24th International Input-Output Conference
& 6th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
4-8 July 2016, Korea, Seoul


Abstracts and Papers

In total, 280 abstracts and 97 full papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstract Full Paper
1 Author: Kayoko SHIRONITTA
Co-Authors: Shigemi Kagawa, Keisuke NANSAI, Sangwon SUH
A Cross-country Analysis of Material and Energy Implications of Structural Change PDF  
2 Author: Satoshi TSUCHIYA
Co-Authors: Hirokazu Tatano
A Framework of Economic Loss Estimation due to Transportation Network Disruptions PDF  
3 Author: Michael C. HUANG
Co-Authors: Damaru Ballabha Paudel
A General Equilibrium Approach to Nepal Earthquake Recovery Policy with Renewable Energy Implementation PDF  
A Generalized Cross Entropy formulation for matrix balancing with both positive and negative entries PDF Paper
5 Author: Yanyan XIAO
Co-Authors: Arne GESCHKE, Muhammad Daaniyall ABD RAHMAN, Keiichiro Kanemoto, Manfred LENZEN
A global MRIO Lab – overview of concepts and architecture PDF  
6 Author: Michiya NOZAKI
A Hypothetical Supply Chain with the Disruption of Production Shock: From HEM to Hypothetical APL PDF Paper
7 Author: Takashi YANO
Co-Authors: Tsubasa Shibata
A Local-Currency-Based Multi-Sectoral Model for Global Economic Analysis: The Data and Structure PDF  
8 Author: Xiuli LIU
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
A method to identify key sectors and their feedback loops for a certain industry in one economy and its application in the evaluation of the role of real estate industry in Chicago PDF Paper
9 Author: Futu FATURAY
A New Subnational MRIO Table for Indonesia PDF  
10 Author: Zhengxi ZHENG
Co-Authors: Mingfang ZHANG, Ning CHANG
A Quantitative Study on the Problem of Aggregation Bias in Input-Output Model PDF  
A quantity output-driven model with heterogeneous intermediate and final outputs PDF Paper
12 Author: Sai LIANG
Co-Authors: Sai LIANG, Shen Qu, Hongxia Wang, Ming Xu
A Quasi-Input-Output model to evaluate emission factors of purchased electricity from interconnected grids PDF  
13 Author: Yang XIA
A Review Assessment of Health and Economic Impacts of Global Heat Waves PDF  
14 Author: Alfredo J. MAINAR CAUSAPÉ
Co-Authors: Patricia D. FUENTES SAGUAR
A Social Accounting Matrix model approach to appraise sectors with a zero deficit public budget PDF  
15 Author: Wen-huei CHANG
Co-Authors: Ed Mahoney, Yue Cui
A Web-Based Regional Economic Simulation Tool for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Program PDF Paper
16 Author: Chakrin UTIT
Co-Authors: M. Yusof SAARI, Nur adilah HAMID
Accounting for dualistic production technologies in input-output analysis PDF Paper
17 Author: Mathilde PAK
Co-Authors: Aurélien POISSONNIER
Accounting for technology, trade and final consumption in employment: an Input-Output decomposition PDF Paper
18 Author: Ganesh Kumar ANAND
Co-Authors: Runu Bhakta
Adult education, labour market outcomes and income distribution in India: An Analysis using a CGE model PDF  
19 Author: Mythili GURUMURTHY
Alternative Growth Scenario and Nutritional Outcome using Recursive Dynamics CGE Approach : A Study of India PDF  
20 Author: Yoo-kyung YANG
Co-Authors: Jong-soo LIM, Yong Gun Kim
An analysis on Relation between Consumption Based Emissions and Tax PDF  
21 Author: Kiyoshi FUJIKAWA
Co-Authors: Bawoo Kim
An empirical study on the trade network between Korea and Japan PDF  
22 Author: Surabhi R. JOSHI
Co-Authors: Sangeeta Khorana
An Evaluation of Public Procurement Import Penetration: Liberalisation Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements for South Korea PDF  
23 Author: Jiemin GUO
Co-Authors: Erich H STRASSNER
An Input-Output Analysis of the U.S. Economy Over the Last Seven Decades PDF  
24 Author: Thomas O. WIEDMANN
An Input-Output Virtual Laboratory in practice – Development, uptake, application and impact of the first operational IELab PDF Paper
25 Author: Alfredo J. MAINAR CAUSAPÉ
Co-Authors: Pierre BOULANGER, Hasan DUDU, Emanuele FERRARI
Analysis of a developing economy using linear multi-sectorial models based on a home production for home consumption Social Accounting Matrix: the Kenya case PDF  
26 Author: Qian ZHANG
Co-Authors: Jun NAKATANI, Yuichi MORIGUCHI
Analysis of CO2 emissions embodied in the urban water use in China PDF Paper
27 Author: Bertram F. DE BOER
Co-Authors: Arnold Tukker, Joao Rodrigues
Analyzing hotspots in environmental pressures of Swedish consumption using the Environmentally Extended Input Output database EXIOBASE 3.0 PDF  
28 Author: Kiho JEONG
Co-Authors: Seongyoon HWANG, Dongsu LEE
Analyzing Important Elasticity Parameters of a Korean CGE Model PDF  
29 Author: Shohei TOKITO
Co-Authors: Shigemi Kagawa
Analyzing Structural Changes in the CO2 Emission Clusters within Global Supply Chain Networks PDF  
30 Author: Hao-chuan YANG
Co-Authors: An-yi CHIN
Applying Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis to Evaluate the Impact of Indirect Energy Consumption on Energy Security PDF  
31 Author: Ali A. Banouei
Co-Authors: narges sadeghi, parisa mohajeri, Sharareh Kavoosi
Assessing the Accuracies of the Modified FLQ visa-viz CHARM in Generating RIOTs: Case Study of Gilan Province, Iran PDF Paper
32 Author: Ana SERRANO
Co-Authors: Rosa DUARTE
Assessing the drivers of CO2 emissions: An hybrid MRIO-panel data analysis PDF  
33 Author: M. Yusof SAARI
Assessing the economic impacts of nuclear energy in Malaysia PDF Paper
34 Author: Fatemeh BAZZAZAN
Co-Authors: atefe farahani
Assessing the importance of international tourism for the Iran economy: A social accounting matrix approach PDF  
35 Author: An-yi CHIN
Co-Authors: Hao-chuan YANG
Assessment of CO2 Emissions Change in Eastern Asia: A Multi-Regional Structural Decomposition Approach PDF  
36 Author: Huey-Lin LEE
Co-Authors: Anindita GANDHI
Balancing Economic and Environmental Goals for Sustainable Development: An Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis of India PDF  
37 Author: Kristinn HERMANNSSON
Beyond Intermediates: The Role of Consumption and Commuting in the Construction of Local Input-Output Tables PDF Paper
38 Author: Arunima MALIK
Co-Authors: Arne GESCHKE, Manfred LENZEN
Biofuel Assessments in the Australian IELab PDF  
39 Author: Martín Carlos PUCHET ANYUL
Co-Authors: Kaio Vital, marta reis castilho
Brazil and Mexico: Relative advantages of the trade with Asia vis a vis those with MERCOSUR and NAFTA PDF  
40 Author: Kenia B. DE SOUZA
Co-Authors: Luiz Carlos Santana Ribeiro, Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
Brazilian greenhouse gas emission reductions as an optimization problem: when the government chooses policy design PDF Paper
41 Author: Joaquim J.M. GUILHOTO
Co-Authors: Denise IMORI, Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
Brazilian States in Global Value Chains: Spatial Production Systems Interpreted by Feedback Loop Analysis PDF Paper
42 Author: Arne KÄTELHÖN
Co-Authors: Matthias LAMPE, Björn BAHL, André BARDOW, Sangwon SUH
Bridging Input-Output Analysis and Computable General Equilibrium modeling for Consequential LCA: Rectangular Choice-of-Technology model with price-elastic demand PDF  
43 Author: Jin FAN
Can the Value-Added-Rate Reflect the Quality of Economic Growth? PDF Paper
44 Author: Radhika PIPLANI
Carbon Footprints and Household Consumption Pattern in India: A SAM Based Analysis PDF Paper
45 Author: Jingyu LIU
Carbon Tax Policy under Renminbi Appreciation: a Financial CGE Model Analysis PDF  
46 Author: Yousaf ALI
Carbon, Water and Land use accounting: Consumption vs Production perspectives PDF  
47 Author: Carolina T. BALTAR
Changes in the Brazilian Productive Structure and Economic Growth During the Great Recession PDF Paper
48 Author: Xinding YU
Co-Authors: Zhi Wang, Shang-jin WEI, Kunfu ZHU
Characterizing Global and Regional Value Chains PDF  
49 Author: Yuanchun ZHOU
China's energy-water nexus: Spillover effect of energy and water policy PDF  
50 Author: Qiaoling LIU
China’s virtual SO2 emission transfer embodied in interprovincial trade: a multiregional input-output analysis PDF  
51 Author: Sai LIANG
Co-Authors: Xiaoping Jia, Shen Qu, Anthony shun Fung Chiu, Ming Xu
Chinese Environmentally Extended Input-Output (CEEIO) Database PDF  
52 Author: Gaëlle LE TREUT
Climate policy design to preserve the competitiveness of the French industry with hybrid input-output tables PDF Paper
53 Author: Jianqin YUAN
Co-Authors: Yaxiong ZHANG
Comparative Study of Economic Structural Change and Growth Impetus —Based on 2007 and 2012 China input-output table PDF  
54 Author: Ya-yen SUN
Comparing the tourism carbon footprint performance between Taiwan and Japan PDF Paper
55 Author: Youngho LEE
Compilation and Analysis of Input-Output Table for Korean Kimchi and its Related Commodities PDF  
56 Author: Youngho LEE
Compilation and Analysis of Korean SME's Input-Output Table PDF  
57 Author: Sanjiv MAHAJAN
Compilation of SUTs as an integral part of the National Accounts in the United Nations Handbook PDF  
58 Author: Cuihong YANG
Co-Authors: Rui WEI, Kunfu ZHU
Compiling SUTs with firm heterogeneity: methods and challenges for the case of China PDF  
59 Author: Marcel VAILLANT
Co-Authors: Enrique GILLES
Complementarity, sustituibility and rivality in trade between South East Asian and Latin-American countries PDF  
60 Author: Anushree SINHA
Conceptualizing Gender CGEs with Intra-Household Bargaining PDF  
61 Author: Jacob FRY
Co-Authors: James West, Manfred LENZEN, Timothy M Baynes
Constructing a time-series of physical input-output tables for Australia using RAS PDF  
62 Author: Euijune KIM
Co-Authors: Yasir N. SAMUDRO
Contribution of Fiscal and Financial Options of Infrastructure Development on Income Distribution and Growth in Indonesia: an Application of Financial CGE Model PDF  
63 Author: Shri PRAKASH
Co-Authors: Sudhi Sharma
Convergence of Demand Pull into Cost Push Inflation in Indian Economy PDF Paper
64 Author: Maria Teresa ALVAREZ-MARTINEZ
Co-Authors: Dimitrios Pontikakis, Jonathan Pycroft, Maria Gesualdo
Corporate income tax reform in the EU PDF  
65 Author: Miran JANG
Correlation Analysis between Embodies Emissions and Revealed Comparative Advantage(RCA) PDF  
66 Author: Hyok Jung KIM
Co-Authors: Jinmyon LEE
Cost Structure Comparison of Korea and Japan using Input-Output Tables PDF  
67 Author: K. Ali AKKEMIK
Cost-push Inflation in Turkey: An Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
68 Author: Kirill MURADOV
Counting borders in global value chains PDF Paper
69 Author: Anthony T. FLEGG
Co-Authors: Yongming HUANG, Timo TOHMO
Cross-Hauling and Regional Input-Output Tables: Can CHARM Make Adequate Adjustments for Cross-Hauling? PDF Paper
70 Author: Taiji HAGIWARA
Decomposition of Average Propagation Length PDF Paper
71 Author: Masaaki KUBONIWA
Decomposition of gross exports into value-added exports at the bilateral level: an alternative gross exports accounting system PDF  
72 Author: Richard WOOD
Co-Authors: Arnold Tukker, Konstantin STADLER
Decoupling consumption from our environmental pressures and impacts - a global Multi-Regional analysis with EXIOBASE PDF  
73 Author: Akiko Nakajima
Determination of relative prices PDF  
74 Author: Mitsuo YAMADA
Co-Authors: Zaizhe Wang, Kozo Miyagawa
Development and Challenge of the Japan-Korea-China International Input-Output Table PDF Paper
75 Author: Isabelle REMOND-TIEDREZ
Co-Authors: Antonio F. AMORES, José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE
Development of a quality adjusted labour productivity index in the European Union – Example of the employment embodied in European exports PDF  
76 Author: Hajime OHNO
Co-Authors: Philip NUSS, Thomas Graedel, Wei-Qiang CHEN
Development of Inter-industrial Metal Network with Input-Output based Material Flow Analysis PDF  
77 Author: Yasuhide OKUYAMA
Disaster Impact Analysis: Environmental Considerations? PDF  
78 Author: Norihiko YAMANO
Co-Authors: Peter Horvát
Divergent and Convergent Evolutions of Jobs and Value Added Contents in International Trade PDF  
79 Author: Ivan DESEATNICOV
Co-Authors: Koji ITO, Kyoji Fukao
Do Exporters' and Non-exporters' Factor Inputs Differ? -- A Study Based on Employer-Employee Matched Data for Japan. PDF Paper
80 Author: Nur adilah HAMID
Co-Authors: M. Yusof SAARI, Azman HASSAN, Chakrin UTIT
Drivers of the Malaysian economy under dualistic trade structures PDF Paper
81 Author: Yuwan DUAN
Co-Authors: Xuemei Jiang
Dynamics of China’s pollution terms of trade and their determinants PDF  
82 Author: Kiyoshi FUJIKAWA
Co-Authors: Mariko Makita
Economic effects of Japanese pickles industry PDF Paper
83 Author: Masato YAMAZAKI
Co-Authors: Atsushi KOIKE, Hirokazu Tatano, Yoshinori SONE
Economic Impact Analysis of Natural Disasters: CGE Modeling Approach PDF  
84 Author: Pilar CAMPOY-MUÑOZ
Co-Authors: Manuel A. CARDENETE, María C. Delgado
Economic impact assessment of food waste on European countries throughout Social Accounting Matrices PDF Paper
85 Author: Cristina VAZQUEZ
Co-Authors: Normand E ASUAD, Krista Zafra
Economic interaction, productive chains and formation of manufacturing clusters in the functional economic North Central region of Mexico: a case of regional input-output from the bottom-up approach PDF Paper
86 Author: Yoshihiro HASHIGUCHI
Co-Authors: Colin WEBB, Norihiko YAMANO
Economic Shocks and Changes in Global Production Structure: Evidence from Annual Inter Country Input-Output Tables for 1995-2011 PDF  
87 Author: Chandrima SIKDAR
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Economy wide impact of TPP: New Challenges to China PDF  
88 Author: Bingqian YAN
Emissions in exports versus emissions replaced by imports: testing the testing of hypotheses PDF  
89 Author: Yan XIA
Emissions trading in China: a partial transmission and indirect emissions input-output analysis PDF  
90 Author: Anjali TANDON
Co-Authors: Shahid Ahmed
Energy Balance in India's International Trade: An Input-Output Based Analysis PDF  
91 Author: Carl-Johan H. SÖDERSTEN
Co-Authors: Edgar G. Hertwich, Richard WOOD
Environmental impacts of capital formation PDF Paper
92 Author: Jihoon MIN
Co-Authors: Narasimha Desirazu Rao
Estimating household energy intensities with uncertainty: The cases of France and India PDF  
93 Author: Alsu SAYAPOVA
Co-Authors: Alexander Shirov, Nikita Vasilyevich NEZHELSKIY
Estimating the Technological Factor’s Contribution in Economic Dynamics PDF Paper
94 Author: Johannes BROECKER
Co-Authors: Johannes BURMEISTER
Estimating Trade in a Regional Input-Output Table PDF  
95 Author: Min-Kyu LEE
Co-Authors: Euijune KIM
Estimation of Dynamic Impact of Port Shutdown on Spatial Economies Using CGE Model with a Micro-Simulation Module of Seaport Activities PDF  
96 Author: Alexander O. BARANOV
Estimation of Government Spending Multipliers for Russian Economy PDF Paper
97 Author: José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE
Co-Authors: Isabelle REMOND-TIEDREZ
European Full International and Global Accounts for Research in Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
98 Author: Andrey POLBIN
Co-Authors: Oleg LUGOVOY, Vladimir POTASHNIKOV
Evaluating deep decarbonization impact on productivity and growth PDF  
99 Author: K. Ali AKKEMIK
Co-Authors: Erisa Dautaj Senerdem
Evaluation of the reform in Turkish electricity sector: A CGE Analysis PDF Paper
100 Author: Tharinya SUPASA
Co-Authors: Shih-mo LIN
Evidence of energy efficiency improvements in Thailand’s manufacturing and transport sectors using structural decomposition analysis PDF Paper
101 Author: Patricio AROCA
Co-Authors: Nicolas GARRIDO
Evolution and Impact on its economy of the Chilean trade with Asian countries. PDF  
102 Author: Konstantin STADLER
Co-Authors: Richard WOOD, Tatyana Bulavskaya, Carl-Johan H. SÖDERSTEN, Arjan de Koning, Arnold Tukker
EXIOBASE 3 - Compilation and analysis of an EE MRIO time-series in current and constant prices PDF  
103 Author: Stefano MERCIAI
Co-Authors: Jannick Schmidt
EXIOBASE 3 - Construction and analysis of the world physical IOT PDF Paper
104 Author: Kristinn HERMANNSSON
Expenditure and Displacement Impacts of Students' Consumption: Interregional Input-Output Analysis of a City-Region PDF Paper
105 Author: Karina GARDUÑO
Co-Authors: José M. SANCHEZ, Normand Asuad Sanen
Exploratory analysis of the use of a multi-regional Input-Output Matrix for the analysis of the main urban impacts of the new Mexico City International Airport. PDF Paper
106 Author: Faye DUCHIN
Exploring the Relations between Input-Output Models and Computable General Equilibrium Models PDF  
107 Author: Guangwu CHEN
Co-Authors: Thomas O. WIEDMANN, Yafei WANG
Exploring transnational city carbon footprint networks with the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory PDF  
108 Author: Jiemin GUO
Co-Authors: Erich H STRASSNER, James J Fetzer, Thomas F Howells, Zhi Wang
Extended Supply-Use Tables in Basic Prices with Firm Heterogeneity: A Proof of Concept for the United States PDF Paper
109 Author: Yafei WANG
Financial footprint of nations: A global analysis PDF  
110 Author: Irfan AHMED
Fiscal policy for low income households and public budget constraint in Italy PDF  
111 Author: Erika BURKOWSKI
Co-Authors: Jiyoung KIM
Flow-of-Funds Analysis in Brazil: Applying Input-Output Analysis Methods PDF Paper
112 Author: Haiyan Zhang
Co-Authors: Michael L LAHR
Food Choices, Health and Environment: Effects of the Dynamics of Chinese Diet PDF  
113 Author: Edwin L. LAI
Co-Authors: Han Steffan QI
Fragmentation, Global Trade and Domestic Value-Added Ratio PDF  
114 Author: Satoru HAGINO
Co-Authors: Maki TOKOYAMA
Gaps in imported intermediate ratio between exporting and non-exporting firms in Japan PDF  
115 Author: Vidas LEKAVICIUS
General Equilibrium Analysis of Energy Development Scenarios: the Case of Lithuania PDF  
116 Author: Tae-jin KIM
Co-Authors: Jungu KANG, Seung-jin SHIM
Generalized Global Unit Structures and Global Production/Value-added Networks: A World Input Output and Social Network Approach PDF  
117 Author: Sofía JIMÉNEZ
Co-Authors: Erik DIETZENBACHER, Rosa DUARTE, Julio Sánchez Chóliz
Geographical concentration of supply chains and its implication for economic growth. An input-output approach. PDF  
118 Author: ... absolutely secret until the day !!!
Geographical keyword: Europe PDF  
119 Author: ... absolutely secret until the day !!!
Geographical keyword: From Brazil via Congo to Outer Space PDF  
120 Author: ... absolutely secret until the day !!!
Geographical keyword: The U.S. PDF  
121 Author: ... absolutely secret until the day !!!
Geographical keyword: The World PDF  
122 Author: Kenia B. DE SOUZA
Co-Authors: Lucio Flavio da Silva Freitas, Luiz Carlos Santana Ribeiro, Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
GHG emissions' tax in Brazil using an input-output model PDF Paper
123 Author: Gerd AHLERT
Co-Authors: Mark Meyer, Martin Distelkamp
GINFORS (version 3): A global simulation model on the basis of WIOD and its application PDF  
124 Author: Harry C. WILTING
Co-Authors: Mark van Oorschot
Global biodiversity impacts of Dutch industries PDF  
125 Author: Yang FAN
Co-Authors: Lianling YANG
Good at goods, bad at services? The interaction between trade in goods and trade in services of China PDF Paper
126 Author: Surabhi R. JOSHI
Co-Authors: Pritee Sharma
Green energy & local economic development: Mapping impacts of solar scale up on Indian economy PDF  
127 Author: Gisalda C. FILGUEIRAS
Co-Authors: Denise IMORI, Joaquim J.M. GUILHOTO, Carlos R Azzoni
Greenhouse gas emissions by agriculture in the Brazilian amazon PDF Paper
128 Author: Chen LIN
Growth and structural change of the Chinese economy prior to reform PDF  
129 Author: Sofía JIMÉNEZ
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa DUARTE
Growth, R&D expenditure and spillover effects: An input-output approach. PDF Paper
130 Author: Davide RIGO
GVCs-Linked Spillovers and Development: Firm-Level Evidence PDF Paper
131 Author: Rudolfs BEMS
How Do GVCs Affect Shock Transmission across Borders? PDF  
132 Author: Hauke WARD
Co-Authors: Alexander Radebach, Armin Fügenschuh, Ingmar Vierhaus, Jan Christoph Steckel
How existing technologies can contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions PDF  
133 Author: Martin HUDCOVSKY
Co-Authors: Jozef KUBALA
How important is a structural change to employment development: a comparison of Germany vs. Slovakia PDF Paper
134 Author: Erik DIETZENBACHER
Co-Authors: Bob van Burken
Hypothetical extractions from a global perspective PDF  
135 Author: Jorge M. LÓPEZ ÁLVAREZ
Co-Authors: Manuel A. CARDENETE
Identification of key sectors in a General Equilibrium Model: A comparative empirical analysis for Andalusian economy PDF Paper
136 Author: Fumiya NAGASHIMA
Co-Authors: Shigemi Kagawa, Keisuke NANSAI
Identifying Air Pollution Clusters within Asian Supply Chain Networks PDF  
137 Author: Anne OWEN
Co-Authors: John Barrett
Identifying critical value chains in CO2, energy, material, monetary and employment consumption-based accounts PDF  
138 Author: Jozef KUBALA
Co-Authors: Martin HUDCOVSKY
Impact of European integration on employment and value added creation PDF  
139 Author: Muhammad Aamir KHAN
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Impact of Proposed Energy Vision 2025 of Pakistan PDF  
140 Author: Yoojin Yi
Co-Authors: Euijune KIM
Impact of Railroad Investments on Regional Economies: an Approach of Spatial CGE Model with a Microsimulation Module of Railroad and Highway Networks PDF  
141 Author: Sai LIANG
Co-Authors: Shen Qu, Zeqi Zhu, Ming Xu
Impacts of Local Water Scarcity Risk on Global Trade Network PDF  
142 Author: Necla AYAS
Import Dependency of Turkish Economy and Major Determinants in Sectoral Level: An Input Output Analysis PDF Paper
143 Author: Chen LIN
Income distribution, technological progress, and structure change PDF  
144 Author: Yasushi KONDO
Co-Authors: Sangwon SUH
Incorporating behavioral aspects into input-output model PDF  
145 Author: Avantika PRABHAKAR
Co-Authors: Anushree SINHA
Increasing women’s access to newer opportunities: A multi-year Indian SAM analysis for women’s work PDF  
146 Author: Medhavinee N. WATVE
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
India’s Renewable Energy target at 2030 : An Integrated CGE and I-O exercise PDF  
147 Author: Rui WEI
Co-Authors: Wencheng ZHANG
Industrial agglomeration and regional economic development: the case of China PDF Paper
148 Author: Xinjian LIU
Industrial Structural Changes of Beijing Economy:A Field of Influence Approach PDF Paper
149 Author: Mònica SERRANO
Co-Authors: Narasimha Desirazu Rao, Jordi Roca
Inequalities and household carbon footprint: the allocation of emissions embodied in investment PDF  
150 Author: Necla AYAS
Co-Authors: Aykut SARKGUNESİ
Input Output Linkages and Agglomeration: Evidence from Turkey with Panel Data Analysis PDF Paper
151 Author: Xinjian LIU
Input-Occupancy-Output Economics PDF Paper
152 Author: Cristina DE LA RUA
Co-Authors: Yolanda LECHON
Integrated hybrid MRIO analysis of biofuels production in Spain: climate change and socio-economic effects PDF  
153 Author: Jiyoung KIM
Co-Authors: Takuto SAKAMOTO
Inter-industry Analysis in Flow of funds Accounts: Policy Evaluations and Computational Simulations PDF  
154 Author: Nikita I. SUSLOV
Co-Authors: Vladimir BUZULUTSKOV
Inter-Sector Inter-Region Energy Model: Estimating Investment Projects in Energy Sector of Russian Economy PDF Paper
155 Author: Ryoma HASHIMOTO
Co-Authors: Shigemi Kagawa
Intra- and Inter-regional Economic Effects of the Population Flow after the Great East Japan Earthquake PDF  
156 Author: Zeshan MUHAMMAD
Co-Authors: Jong H. KO
Introducing Carbon Taxes in Pakistan: A CGE Framework PDF Paper
157 Author: Yoshio KAJITANI
Co-Authors: Hirokazu Tatano
Investigation on CGE Models for Disaster Impact Analysis: Implications form the Case Study of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake PDF  
158 Author: Julio LEAL
Key sectors in economic development: a perspective from input-output linkages and cross-sector misallocation PDF Paper
159 Author: Martín Carlos PUCHET ANYUL
Co-Authors: Eduardo MORENO REYES, Kaio Vital, Manuel García Álvarez
Labor productivity, technological change and functional income distribution in Brazil and Mexico PDF  
160 Author: Wencheng ZHANG
Co-Authors: Rui WEI
Making ‘dirty money’ out of exports: Estimating value-added and pollution exports in China PDF Paper
161 Author: Hauke WARD
Co-Authors: Jan Christoph Minx, Jan Christoph Steckel, Leonie Wenz
Many a mickle makes a muckle: truncation error in lifecycle assessment PDF  
162 Author: Ambiyah ABDULLAH
Mapping global value chains of low carbon technologies diffusion from OECD to ASEAN countries using input-output analysis PDF  
163 Author: Yanjuan DAI
Co-Authors: Hiroshi IZUMI, Jie LI
Measurement of Total Labor Productivity Growth by using Eora MRIO and OECD WIOD PDF Paper
164 Author: Jingli FAN
Measuring and comparing the international carbon trade efficiency of major countries PDF  
165 Author: Oscar TIKU
Measuring Economic Impact of Tourism toward Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia: An Input-output Analysis PDF Paper
166 Author: Kailan TIAN
Measuring Industrial Upgrading in Global Value Chains: A Latent Variables Approach PDF Paper
167 Author: Bo MENG
Co-Authors: Ming Ye
Measuring Smile Curves in Global Value Chains PDF Paper
168 Author: Hubert ESCAITH
Co-Authors: Sebastien Miroudot
Measuring Supply-Side Inefficiency Spillovers in Global Value Chains PDF Paper
169 Author: Gerd AHLERT
Co-Authors: Iris an der Heiden
Measuring the economic relevance of sports - the sport satellite account (SSA) approach PDF  
170 Author: Louis BÊ DUC
Modelling the interest payments and receipts of households and non-financial corporations in the euro area PDF  
171 Author: Yafei WANG
Multi-regional sub-national MRIOs for policy making in China: Using the Chinese MRIO Lab PDF  
172 Author: Rosario CERVANTES
Co-Authors: Jorge Ignacio Villaseñor - Becerra
NAFTA Trade in Value Added and its distribution, 1995-2011 PDF Paper
173 Author: Hidemichi FUJII
Co-Authors: Shunsuke OKAMOTO, Shigemi Kagawa, Sangwon SUH, Shunsuke MANAGI
Net emission transfer of toxic chemical substances: Empirical study for U.S. manufacturing industries PDF  
174 Author: Zorikto B. DONDOKOV
New Approach to Household Disaggregation in the System of National Accounts-2008 and Its Application in Input-Output Models PDF Paper
175 Author: Rachel C. REYES
Co-Authors: Arjan de Koning, Arne GESCHKE, Arnold Tukker, Hagen Schulte in den Baeumen, Konstantin STADLER, Richard WOOD, Tatyana Bulavskaya
New opportunities with EXIOlab – how virtual laboratories can help make IO-based research more timely and topical PDF  
176 Author: Robert STEHRER
Non-Tariff Measures Trickling through Global Value Chains PDF Paper
177 Author: Arne GESCHKE
Co-Authors: Ali Alsamawi, Joy Murray, Manfred LENZEN
North-South-Divide: How developed nations depend on cheap labour and inequality abroad. PDF  
178 Author: Gaaitzen DE VRIES
Offshoring and the Functional Structure of Labour Demand in Advanced Economies PDF  
179 Author: Riccardo DE BONIS
Co-Authors: Tatiana Cesaroni, Luigi INFANTE
On the determinants of firms' surpluses and deficits PDF Paper
180 Author: Sangwon SUH
On the Interface between input-output and CGE models PDF  
181 Author: Johannes TÖBBEN
On the Simultaneous Estimation of Physical and Monetary Commodity Flows PDF  
182 Author: Albert E. STEENGE
Open, closed and semi-closed IO models; Theory and Application PDF  
183 Author: Naseeb ZADA
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY, Muhammad Aamir KHAN
Pakistan’s Entry into the Proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) - A CGE Approach PDF  
184 Author: Bart LOS
Co-Authors: Robert STEHRER, Gaaitzen DE VRIES, Marcel Timmer
Peak Trade? An Anatomy of the Recent Global Trade Slowdown PDF  
185 Author: Arnold Tukker
Co-Authors: Arjan de Koning, Jannick Schmidt, Konstantin STADLER, Richard WOOD
Potentials for a circular economy – assessment with Exiobase V3 PDF  
186 Author: Ryoji HASEGAWA
Co-Authors: Hirofumi Nakayama, Takayuki Shimaoka
Prediction of economic impact brought about by the increase of non-metallic mineral wastes in Japan PDF  
187 Author: Oleg LUGOVOY
Co-Authors: Andrey POLBIN, Vladimir POTASHNIKOV
Probabilistic, Bayesian updating of IOTs: application to WIOD PDF  
188 Author: Daisuke NISHIJIMA
Co-Authors: Shigemi Kagawa
Product Lifetime, Energy Efficiency and The Environment: A Case Study of Air Conditioner in Japan PDF  
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