23rd International Input-Output Conference
& 5th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
22-26 June 2015, Mexico, Mexico City


Call for papers

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA), the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) join forces to request your attendance at the 23rd International Input-Output Conference. The conference promotes and stimulates worldwide exchange of ideas among economists, government officials, policy makers, engineers, statisticians, and managers with interests in interindustry analysis. The International School of Input-Output Analysis precedes the conference on June 22. The conference sessions will take place at UNAM’s Economics Graduate Studies Building.

Submission of Abstracts

Individual Submissions


Most papers at International I-O Conferences are submitted individually, and the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee compiles sessions based on abstract content and the topic of the paper authors have affiliated with the paper. Abstracts for individual papers must be submitted by March 2, 2015, through the IIOA’s conference software system, COPASS. Contact information must be submitted. COPASS system asks for authors’ names, institutional affiliation(s), the paper title, and an abstract of the presentation (5,000 characters or less) and for the submitter to assign a topic to their paper among those on the list provided. No individual may present more than two papers at this conference, but may be included as a co-author on any number of submitted papers.

Individual abstract submissions are reviewed by the members of the Scientific Program Committee before they are accepted for presentation at the conference. Notification of abstract acceptance is slated for March 9, 2015. Acceptance of an abstract for presentation at the conference does not guarantee inclusion in the conference program; submission of a completed paper does.

Planned/Organized Sessions


We strongly encourage proposals for sets of thematic sessions. As soon as possible, please send the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee, Michael Lahr lahr@rutgers.edu, an e-mail that includes the name(s) of the organizer(s); an abstract that describes the theme/objectives, the names and institutional affiliations of the session chair(s) and presenters. All materials for such sessions, including abstracts of all papers to be included, must be submitted by March 13, 2015. Even papers in organized sessions must have papers completed if they are to be included in the final program.

Submission of Full Papers


Papers must contain more than 2,000 words to be considered a full paper by COPASS https://copass.iioa.org. The paper must be submitted in PDF format. To secure a spot on the final program, a completed electronic version of the paper must be submitted to COPASS no later than April 17, 2015. Authors of accepted papers who have not registered for the conference before June 8, 2015, should expect their paper will be removed from the final program.


Registration for the conference opens on February 16, 2015. Early registration with lower rates ends on April 17, 2015. No new papers will be accepted for presentation after April 17, 2015. After this date only co-authors of already registered and accepted papers and other participants without presentations will be allowed to register. Conference fees are nonrefundable. Online registration shall end on June 8, 2015. Registration will be available onsite.

The following is a list of the registration fees in US Dollars that will be in effect for this conference:

IIOA Membership Status

Payment before April 17

Payment after April 17

IIOA Members



Non-IIOA members (OECD nations)



IIOA Member student



Non-IIOA Members (non-OECD nations)



Accompanying persons



Travel Grants


The IIOA has limited funds to encourage young experts from non-OECD member countries to attend the conference. As many as ten awards in amounts of up to US $2,500 each are available. Applicants must be IIOA members born after 1974. They must also present an unpublished paper and may have not received travel grants for attending any of the three previous International I-O Conferences. The Travel Grant Committee of the IIOA will verify applicant qualifications and bestow the award to those qualified applicants with the most promising papers. Travel grant applicants must submit their full paper to both the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee and the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee by March 13, 2015.

Leontief Memorial Prize

The IIOA is pleased to announce a Leontief Memorial Prize 2014 for the best conference paper of young authors (born after 1974, unpublished work, work combining theory and application) of the forthcoming International Input-Output Conference in Lisbon. All co-authors must meet the “young author” requirements. The Leontief Memorial Prize Committee of the IIOA will verify applicant qualifications and select the winning paper, which will be published in Economic Systems Research. Authors who want to compete for the 2014 Leontief Memorial Prize should submit their full paper to the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee and the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee by March 13, 2015.