23rd International Input-Output Conference
& 5th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
22-26 June 2015, Mexico, Mexico City


Keynote Speakers

Professor Jaime Ros Bosch

Professor Jaime Ros Bosch is a development economist whose work focuses on Latin America and often Mexico in particular. He is a full professor of Economics at UNAM and a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. A graduate of Cambridge University, Ros Bosch published a book through Oxford University Press last year entitled Rethinking Economic Development, Growth, and Institutions. His recent piece in Journal of Globalization and Development "Latin America's Trade and Growth Patterns, the China Factor, and Prebisch's Nightmare" and a short essay in Spanish Algunas tesis equivocadas sobre el estancamiento económico de México have been hotly debated and discussed in Mexican academic and governmental circles.   

Professor José Antonio Ocampo

   Professor Ocampo of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs is Chair of the Committee for Development Policy of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Among several academic distinctions, he has won the Leontief Prize from Tufts University's Global Development and Environment Institute--a prize awarded for scholarship that has advanced the frontiers of economic thought. Ocampo has published extensively on macroeconomic theory and policy, international financial issues, economic and social development, international trade, and Latin American economic history with a focus on his home country of Colombia. He has occupied several positions at the United Nations, including UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, and Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Ocampo has also been the Minister of Finance, Planning and Agriculture of Colombia and as well as a candidate for President of the World Bank.

Hubert Escaith, Chief Statistician of the World Trade Organization

Hubert Escaith joined the World Trade Organization in 2006 as Chief Statistician. He is also a Research Fellow at GREQAM/DEFI a research centre dealing with Development Economics and International Finance at Aix-Marseille University, France.

He started his career in the academia, as a researcher for the "Centre de Recherche Economique et Statistique" at France's Toulouse University (now 'Groupe de Recherche en Economie Mathématique et Quantitative' GREMAQ). He joined the United Nations in 1982 as an economist; his first international posting was in Baghdad (Iraq) where he dealt with agricultural development and food security in the Middle East region. He moved to Latin America and the Caribbean in 1988, first in Mexico, then in Chile, where he held various positions related to macroeconomics, trade, economic development, and statistical analysis. His last post with the UN was of Director of the Division of Statistics and Economic Modelling at ECLAC (Santiago, Chile).

Hubert holds a Master in economics and econometrics from Aix-Marseille University (F), a doctorate in Mathematics Applied to Economics from the University of Toulouse (F) and a Master Degree from ESSEC Business School (Paris-Cergy, F).