23rd International Input-Output Conference
& 5th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
22-26 June 2015, Mexico, Mexico City


The conference

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Overview of important dates

Call for papers / Abstract submission begins January 9, 2015
Registration opens February 16, 2015
Last date for submission of abstracts March 16, 2015
Notification of acceptance March, 9 2015
Final date for organized session proposals March 13, 2015
Submission for the Leontief Memorial Prize March 13, 2015
Travel grants application March 13, 2015
Early registration ends April 17, 2015
Submission of full papers April 17, 2015
Online registration ends June 8, 2015
International School of Input-Output Analysis June 22, 2015
Conference June 23-26, 2015


1. Development of Input-Output Benchmark Accounts and Statistics
2. Approaches for Developing Satellite Accounts (tourism, sports, and environment)
3. Development of International Input-Output and Supply-Use models
4. Estimating Annual, Regional, and Multiregional Input-Output Accounts
5. World Input-Output Modeling and Related Databases
6. Estimating, Measuring, and Balancing International Trade
7. Analysis of Vertical Specialization and Outsourcing
8. Analysis of Productivity and Efficiency
9. Investigations into Economic Structural Change and Dynamics
10. Systems Econometric Time-Series Modeling
11. Computable General Equilibrium Modeling and Social Accounting Matrices
12. Conjoined Modeling Approaches using Input-Output Tables
13. Life-cycle Assessment using Input-Output Tables
14. Industrial Ecology using Physical and Monetary Input-Output Tables
15. Environmental Input-Output Modeling
16. Energy Input-Output Modeling
17. Transportation Input-Output Modeling
18. Analysis of Sustainable Production and Consumption
19. Physical and Hybrid Input-Output Tables
20. Examinations of the Input-Output Price Model
21. Dynamic Input-Output Modeling and Analyses of Capital Formation
22. Investigations into Classical Input-Output Applications
23. Cross-National Investigations of Industrial Economics
24. Representations/Analyses of the Firm in an Input-Output Context
25. Extensions in Multiplier and Linkage Analysis
26. Techniques for Identifying Important I-O Coefficients and Sectors
27. Mathematical Treatments of Input-Output Relationships
28. Examinations of Mathematical Properties of Input-Output Tables
29. Relating Input-Output Techniques and Network Theory
30. Impact Analysis of Disaster Scenarios
31. Input-Output-based Policy Analysis

Program Committee

Michael L. Lahr, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Chair of the Program Committee

María Teresa Álvarez-Martínez, IPTS, European Commission
Patricio Aroca, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Fidel Aroche Reyes, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Normand Asuad Sanén, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Maaike Bouwmeester, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Erik Dietzenbacher, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Rosa Duarte, Universidad de Zaragoza
Esteban Fernandez, Universidad de Oviedo
Dabo Guan, University of East Anglia / University of Cambridge
Ana-Isabel Guerra, Universidad de Granada
Joaquim Guilhoto, Universidade de São Paulo
Jeimin Guo, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Eduardo Haddad, Universidade de São Paulo
Rutger Hoekstra, Statistics Netherlands
Satoshi Inomata, Institute of Developing Economies
Randall Jackson, West Virginia University
Peter Rørmose Jensen, Statistics Denmark
Shigemi Kagawa, Kitakyushu University
Erwin Kolleritsch, Statistik Austria
Doug Meade, INFORUM/University of Maryland
Bo Meng, Institute of Developing Economies
Rajas Parchure, Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics
Rosita Pretaroli, Università degli Studi di Macerata
Adam Rose, University of Southern California
Gülay Günlük Senesen, Istanbul Üniversitesi
Evgenia Shumlikina, The World Bank
Horacio Sobarzo Fimbres, IT&ES de Monterrey / El Colegio de México
Sangwon Suh, University of California, Santa Barbara
Umed Temurshoev, IPTS, European Commission
Kirstin Wiebe, Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung
Cuihong Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences