Module Environmental LCA: Session 2 PDF  
248 Author: Sangwon Suh
Module Environmental LCA: Session 3 PDF  
249 Author: Sangwon Suh
Module Environmental LCA: Session 4 PDF  
250 Author: Joao Rodrigues
Module Managing Uncertainty in Input-Output Analysis: Session 1 PDF  
251 Author: Joao Rodrigues
Module Managing Uncertainty in Input-Output Analysis: Session 2 PDF  
252 Author: Joao Rodrigues
Module Managing Uncertainty in Input-Output Analysis: Session 3 PDF  
253 Author: Joao Rodrigues
Module Managing Uncertainty in Input-Output Analysis: Session 4 PDF  
254 Author: Stephan Lutter
Module Material Flow Analysis: Session 1 PDF  
255 Author: Stephan Lutter
Module Material Flow Analysis: Session 2 PDF  
256 Author: Stephan Lutter
Module Material Flow Analysis: Session 3 PDF  
257 Author: Stephan Lutter
Module Material Flow Analysis: Session 4 PDF  
258 Author: Tsubasa Shibata
Co-Authors: Takashi Yano
Multi-Country and Multi-Sector Oligopolistic Market Modeling by Using the BRICs International Input-Output Table 2005 PDF  
259 Author: Andrew Skelton
Multinational enterprises in multi-regional input output analysis PDF Paper
260 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Albert Steenge
Multiple technologies in an input–output framework: the role of constrained primary resources PDF  
261 Author: Tetyana Anatoliivna Tyshchuk
Multiplier effects of change in household spending in Europe PDF  
262 Author: Fabio Monsalve
Co-Authors: Jorge Enrique Zafrilla, Maria Angeles Cadarso, Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez
Multiregional Input-Output Analysis of the EAFRD effectiveness: Economic, social and environmental performance PDF  
263 Author: Emilian Dobrescu
Net Indirect Taxes and Sectoral Structure of Economy PDF Paper
264 Author: Delin Fang
Network analysis of embodied water circulation using input-output model of socio-economic resource flows PDF  
265 Author: Luca Cherubini
Co-Authors: Michele Benvenuti
New Estimates of the Size of Tradable and Nontradable Sectors Based on World Input-Output Tables PDF  
266 Author: Lianling Yang
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang
On Economic Growth, Services trade exports in China PDF Paper
267 Author: Alexander Radebach
Co-Authors: Hauke Schult, Jan Christoph Steckel
On the importance of manufacturing sectors for economic development – Indications from a refined Product Space PDF  
268 Author: Guntur - Sugiyarto
Optimizing Production in Greece under Particulate Pollution Constraints with cross-Regional Transfers PDF Paper
270 Author: Nadim Ahmad
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development PDF  
271 Author: Kathleen Bernardo Aviso
Co-Authors: Anne Maybelle Ramores Danga, Christina de Joya Cayamanda, Joost Reyes Santos, Krista Danielle Sy Yu, Michael Baliwag Promentilla, Raymond Roca Tan
P-Graph Approach for the Optimal Allocation of Human Resources to Economic Sectors in Crisis Conditions PDF Paper
272 Author: Liane Ritter
Price and Volume Measurement for R&D in German National Accounts PDF Paper
273 Author: Maria Markaki
Production Linkages and Network Analysis Approaches: Creative Industries of Scottish Economy PDF  
274 Author: Jiansuo Pei
Production- vs. consumption-based CO2 accounting: A GVCs and EKC perspective PDF  
275 Author: Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
Co-Authors: Carlos Alberto Gonçalves
Productive Structure and Trade Relations:The Case of the Western Border Regions of Paraná State, Brazil PDF Paper
276 Author: FIDEL AROCHE
Co-Authors: Marco Antonio Marquez
Productivity and economic structure in under-development PDF  
277 Author: Maksym Chepeliev
Reforming Energy Consumption Subsidies in Ukraine: A CGE Analysis PDF  
278 Author: Johannes Többen
Co-Authors: Hagen Schulte in den Baeumen, Thomas Schröder
Regional economic impacts of the 2013 heavy flooding events in Germany PDF Paper
279 Author: Makiko Tsukui
Co-Authors: Ryoji Hasegawa, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo
Repercussion of Effects of Final Consumption on Production and Environmental Loads: Detailed Multi-regional Waste Input–Output Approach in the 47 Prefectures of Japan(for a Special Session) PDF  
280 Author: Zhuoying Zhang
Co-Authors: Hong Yang, Minjun Shi, Na Li
Rescue the 3H region from water resources crisis: the role of virtual water versus real water transfer PDF Paper
281 Author: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Daniel Moran, Manfred Lenzen
Resolving the international trade asymmetry in Eora multi-region input-output table PDF  
282 Author: Kazuyo Matsubae
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nansai, Kenichi NAKAJIMA, Tetsuya Nagasaka
Resource logistics analysis of agricultural nutrients focusing on phosphorus and nitrogen flows (for special session on MFA & IO modelling) PDF  
283 Author: Xue Fu
Co-Authors: Bo Meng, Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng, Michael L Lahr, Yaxiong Zhang
Restructuring Regional Economic Structure to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions using an Interregional Input-Output Mode PDF Paper
284 Author: Ichiro Tokutsu
Co-Authors: Mika Saito
Revisiting the “Great Trade Collapse” with the Endogenous Input-Choice Model PDF Paper
285 Author: GianDemetrio Marangoni
Co-Authors: Domenico Rossignoli
Richard Stone's Contributions to Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
286 Author: Jennifer Taborda
Sector relatedness, revealed comparative advantages and production in global value chains PDF  
287 Author: Rafael Bouchain
Co-Authors: Mariana Velazquez, Rafael César Bouchain
Sectoral linkages in the knowledge economy, a comparative analysis of Mexico with OECD countries by the database: STAN-IO PDF Paper
288 Author: Amrita Goldar
Socio-economic Impacts of Renewable Electricity Diffusion in Rural India PDF  
289 Author: Marcelo Pereira da Cunha
Co-Authors: Arnaldo César da Silva Walter, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
Socioeconomic and environmental assessment of biodiesel production in Brazil PDF Paper
290 Author: Britta Stöver
Co-Authors: Marc Ingo Wolter, Thomas Drosdowski
Socioeconomic consumption modelling in an input-output model PDF Paper
291 Author: Terezinha de Fátima Cardoso
Co-Authors: Antonio Bonomi, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto, Luis Augusto Barbosa Cortez, Marcelo Pereira da Cunha, Mateus Ferreira Chagas
Socioeconomic impacts due to enlarging the use of sugarcane straw in the Brazilian Economy PDF  
292 Author: Umed Temurshoev
Co-Authors: Luis Delgado sancho
Sources of the changes in global industrial energy use, 1995-2009 PDF  
293 Author: João Pedro Ferreira
Co-Authors: Eduardo Barata, Luís Cruz, Pedro Nogueira Ramos
Spill-over effects in the Portuguese economy: Lisbon Metropolitan Area vs. Rest of the Country PDF  
294 Author: Joost Reyes Santos
Statistical Dependence Modeling of Hurricane Impacts on Regional Workforce Sectors PDF  
295 Author: Jalal Ali
Co-Authors: Joost Reyes Santos
Stochastic Input-Output Analysis and Extensions: A Case Study of the United States PDF Paper
296 Author: Carlos A Lopez-Morales
Strategies for Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Mexico PDF  
297 Author: Mariusz Plich
Structural changes in the Polish economy in the perspective of extracting of shale gas PDF  
298 Author: Michal Habrman
Structural decomposition analysis of carbon footprint PDF Paper
299 Author: Susana Santos
Studying the informal aspects of the activity of countries with Social Accounting and Socio-Demographic Matrices PDF Paper
300 Author: Paulo de Tarso Gaeta Paixao
Co-Authors: Carlos R Azzoni, Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
Supply and Use Tables at the Municipal Level for Prospecting Electricity Markets PDF Paper
301 Author: Keisuke Nansai
Co-Authors: Kenichi NAKAJIMA, Sangwon Suh, Shigemi Kagawa, Yasushi Kondo, Yosuke Shigetomi
Supply security footprints on critical metals with a global link input-output model (for special session on MFA & IO modelling) PDF  
302 Author: Ritu Sharma
Co-Authors: Shri Prakash
Sustainable Growth of Production and Consumption in India? PDF  
303 Author: Maria Teresa Alvarez-Martinez
Taxing Diamonds to Reduce Unemployment in Namibia: Would it Work? PDF Paper
304 Author: Barun Deb Pal
Technology transfer, economic development and carbon emissions – an Input-Output analysis for India PDF Paper
305 Author: Jorge Enrique Zafrilla
Co-Authors: David Soto-González, Luis A. Lopez
Technology-based criterion to share environmental responsibility PDF Paper
306 Author: An Vercalsteren
Co-Authors: Ann Van der Linden, Jorrit Leijting, Katrien Boonen, Luc Bierque, Theo Geerken
The added value of combining a bottom up with a top down approach for assessing the environmental impact in a specific context such as space missions PDF  
307 Author: Hongfu Ni
Co-Authors: SHiyun Zhang, YI Zheng
The Analysis of Relationship among Producer Service, Manufacture and Trade——Based on Chinese the provincial input-output tables of China. PDF Paper
308 Author: Aleix Altimiras-Martin
The analytical complementarity of input- and output-driven models: theory and practice PDF  
309 Author: David B. Wasshausen
Co-Authors: Paul Vincent Kern, Steven L Zemanek
The Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account PDF Paper
310 Author: Quanrun Chen
The Average Propagation Length: An Extended Analysis PDF Paper
311 Author: Raymond Mi
312 Author: Lesley Potters
Co-Authors: d'Artis Kancs, Francesco Di Comite, Mark Thissen
The construction of regional SAMs for the RHOMOLO model PDF Paper
313 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Pieter IJtsma
The Death of the Distance Puzzle PDF  
314 Author: Peter Treharne Bradley
The development of commercial local area resource and emissions modelling for the food retail sector PDF  
315 Author: Christina Prell
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng, Laixiang Sun
The Economic Gains and Environmental Losses of US Consumption: A Social Network and Input-Output Approach PDF  
316 Author: Esteban Fernandez Vazquez
Co-Authors: Carmen Ramos
The economic impact of the artisanal fishing fleet: an application of input-output analysis for the case of Asturias (Spain) PDF  
317 Author: Laura García de la Fuente
Co-Authors: Carmen Ramos, Esteban Fernandez Vazquez
The economic impact of the artisanal fishing fleet: an application of input-output analysis for the case of Asturias (Spain) PDF  
318 Author: Christian John Reynolds
Co-Authors: Beatriz Reutter, John Boland, Julia Piantadosi, Steven Kenway
The economic value and environmental impacts of food waste in Australia PDF  
319 Author: Elco Eduard Koks
The economic-wide consequences of large-scale floods. An application of a European interregional input-output model PDF Paper
320 Author: Hadi Mousavi-Nik
Co-Authors: Fatemeh Azizkhani, Mohamadreza Abdolahi, Sholeh Bagheri Pormehr
The effect of cash subsidies removal of three household deciles on income distribution and production in Iran PDF Paper
321 Author: Wolfgang Koller
The effects of a production disruption in a linear programming input-output model PDF Paper
322 Author: Shunsuke Mori
The Effects of Sectoral and Regional Partial Participation of Global Warming Mitigation Coalitions based on Multiregional and Multisectoral Dynamic Energy Economic Model THERESIA PDF Paper
323 Author: Maksud Bekchanov
The Effects of Technological Change in Agriculture on Tropical Deforestation: An Economy-wide Analysis of Brazil PDF Paper
324 Author: Raul Peon
Co-Authors: Rafael César Bouchain
The electronic, computer and telecommunication sector in the input-output matrix for 2003, 2008. A network approach. PDF Paper
325 Author: Ricardo Luis Lopes
Co-Authors: Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto
The energy consumption and the CO2 emissions in different income class in Sao Paulo state and rest of Brazil: The IRIO approach PDF Paper
326 Author: João Carlos Lopes
Co-Authors: João Ferreira do Amaral
The Euro Area north-south structural economic divide: an input-output perspective PDF Paper
328 Author: Yaxiong Zhang
The Impact Analysis of TTIP on BRICs—based on dynamic GTAP model considering GVC PDF  
329 Author: Cai Song Feng
Co-Authors: Yaxiong Zhang
The Impact Analysis of TTIP on BRICs—based on dynamic GTAP model considering GVC PDF  
330 Author: Tian Kai Lan
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang
The impact of antidumping on value-added generated by trade PDF Paper
331 Author: Anda Nugroho
Co-Authors: Hidayat Amir
The Impact of Connectivity Infrastructure Development in Indonesia PDF  
332 Author: Vahid Taghinezhad Omran
Co-Authors: Nooraddin Sharify, Tahereh Valinejad Ahangaree
The Impact of Exchange Rate on Exports Goods Price Indices in Iran PDF  
333 Author: Maria C. Latorre
Co-Authors: Nobuhiro Hosoe
The impact of FDI between Japan and China: A dynamic multi-regional general equilibrium analysis PDF Paper
334 Author: Martha Gabriela Alatriste Contreras
The Impact of Final Demand and Technology Shocks on the French Input-output Network PDF Paper
335 Author: María del Carmen Delgado López
Co-Authors: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
The Impact of Population Ageing on Spanish Pension System: An approach PDF  
336 Author: Michiya Nozaki
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven
The impact of production and infrastructure shocks to the Japanese inter-regional economy: A non-linear input-output programming approach PDF Paper
337 Author: Carmela Squarcio
Co-Authors: Sandra Maresca
The Italian experience for estimating a regional production table. PDF Paper
338 Author: Giorgio Garau
Co-Authors: Giovanni Mandras, Patrizio Lecca
The long-run performance of R&D investment in a small open regional economy PDF  
339 Author: Itzel Guadalupe Vázquez López
Co-Authors: Leobardo Enriquez Hernandez, Victor Antonio Romero Ramirez
The new struture of international trade: the participation and position of countries in global value chains. PDF Paper
340 Author: Gaaitzen de Vries
Co-Authors: Marcel Timmer, Robert Stehrer
The Offshoring of Business Functions in Global Supply Chains: Implications for Incomes and Jobs PDF  
341 Author: Hubert Escaith
The Policy Space Dimentions of Trade in Value-Added PDF Paper
342 Author: Devrim Murat Yazan
Co-Authors: Giorgio Garau, Giovanni Mandras
The role of bio-product supply chains in regional bio-economy: A sustainability analysis with input-output modelling PDF  
343 Author: Haiyan Zhang
Co-Authors: Michael L Lahr
The role of income in household energy consumption patterns in China PDF  
344 Author: Lianling Yang
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang
The role of inward FDI to service industry in China PDF  
345 Author: Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas
Co-Authors: Yunhee KIM
The Role of Services for Competitiveness in Manufacturing PDF Paper
346 Author: Pedro Gomez
Co-Authors: Rafael César Bouchain
The role of the Electronic, Computer and Communications sectors in the Sonora economic regional structure. PDF  
347 Author: José Orlando Venegas
The SAM as a tool of economic data base architectural design. The case of Chile: 2008-2011 PDF Paper
348 Author: Dorothee Rouzet
The snowball effect of trade liberalization in global value chains: From upstream tariff removals to downstream productivity gains PDF Paper
349 Author: Tommaso Di Fonzo
Co-Authors: Baoline Chen, Marco Marini
The Statistical Reconciliation of Time Series of Accounts after a Benchmark Revision PDF Paper
350 Author: Sai Liang
Co-Authors: Ming Xu
The structure of global virtual water trade network PDF  
351 Author: Ronald L Horst
Co-Authors: Douglas Shannon Meade, Douglas E Nyhus, Jeffrey F Werling
The Supply Side of Health Care PDF Paper
352 Author: Kate Scott
Co-Authors: John Barrett
The UK Emergency Carbon Plan PDF  
353 Author: Karim Monem
Co-Authors: Christian Lager
The use of centre-coefficients in io-modeling PDF  
354 Author: Elisabeth Valle
Co-Authors: Clemente Andrés Polo
Tourism interactions and redistribution effects in the Balearic Islands: A SAM analysis PDF Paper
355 Author: Ignacio Cazcarro
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa Duarte
Tracking Footprints at the micro and meso scale: An application to the Spanish tourism by regions and municipalities PDF Paper
356 Author: Isabelle Rémond-Tiedrez
Co-Authors: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Antonio F. Amores, Anne Foltete
Trade asymmetries reconciliation in European supply, use and input-output tables PDF Paper
357 Author: Yuan Zi
Trade Costs, Global Value Chains and Economic Development PDF Paper
358 Author: Yuan Zi
Trade Costs, Global Value Chains and Economic Development PDF  
359 Author: Maarten Christis
Co-Authors: An Vercalsteren, Theo Geerken
Trade in Value Added - Linking the Flemish regional EE-IO tables with (EE-)MRIO tables PDF  
360 Author: Arnold Tukker
Trade reconciliation in MR EE IO – the approaches in EXIOPOL and CREEA PDF  
361 Author: Paul J J Veenendaal
Trade Redirection in Global Supply Chains PDF  
362 Author: Satoshi Inomata
Co-Authors: Bo Meng
Transnational Interregional Input-Output Analysis: from the perspective of Japan PDF  
363 Author: Yaxiong Zhang
Co-Authors: Jianqin Yuan
Transnational Interregional Input-Output Analysis: from the perspective of the People's Republic of China PDF  
364 Author: Jihyeon LEE
Co-Authors: Wooki Lee
Transnational Interregional Input-Output Analysis: from the perspective of the Republic of Korea PDF  
365 Author: Arunima Malik
Co-Authors: Arne Geschke, Manfred Lenzen
Triple bottom line study of a biofuel feedstock industry PDF  
366 Author: Zlatina Balabanova
Co-Authors: Ilja Kristian Kavonius
Two aspects to the economic growth: a SUT based attribution method and net export method PDF Paper
367 Author: Kate Scott
Co-Authors: John Barrett
UK consumption-based emission reduction targets PDF Paper
368 Author: Jan Oosterhaven
University of Groningen (Netherlands) PDF  
369 Author: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Updating Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables from the perspective of the revised UN Handbook of IO Analysis and Compilation PDF  
370 Author: David Duane Kay
Co-Authors: Greg Alward, Philip Watson, Stephen Cooke
Using gross and base measures of output to explore the relationship between export expansion and import substitution. PDF Paper
371 Author: Robin Frost
Co-Authors: Mike Berners-Lee, Nick Hewitt
Using supplier reported emissions information to enhance an EEIO model to estimate the GHG emissions of businesses PDF Paper
372 Author: David Ricardo Bullon
Co-Authors: Bo Meng, Gabriela Saborio, Natalia Sánchez, Satoshi Inomata, Tayutic Mena Retana
Using the Input-Output Approach to Measure Participation in GVCs: The Case of Costa Rica PDF Paper
373 Author: Mark Thissen
Value Added regional growth decomposition: structural and demand-led regional economic growth PDF Paper
374 Author: Cinthia Márquez-Moranchel
Co-Authors: Roberto Carlos Orozco-Morales
Vertical specialization: the comparison of Mexico and China economies from the Input-Output perspective PDF Paper
375 Author: LUIS ORTEGA
376 Author: Yasushi Kondo
Visualizing Core Structure of International Carbon Network Associated with Household Consumption PDF  
377 Author: Christian Lager
Wage as rent: A classical model with some neoclassical features PDF  
Water and carbon nexus in China's Electricity Production and Distribution Sector PDF  
379 Author: Liyang Wan
Water energy nexus under globalization with the implications of trade policy PDF Paper
380 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty
Water pollution and Green GDP in India PDF  
381 Author: Andre Carrascal
Co-Authors: Melchor Fernandez
Welfare effects of tourism consumption: A CGE model for the Galician economy PDF Paper
382 Author: Ignacio Cazcarro
Co-Authors: Faye Duchin
World Trade Model for freshwater fish and water type change scenarios PDF  
383 Author: Jun Lan
Worldwide Spatial and Temporal Structural Decomposition Analysis of Energy Consumption PDF  
384 Author: Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Yeasty vs. mushroom-like patterns of hyper-integrated productivity growth: An analysis of six advanced industrial economies PDF Paper