25th International Input-Output Conference
& 7th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
June 19-23, 2017, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA


Abstracts and Papers

In total, 230 abstracts and 68 full papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstract Full Paper
1 Author: Faye DUCHIN
A Dynamic Input-Output Model for Evaluating Strategies about Global Development and Sustainability PDF  
2 Author: Johannes TÖBBEN
Co-Authors: Francesca Verones, Daniel Moran, Richard WOOD, Konstantin STADLER, Martin BRUCKNER
A Maximum Entropy Approach to the Hybridization of MRIOs for the Estimation of Biodiversity Footprints PDF  
3 Author: Futu FATURAY
Co-Authors: Kunta W.D. NUGRAHA, Manfred LENZEN
A new sub-national multi-region input-output database for Indonesia PDF Paper
4 Author: Kathryn Gail Marshall
Co-Authors: Eric Fisher
A New Test of Eonomy-wide Factor Mobility PDF Paper
5 Author: Umed TEMURSHOEV
A post-Keynesian multi-commodity and multi-industry growth model PDF  
6 Author: Normand E ASUAD
A proposal for the construction of a input-output regional model from bottom to top by hybrid Methods PDF Paper
7 Author: Yafei WANG
A sub-national multi-regional input-output laboratory for policy making in China PDF  
8 Author: Joao Pedro FERREIRA
Co-Authors: Eduardo Barata, Luís Cruz, Pedro N. RAMOS
A value chain analysis of Port Wine production PDF  
9 Author: Dina N ELSHAHAWANY
Accessibility, Transportation Cost and Regional Growth: A Case Study for Egypt PDF Paper
10 Author: Vinicius A. VALE
Co-Authors: Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
Agricultural Productivity, International Trade and Food Supply: Some Implications from a Greater Productivity in Brazil PDF  
11 Author: Rui WEI
Co-Authors: Wencheng ZHANG
Allocating Carbon Responsibilities in the Global Value Chains: A value-added Capturer Responsibility Principle PDF Paper
12 Author: Kun Zhang
Co-Authors: Qiao-Mei Liang
An analysis of the regional economic effects of carbon tax in China: based on the production-based and consumption-based emissions PDF  
13 Author: Jin FAN
Co-Authors: Cheng LUO, Xiaohui YUAN
An Analysis on the Evolution of Industrial Restructuring and the Factors Affecting the Quality of Development in China's Yangtze River Delta Region PDF  
14 Author: Daniel Moran
An Approach for Estimating the Carbon Footprints of Cities PDF  
15 Author: Sebastien MIROUDOT
Co-Authors: Charles Cadestin, Davide RIGO, Koen De Backer, Ming Ye
An ICIO split according to domestic and foreign ownership: the OECD TiVA-MNE project PDF Paper
16 Author: Kazuo Inaba
Co-Authors: Md Masum
An Input-Output Analysis on the Demand-Supply Structure of Textile-Clothing Industry of Bangladesh & Asian Competitors PDF Paper
17 Author: Yongming HUANG
Co-Authors: Xiaofei Chen, Xiaoli nan
An Input-Output Study of the China Information Sector PDF  
18 Author: Giovanni MANDRAS
An interregional impact analysis of the EU Cohesion Policy in the EU 28 PDF  
19 Author: Youngho LEE
Co-Authors: jaejin Kim, Jinmyon LEE
Analysis on Economic Effects of Korean Procurement Policy for SMEs Using SMEs’ Input-Output Table PDF  
20 Author: Fumiya NAGASHIMA
Analyzing Carbonaceous Aerosol Emissions in Asia using Endogenous Structural Path Analysis PDF  
21 Author: Euijune KIM
Co-Authors: Seung-Woon Moon
Analyzing Effects of Mega Transportation Projects on Regional Economies of Northeast Asian Countries PDF Paper
22 Author: Yuya NAKAMOTO
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA
Analyzing Life-Cycle CO2 Reduction Potentials of Motor Vehicle Inspection Policy PDF  
23 Author: Qiao-Mei Liang
Co-Authors: Li-Jing Liu
Analyzing the Changes in China's Final-demand-driven Environmental Emissions with an Input-output based Structural Decomposition Analysis PDF  
24 Author: Shohei TOKITO
Analyzing the CO2 Clusters in the Global Supply Chain Network PDF  
25 Author: Jing LI
Co-Authors: Chen LIN
Anatomy of China's carbon dioxide emission: the role of induced and autonomous consumptions PDF Paper
26 Author: Alsu SAYAPOVA
Co-Authors: Artem Vitalevich Orlov, Tatiana O. TAGAEVA
Applying of technological coefficients in long-term forecasting PDF  
27 Author: Tulika Bhattacharya
Are High Output Linked Sectors Employment Generating? An Analysis for India under Input-Output Framework PDF  
28 Author: Krista Danielle Sy Yu
Co-Authors: Luis F Razon, Kathleen Bernardo Aviso, Michael Baliwag Promentilla, Raymond Roca Tan
Assessing the Effectiveness of Aid to Disaster-Prone Households using Local Economy-Wide Impact Evaluation Approach PDF  
29 Author: Jonathan Stenning
Co-Authors: Hector B. POLLITT, Michael May-Gillings
Assessing the localised socioeconomic impact of central government policy PDF Paper
30 Author: Atif Maqbool Khan
Co-Authors: Claudio SOCCI, Francesca SEVERINI, Maurizio CIASCHINI, Rosita PRETAROLI
Assessment of Oil price shock on Chinese Economy: Macro Multiplier Approach PDF  
31 Author: Zhengtao Zhang
Co-Authors: Ning Li
Assessment of ripple effect and spatial heterogeneity of total losses in the capital of China after a great catastrophe shocks PDF Paper
32 Author: Emmanuel Bizimungu
Co-Authors: George Danso
Biofuels versus electricity: Impact of their increased production on household welfare, sectoral and overall output PDF  
33 Author: Erika BURKOWSKI
Co-Authors: Jiyoung KIM, Kazusuke TSUJIMURA, Masako TSUJIMURA
Brazilian Monetary Policy Evaluation using Flow of Funds Analysis PDF Paper
34 Author: Esteban FERNANDEZ-VAZQUEZ
Co-Authors: Mònica SERRANO
Building Bridges: Conciliating Consumer Surveys and IO Tables with Minimal Information PDF  
35 Author: Cristina Sarasa
Can a combination of efficiency initiatives give us "good" rebound effects? PDF  
36 Author: Yosuke SHIGETOMI
Co-Authors: Keisuke NANSAI, Shigemi KAGAWA, Susumu Tohno
Carbon footprint mitigation of Japanese households for achieving the Paris Agreement under the demographic and income scenarios PDF  
37 Author: Luis A. LOPEZ
Co-Authors: Guadalupe Arce, Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez, Jorge E. Zafrilla
Carbon footprint of human settlements in Spain PDF  
38 Author: Kuishuang Feng
Co-Authors: Klaus HUBACEK
Carbon inequality of in the U.S. PDF  
39 Author: Massimiliano LA MARCA
Co-Authors: XIAO JIANG
Changing Sectoral Patterns in China: a Structuralist Dynamic CGE Model PDF  
40 Author: Kailan TIAN
Co-Authors: Cuihong YANG, Erik DIETZENBACHER, Quanrun CHEN
China's involving in Global Value Chains: Trends and Drivers of Productivity and Activity Upgrading PDF  
41 Author: Muhammad Iftikhar ul Hasnain
Co-Authors: Muhammad Aamir KHAN
Chinese Oil Import under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – A Global Commutable General Equilibrium approach PDF  
42 Author: Dmitri Piontkovski
Co-Authors: Denis Sokolov, Olga Starchikova, Sergey Kuznetsov
Comparison of Mathematical Methods for SUT Construction Using WIOD Database PDF Paper
43 Author: Bart LOS
Co-Authors: Mark Thissen, Maureen Lankhuizen
Construction of a Time Series of NUTS2 Regional Input-Output Tables for the EU Embedded in Global Input-Output Tables PDF  
44 Author: Ana Cristina Guimaraes Carneiro
Co-Authors: Dinilson Pedroza Junior
Construction sector in the state of Pernambuco: a reading from the input-output matrix PDF  
Converting US Supply and Use Tables into NACE / CPA PDF  
46 Author: Devrim Murat YAZAN
Co-Authors: Vahid Yazdanpanah, Luca Fraccascia
Cooperation Decisions in Industrial Symbiotic Relations PDF  
47 Author: Oleg LUGOVOY
Co-Authors: Andrey POLBIN, John Alan Laitner, Vladimir POTASHNIKOV
Cost and Benefits of Deep Decarbonization in Russia: a Thought Experiment PDF  
48 Author: Stefano MERCIAI
Country-specific Initiatives to Reduce Global Warming and other Environmental Impacts PDF Paper
49 Author: Elena Alekseevna Staritsyna
Co-Authors: Anna Elsakova, Eduard Filaretovich Baranov, Evgeniya Korneva
Decomposition Analysis of Sources of Economic Growth in Russia Based on Russian Input-Output Tables PDF  
50 Author: Martin Lábaj
Co-Authors: Paula Puskarova
Decomposition of Wage Inequalities in the World Economy: an Input-output Approach PDF  
51 Author: Marcos N. MAYA
Co-Authors: José Manuel Sánchez Gamboa, Normand Asuad Sanen
Degree of Dependence on Imports of the Automotive Cluster and the Economic Effects on Manufacturing in the Northeastern Region of Mexico: A Bottom-up Methodological and Analytical Approach PDF Paper
52 Author: Yasushi KONDO
Co-Authors: Norihiro Itsubo, Shigemi KAGAWA
Detecting what drives a social issue: Forward structural path analysis with an integrated multiregional input-output framework PDF  
53 Author: Kirill MURADOV
Determinants of country positioning in global value chains PDF Paper
54 Author: Satoshi INOMATA
Development of analytical frameworks for global value chains: the role of input–output analyses PDF  
55 Author: Takako WAKIYAMA
Co-Authors: Arne GESCHKE, Futu FATURAY, Manfred LENZEN
Development of Japanese flexible and highly detailed multi-regional input-output modeling framework PDF  
56 Author: Umed TEMURSHOEV
Co-Authors: Ronald E MILLER
Distance-based shared responsibility PDF  
57 Author: Nathaniel Paul Springer
Co-Authors: Jennifer Schmitt
Distinguishing Co-products and Waste using the Rectangular Choice-of-Technologies Model: The Role of Prices PDF  
58 Author: Pilar CAMPOY-MUÑOZ
Co-Authors: Francisco Javier De Miguel-Velez, Jesus Pérez-Mayo, Manuel A. CARDENETE
Distributional consequences of fiscal consolidation: The case of Spain PDF Paper
59 Author: Bartlomiej Rokicki
Co-Authors: Kenia B. DE SOUZA, Luiz Carlos de Santana Ribeiro
Distributional Effects of the EU Cliamte and Energy Package in Poland PDF Paper
60 Author: Bernhard MICHEL
Co-Authors: Caroline Hambÿe, Bart HERTVELDT
Does consistency with national accounts matter for calculating carbon footprints with global multi-regional input-output tables? A structural decomposition approach for comparing results for Belgium PDF  
61 Author: Masaaki KUBONIWA
Double Counting and Counter-Double Counting in Analysing the Value-Added Content of Bilateral Trade PDF  
62 Author: Surabhi R. JOSHI
Double dividend strategy for clean development: Allocating consumption based environmental responsibility of coal production amongst Indian states PDF  
63 Author: Alexander O. BARANOV
Co-Authors: Victor Pavlov, Yuliya M. Slepenkova
Dynamic Input-Output Model of Russian Economy with Human Capital Block. PDF Paper
64 Author: Florian Dierickx
Ecological Network Analysis of Sectoral Energy Flows in the EU PDF  
65 Author: Roberto LOPEZ
Co-Authors: Manuel A. CARDENETE
Economic Impact of the New Mediterranean Rail Corridor in Andalusia: A Dynamic CGE Approach PDF Paper
66 Author: Cristina VAZQUEZ
Co-Authors: Karina GARDUÑO, Krista Zafra, Normand E ASUAD
Economic interaction estimation for the construction of a regional input-output matrix from a bottom-up approach: a review of the appropriate inferential framework for regional data. PDF  
67 Author: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
Co-Authors: Kijin KIM
Economy-wide Impacts of Income Inequality: Some Initial Explorations PDF  
68 Author: Daisuke NISHIJIMA
Co-Authors: Masahiro Oguchi, Shigemi KAGAWA
Effects of Economic Replacement Incentives for Consumers on Life-cycle CO2 Emissions PDF  
69 Author: Gilang Hardadi
Co-Authors: Stefan Pauliuk, Yasushi KONDO, Richard WOOD
Effects of Sector Aggregation on Production Functions: A Study on Substitutions between Production Factors PDF  
70 Author: Mitsuki KANEKO
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA
Effects of the CAFE standards on CO2 emissions in Japan PDF  
71 Author: Luz Dary Beltrán Jaimes
Co-Authors: Manuel A. CARDENETE, María C. Delgado
Effects on prices of an increase of the tariffs in Mexico through a Social Accounting Matrix. PDF  
72 Author: Devrim Murat YAZAN
Co-Authors: Luca Fraccascia
Efficient Operations of Industrial Symbiosis: An Enterprise Input-Output Model Integrated by Agent-Based Simulation PDF  
73 Author: Da Fei
Embodied Freight Transportation in US Goods and Services, 2007-2012 PDF  
74 Author: Gaëlle LE TREUT
Emissions embodied in international trade: an application to the French case PDF Paper
75 Author: Surabhi R. JOSHI
Co-Authors: Pritee Sharma
Employment and GHG Emission Effects of Grid Connected Solar PV Deployment in India: A Multiregional Input Output (MRIO) based Analysis PDF Paper
76 Author: Carl-Johan H. SÖDERSTEN
Co-Authors: Richard WOOD, Edgar Hertwich
Endogenising capital in MRIO models: implications for consumption-based carbon footprints PDF  
77 Author: Albert E. STEENGE
Co-Authors: Andre Carrascal, Mònica SERRANO
Endogenizing Prices in Extended IO Models including Natural Resources PDF  
Estimating Balanced Detailed SUT Using Benchmark SUT PDF Paper
79 Author: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
Co-Authors: Ayele Ulfata Gelan, Joerg Beutel
Estimating Input-Output Tables from Supply-Use Tables: An Evaluation of the Impacts of Alternative Methods PDF  
80 Author: Ganna Makarkina
Co-Authors: Michael L. LAHR
Estimating nationwide impacts using an input-output model with fuzzy parameters PDF Paper
81 Author: Jiemin GUO
Co-Authors: Thomas F Howells
Estimating Time-series SUTs for the United States PDF  
82 Author: Ana Maria Dias
Evaluating the Impact of A Carbon Tax in Portugal Considering Alternative Assumptions for Price Elasticity of Demand PDF Paper
83 Author: Federico Haslop
Co-Authors: Carlos Adrian Romero, JUAN PABLO TARELLI, Leonardo Javier MASTRONARDI
Evaluating the Impact of Tourism in Salta, Argentina: a Regional Input output and CGE analysis PDF Paper
84 Author: Cristina DE LA RUA
Co-Authors: Yolanda LECHON
Evaluating the socioeconomic and environmental implications of the Spanish Renewable Electricity Promotion Policy in the decade 2000-2012 using Multiregional Input-Output Analysis PDF  
85 Author: Michael C. HUANG
Examining the cost-effective investment for the 6th industrialization for Taiwan - An approach of dynamic CGE model PDF  
86 Author: Thomas O. WIEDMANN
Co-Authors: Manfred LENZEN, Anne OWEN, Guangwu CHEN, Johannes TÖBBEN, Yafei WANG, Futu FATURAY, Harry C. WILTING
Expanding a Global MRIO for City Footprint Analysis PDF  
87 Author: Andre CARRASCAL
Exploring youth labor perspectives in Europe using demo-economic models PDF  
88 Author: Bhanumati P
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Factoring Inter-state Trade in Regional Input-Output Tables of States of India PDF  
89 Author: Irfan AHMED
Final demand impact on agriculture output: A macro multiplier analysis on Nigerian economy PDF  
90 Author: Kai Zhu
Finance-Economy Linkage in China During the Global Financial Crisis: An Input-Output Approach PDF  
91 Author: Lucía BOLEA
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa DUARTE
From convergence to divergence? : The experience of the European Union PDF  
92 Author: Cristina Sarasa
Co-Authors: Rosa DUARTE, Julio Sánchez Chóliz
GHG emissions-reduction targets applied to Spain: A dynamic approach for the climate change road to Paris agreement PDF  
93 Author: Anne OWEN
Co-Authors: Guangwu CHEN, John Barrett, Thomas O. WIEDMANN
Global City-level Household Demand: Data, Derivation and Deviation PDF  
94 Author: Joaquim J.M. GUILHOTO
Co-Authors: Norihiko YAMANO
Global Value Chains and Production Fragmentation: A Feedback Loop Analysis Based on ICIO 2016 Database PDF Paper
95 Author: Massimiliano LA MARCA
Co-Authors: Marek Harsdorff, XIAO JIANG
Green Growth in Zambia: SUT and Employment Projection Model for Zambia PDF  
96 Author: Alberto Franco Solís
Co-Authors: Andre CARRASCAL, Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino
Growing green: The role of the Emissions Trading System on the dynamics of CO2 efficiency in Europe PDF Paper
97 Author: Khanh Vy Hoang
Harmonisation of the Australian Energy Hybrid Accounts with the Input-Output Tables PDF Paper
98 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
Co-Authors: Marc Ingo Wolter
Harmonization of Regional and National Input-output models: the Case of Germany PDF Paper
99 Author: Yishu KONG
How does China's Labor Productivity Change as GVC Participation Deepening? PDF  
100 Author: Martin HUDCOVSKY
Co-Authors: Eduard Nezinsky
How Structural Change in CEE Countries Influenced Demand for Labor PDF  
101 Author: Haoyang Zhao
Co-Authors: Xu Jian, Jing He
How to evaluate the reliability of the Regional Input-Output Data? A case for China PDF Paper
102 Author: Keisuke NANSAI
Co-Authors: Sangwon SUH, Kenichi NAKAJIMA, Shigemi KAGAWA, Yasushi KONDO, Susumu Tohno
Hybrid LCA with MRIO for supply risk comparison among low-carbon energy technologies PDF  
103 Author: Krista Zafra
Co-Authors: Cristina VAZQUEZ, José Manuel Sánchez Gamboa, Karina GARDUÑO, Normand Asuad Sanen
Identification of productive chains in the subregions inside of Chiapas using the input output regional matrix under the bottom-up approach. PDF  
104 Author: Kirsten S. WIEBE
Identifying emission hotspots for technology transfers using an extended version of the inverse important coefficient methodology PDF  
105 Author: Douglas S Thomas
Co-Authors: Anand Mani Kandaswamy, Joshua Kneifel
Identifying High Resource Consumption Supply Chain Points: A Case Study in Automobile Production PDF Paper
106 Author: Man Yu
Co-Authors: Thomas O. WIEDMANN
Implementing Hybrid LCA Routines in the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory PDF  
107 Author: Sangwon SUH
Co-Authors: Bernhard MICHEL, Rutger HOEKSTRA
Implications of Emerging Protectionism of the U.S. on Climate Change PDF  
108 Author: Oleg LUGOVOY
Co-Authors: Andrey POLBIN, Vladimir POTASHNIKOV
Improving IOT updates with Bayesian methodology PDF Paper
109 Author: Edgar Hertwich
Co-Authors: Richard WOOD
Indirect emissions and carbon mitigation: Structural analysis of IPCC sectors PDF  
110 Author: Chen LIN
Co-Authors: Jing LI
Inertia in the Evolution of Carbon Emission of China PDF  
111 Author: Andrey Kolpakov
Co-Authors: Alexander Shirov
Input-Output approach as an instrument for estimation of potential national ecological targets PDF Paper
112 Author: Nikita I. SUSLOV
Co-Authors: Vladimir BUZULUTSKOV
Inter-Sector Inter-Region Model for Russian Economy: Methodology and Application PDF Paper
113 Author: Inácio Fernandes de Araújo Jr
Co-Authors: Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli, Weslem Rodrigues Faria
International Fragmentation of Production and Insertion of Brazil in Global Value Chains PDF  
114 Author: Jonathan Stenning
Co-Authors: Hector B. POLLITT
Introduction to the E3-India model PDF  
115 Author: Anushree SINHA
Co-Authors: Mihir Milind Wadekar
Investment in Health Sectors: Economic Impact using Input Output Analysis PDF  
116 Author: Moana Simas
Co-Authors: Edgar G. Hertwich, Richard WOOD
Is outsourcing decreasing gains in greenhouse gas efficiency in developed nations? A decomposition of energy and labor embodied in trade between 1995 and 2015 PDF  
117 Author: Elisa Foresi
Co-Authors: Maurizio CIASCHINI, Rosita PRETAROLI
Labour digital skills among Industries: a Macro Multipliers analysis PDF  
118 Author: José Bruno Fevereiro
Co-Authors: Carlos Pinkusfeld Bastos, FABIO NEVES PERACIO DE FREITAS
Labour Productivity in Vertically Integrated Sectors: An Empirical Study for the Case of Brazil PDF Paper
119 Author: Stefano MERCIAI
Co-Authors: Jannick Schmidt
Land Use Change and Electricity Models in a Multi-regional Hybrid Input Output Framework PDF Paper
120 Author: Davide Villani
Co-Authors: Gabriel Brondino
Latin America’s route to development: A vertically integrated analysis of the Chilean case PDF  
Co-Authors: Masaru Ichihashi
Making a Village Input-Output Table (VIOT) from Household Survey A case study of Phonxay Village of Ngoi District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR. PDF Paper
122 Author: Kirsten S. WIEBE
Material Requirements and Emission Footprints of Low-carbon Technology Diffusion – Combining a Dynamic MRIO Approach with Elements from System Dynamics Modelling PDF  
123 Author: Xinding YU
Co-Authors: Zhi Wang, Shang-jin WEI, Kunfu ZHU
Measures of Participation in Global Value Chains and Recent Global Business Cycle PDF  
124 Author: Jianqin YUAN
Co-Authors: Yaxiong ZHANG
Measuring the Domestic Value Added Chain based on 2012 China Multi-Regional input-output table PDF  
125 Author: Muhammad Abdullah Khalid
Co-Authors: Yousaf ALI
Measuring the Impact And Recovery Pattern of Flood Using Dynamic Input Output Inoperability Model (DIIM): Pakistan a Case in Point PDF  
126 Author: Everlam E. MONTIBELER
Mega Sports Events in Rio De Janeiro: An Analysis On The Impact On Employment PDF  
127 Author: Xinzhu ZHENG
Co-Authors: Ranran Wang, Richard WOOD, Edgar Hertwich
Metal Footprint in the context of Investment-led Growth: A Global Time-series Analysis PDF  
128 Author: Karina GARDUÑO
Co-Authors: Cristina VAZQUEZ, Normand E ASUAD, Roberto Ramirez Hernandez
Methodological Proposal for the Estimation of Regional Technical Coefficients for the Construction of Regional Input Output Matrix, with a Bottom-up Approach. PDF  
129 Author: Romulo N. Ely
Modeling and Assessing Income, Labor and CO2 Emissions Multipliers from Different Biorefinery Technological Routes in Brazil. PDF  
130 Author: Arne KÄTELHÖN
Co-Authors: André BARDOW, Sangwon SUH
Modeling changes in technology-mixes due to climate policy PDF  
131 Author: Salma Akther
Co-Authors: Al Mamun
Motivating Factors of Investors to Involve in Supply Chain Management Practices: A study on Ready Made Garment Industry in Bangladesh. PDF Paper
Multi Type Dynamic Input-Output System And Lorentz Transformation PDF  
133 Author: Pablo RUIZ NAPOLES
Co-Authors: Normand Asuad Sanen, Martín Carlos PUCHET ANYUL, Eduardo MORENO REYES
Multiregional Input-Output Analysis of NAFTA PDF  
134 Author: Luz Dary Beltrán Jaimes
Co-Authors: María C. Delgado
Multisectorial Analysis and Structural Change of The Mexican Economic for 2008-2012 PDF Paper
135 Author: Ross James Hallren
North American Sub-National Model of Import Competition and Jobs PDF  
136 Author: Andre CARRASCAL
Co-Authors: Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino, Alberto Franco Solís
Now Hiring: Seasonal Labor Requirements through a Quarterly I-O model PDF  
137 Author: Norihiko YAMANO
OECD Inter-Country Input-Output Database 2016 edition: A Firm Heterogeneity Extended and National Accounts benchmarked approach PDF  
138 Author: Carlos A Lopez-Morales
On the economic analysis of wastewater generation and treatment: the Mexican case PDF  
139 Author: Daniel TORRES
On the Notion of Randomness in the Study Input-Output relations and the Maximum Entropy Principle: an application to the assessment of Brody's Conjecture PDF  
140 Author: Jan OOSTERHAVEN
Co-Authors: Johannes TÖBBEN
On the Sensitivity of Impact Estimates for Fixed Ratios Assumptions PDF Paper
141 Author: Chen LIN
One sows and another reaps: the impact of heavy industry strategy on the technology selection after the economic reform of China PDF  
142 Author: Romulo N. Ely
Co-Authors: Michael L. LAHR, Nasim Fathi
Paving a Path toward Sustainable Energy Security: Examining a Global Transition toward Ethanol Production. PDF  
143 Author: Alexander Shirov
Policy-oriented Input-Output calculations for decisions of the government and business in Russia (experience of IEF RAS). PDF Paper
144 Author: Mònica SERRANO
Co-Authors: Albert E. STEENGE
Prices and income distributions in Miyazawa models PDF  
145 Author: Raphael Seung-Ho Lee
Co-Authors: Mathilde PAK
Pro-competitive effects of globalisation on prices, productivity and markups in the Euro Area PDF  
146 Author: Enrique GILLES
Co-Authors: Javier Deaza
Productivity Change in an Input-output Economy: Colombia 2005 and 2011 PDF  
147 Author: Luiza Nassif Pires
Productivity in the Brazilian Industrial and Service Sectors, 2000-2009: A Shift- share Analysis PDF  
148 Author: Stephen Harris Levine
Co-Authors: Faye DUCHIN
Products from Recovered Wastes as a Technological Option: The Waste Input-Output Model with a Choice among Technologies PDF  
149 Author: Chen Pan
Co-Authors: Jianwu HE, Shantong LI
Provincial CO2 Emission Transfers of China PDF  
150 Author: Sofía JIMÉNEZ
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa DUARTE
R&D expenditure and economic growth: how has changed globalization the current outlook? PDF  
151 Author: Shogo EGUCHI
Co-Authors: Shunichi Hienuki
Reduction Potential Analysis of Life-cycle CO2 emissions through the Market Expansion of Eco-friendly Vehicles PDF  
152 Author: Masahiro KURODA
Co-Authors: Michael C. HUANG, YASUSHI HARA
Reframing IO Analysis on Science, Technology & Innovation Policy: New Business Platforms generated from Intangible Capital Flow caused by R&D PDF  
153 Author: Aída B. Armenta
Co-Authors: Billl Gibson, Diane Flaherty, Jorge Salazar-Carrillo
Regional effect of energy reform in Mexico: a computable general equilibrium model for Tabasco PDF Paper
154 Author: Ana Cristina Guimaraes Carneiro
Co-Authors: Ignacio Tavares Araujo Jr, Márcia Guedes Alcoforado de Moraes
Regional Input-Output for the Sub-Middle Hydrographic Region of the São Francisco River Basin in Brazil. PDF Paper
155 Author: Alejandro DAVILA FLORES
Regional SAM of Northeastern Mexico: Economic impacts of exports variations. PDF Paper
156 Author: Daniel TORRES
Regularities in Prices of Production and the Concentration of Compositions of Capitals PDF Paper
157 Author: Xiang Gao
Relative Advantage Production Position in Global Value Chain and its Applications PDF Paper
158 Author: Yasuhide OKUYAMA
Revisiting the Sequential Interindustry Model (SIM): Linkages and Inventory PDF  
159 Author: Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino
Co-Authors: Alberto Franco Solís, Andre CARRASCAL
Revisiting the Temporal Leontief Inverse: new insights on regional structural change PDF  
160 Author: Kayoko SHIRONITTA
Co-Authors: Sangwon SUH, Shunsuke OKAMOTO, Shigemi KAGAWA
Role of World Structural Change in CO2 Emissions PDF  
161 Author: Esteban FERNANDEZ-VAZQUEZ
Sectoral disaggregation of input-output tables by entropy econometrics: is small (and medium) that beautiful? PDF  
Co-Authors: Luz Dary Beltrán Jaimes
Sectoral Impact on the Reduction of 40% of Foreign Direct Investment from the United States to Mexico PDF Paper
163 Author: Raquel Langarita
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa DUARTE
Self-consumption: An input-output analysis PDF  
164 Author: Margarita I. BARRERA LOZANO
Co-Authors: Alfredo J. MAINAR CAUSAPÉ, Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS, Julián Pérez-García
Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth: a case study PDF  
165 Author: Bo MENG
Co-Authors: Ming Ye, Shang-jin WEI
Smile Curves in Global Value Chains: Creation and Distribution of Value-added and Job opportunities PDF  
166 Author: Olan Naz
South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) – Options for Pakistan PDF  
167 Author: Daniel Moran
Co-Authors: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Spatially Explicit Footprints for Biodiversity, Carbon, and Air Pollution PDF Paper
168 Author: Oliver Picek
Spillover Effects of Germany’s Final Demand on Southern Europe PDF Paper
169 Author: Pablo RUIZ NAPOLES
Structural Analysis of the Top Five Most GHG Emitting Economies PDF  
170 Author: Jiansuo PEI
Co-Authors: Cuihong YANG
Structural Change, Income Distribution and Growth: An application of China's DPN GEM PDF  
171 Author: Susana Santos
Studying the structures of income distribution and production with Social Accounting and Input-Output Matrices PDF  
172 Author: Martin Lábaj
Co-Authors: Erika Stracová
Subsystem analysis of the deindustrialization trends and their drivers in European countries PDF  
173 Author: Guangwu CHEN
Co-Authors: Lei Shi, Thomas O. WIEDMANN
Suburban Carbon Footprints of a Global City: The Case of Sydney PDF  
174 Author: Terrie Walmsley
Supply Chains and Tariff Rates: The Impact of Reversing NAFTA PDF  
175 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
Co-Authors: Antonia Kühn, Johannes TÖBBEN, Meike Schäfer
Sustainable Development in North Rhine-Westphalia: a scenario analysis PDF Paper
176 Author: Chandrima SIKDAR
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Technology Transfer and productivity growth- evidence from Indian manufacturing industries PDF  
177 Author: Zengkai Zhang
Technology-Adjusted National Carbon Accounting for Greener Trade Pattern PDF  
178 Author: Nasim Fathi
Testing the PHH in a Resource-cursed Country: The Case of Iran. An Input-Output Analysis. PDF Paper
179 Author: Bart LOS
The 2016 Release of the World Input-Output Database PDF  
180 Author: Jiemin GUO
Co-Authors: Erich H STRASSNER, William M Powers
The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Trade in Value Added Project PDF  
181 Author: Andre Fernandes Tomon Avelino
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
The Challenge of Estimating the Impact of Disasters: many approaches, many limitations and a compromise PDF  
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