27th International Input-Output Association Conference
9th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
30th June to 5th July 2019, Glasgow, Scotland


Abstracts and Papers

The Book of Abstracts for the 2019 IIOA Conference in Glasgow, as at 27 June 2019, is in the link below:

IIOA Conference 2019 [Book of Abstracts].pdf

In total, 272 abstracts and 98 Full Papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstract Full Paper
1 Author: Ujwala Sakharam Kamble
A Case of Existence and Non-existence of Trade Equilibrium in The Leontief Trade Model PDF  
2 Author: Yanjuan DAI
Co-Authors: Hiroshi IZUMI, LI LIU
A comparison of Productivity Level among China, Japan, ROK and USA using international input-output tables PDF Paper
Co-Authors: Koen Breemersch, Maarten Christis
A detailed regional household carbon footprint analysis using expenditure accounts PDF  
4 Author: Wan Wei
Co-Authors: Jin FAN, Xiaohui YUAN
A Dynamic Comparative Study on the International Linkage of China's Economic Growth under the New and Old Normal Situation -- Based on WIOT Analysis PDF Paper
5 Author: Paul Behrens
Co-Authors: Arkaitz Usubiaga
A global stocktake of energy use in food systems PDF  
6 Author: Carl-Johan H. SÖDERSTEN
Co-Authors: Richard WOOD, Thomas O. WIEDMANN
A hidden environmental burden: including capital in the material footprint of final consumption PDF  
7 Author: Mitsuki KANEKO
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA
A Lifecycle Analysis of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards in Japan PDF Paper
8 Author: Łukasz Lach
Co-Authors: Henryk Gurgul
A new approach to measuring eco-efficiency in generalized IO models with application to the Polish economy in transition PDF  
9 Author: Karen Thierfelder
Co-Authors: Scott McDonald
A New Global CGE Database PDF Paper
Co-Authors: Hongxia ZHANG
A shortcut to footprint calculations PDF  
11 Author: Zhuoying ZHANG
Co-Authors: Yuanjie Li, Minjun Shi
A study on the restriction of water scarcity to the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration PDF Paper
12 Author: Fahd Boundi
Absolute cost advantage and sectoral competitiveness: Empirical evidence from NAFTA and the European Union PDF  
13 Author: Marc Ingo Wolter
Co-Authors: Anke M. MOENNIG, Gerd Zika
Abstract for INFORUM Organised Session (Demographic shifts and economic modelling): Detailed labour market modelling using the INFORUM model INFORGE PDF  
14 Author: Nicho Mojalefa Ntema
Co-Authors: Hervey Gibson
Accounting for Africa between Bottom and Top: social accounting frameworks for epidemics and revival PDF Paper
15 Author: Joao Pedro FERREIRA
Co-Authors: Michael L. LAHR, Pedro N. RAMOS, Eduardo Anselmo Castro
Accounting for Global Migrant Remittances Flows PDF Paper
16 Author: Harry C. Wilting
Co-Authors: Andries Hof, Detlef Van Vuuren, Paul Lucas
Allocating planetary boundaries to large economies: implications of different perspectives on distributive fairness and comparisons with current environmental footprints PDF  
17 Author: Rushil Manga
Co-Authors: Kambale Kavese
18 Author: Ji Kangxian
Co-Authors: Jing He, Xu Jian
An Framework Based on Input-output Model for Warning of Overcapacity PDF  
19 Author: Ana Maria Dias
An IO-based methodology for calculating the impact of final demand changes by demanded products at purchasers’ prices PDF Paper
20 Author: Ning KANG
An Overview of the Optimal Input-Output Planning Model and Cross-Boundary Information System of Economic Management PDF Paper
21 Author: Bernhard Mahlberg
Co-Authors: Andreas Eder, Wolfgang Koller
Analysing Price Competitiveness in the European Single Market: A Decomposition of Inflation Differentials based on Leontief Input-Output Price models PDF Paper
22 Author: Iñaki Arto
Co-Authors: Kurt KRATENA, Xaquin Garcia-Muros, Ignacio Cazcarro
Analysis of the distributional impacts of the Spanish climate and energy policy using a Dynamic-econometric IO model PDF  
23 Author: Ville Lindroos
Application of supply and use tables: centralized deflator compilation system Voltti for production indices PDF Paper
24 Author: Alexandre Monteiro Souza
Co-Authors: Marcos D.B. Watanabe, Terezinha de Fátima Cardoso, Tassia Lopes Junqueira, Marcelo Pereira da Cunha, Antonio Bonomi
Applying input-output analysis for assessing socioeconomic effects of different technological configurations of straw recovery for electricity production PDF  
25 Author: Enrique GILLES
Co-Authors: Luis A. LOPEZ, Maria Angeles Cadarso, Mateo Ortiz
Assessing consumption-based carbon emissions for the city of Bogota PDF  
26 Author: Luiz Carlos de Santana Ribeiro
Co-Authors: Hernane Borges de Barros Pereira, EDER Area Leão PEREIRA, Roberto Luiz Souza Monteiro
Assessing productive structures in Brazil with dynamic input–output networks PDF Paper
27 Author: Ian P. Cassar
Assessing structural change in the Maltese economy via the application of hypothetical extraction analysis PDF Paper
28 Author: Zhonghua Zhang
Assessing the Energy, CO2 and Value Added Flows Embodied in the International Trade of BRICS - Based on a MRIO Model PDF  
29 Author: Juan Pedro EBERHARD
Co-Authors: Anett GROSSMANN, Anke M. MOENNIG, Loreto Bieritz, Nicolas GARRIDO, Patricio AROCA
Assessing the Impact of a Special Mining Tax over the Chilean Economy PDF  
30 Author: Francesco - Tonini
Co-Authors: Matteo Vincenzo Rocco
Assessing the impact of large-scale community investments in Developing Countries: application of a Multi-regional Input-Output model to a case study in Congo PDF  
31 Author: Bhanumati P
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Assessment of Regional disparities in India: survey-based regional input-output vs a regionalised location quotient based input-output model PDF  
32 Author: Santacruz Banacloche Sánchez
Co-Authors: Fabio MONSALVE, Maria Angeles Cadarso, Yolanda LECHON
Assessment of the sustainability of Mexico green investments in the road to Paris PDF Paper
33 Author: Lucía BOLEA
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa DUARTE
Better all together? Exploring the effects of alternative scenarios for integration in the European Union PDF  
34 Author: Karen Turner
Co-Authors: Antonios Katris, Frans P de Vries
Beyond Carbon Leakage: Off-Shoring of Employment and GDP in Decarbonizing International Supply Chains PDF Paper
35 Author: Shohei TOKITO
Co-Authors: Fumiya NAGASHIMA, Tesshu Hanaka
Boosting Economic Competitiveness: The Industrial Clusters in Input-Output Networks PDF Paper
36 Author: Ignacio Cazcarro
Co-Authors: Antonio F. AMORES, Iñaki Arto, Kurt KRATENA
Bridge matrices for feeding macroeconomic models with consumption survey profiles for the EU-28 countries PDF  
37 Author: Iljen DEDEGKAJEVA
Co-Authors: Massimiliano LA MARCA
Building a SAM for Zambia: from Green SUT to NAM and SAM PDF  
38 Author: José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE
Co-Authors: Robert STEHRER, Antonio F. AMORES, David Zenz
Can confidence intervals for input-output multipliers be estimated with supply and use tables? PDF  
39 Author: Arunima MALIK
Co-Authors: Manfred LENZEN, Joe Lane, Ka Leung Lam, Arne GESCHKE
Carbon accounting for households – a case study of a community’s emissions PDF  
40 Author: HERAN ZHENG
Co-Authors: Dabo Guan, Jing MENG, Zhifu Mi
Carbon and Water Supply Chain in Urban Sustainability for North China Urban Agglomeration PDF  
41 Author: Yan XIA
Carbon Emissions in GVC and Pollution Haven Hypothesis PDF Paper
42 Author: Xue FU
Co-Authors: Guangwu Chen, Guangwu CHEN, Thomas O. WIEDMANN, Ortzi Akizu Gardoki
43 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
Co-Authors: Johannes TÖBBEN
Carbon Footprints at the Regional Level and Why They Matter PDF  
44 Author: Maaike C. BOUWMEESTER
Challenges of input-output modelling for statisticians – with a focus on environmental applications PDF  
45 Author: Xuemei Shen
Co-Authors: Masaaki KUBONIWA
China’s Growth Accounting PDF  
46 Author: Yafei WANG
Co-Authors: Yafei Wang, Xuguang Song
City-level multi-regional input-output accounting using the IELab tool PDF  
47 Author: Forgon Mária
Co-Authors: Eva Varga
Compilation of foreign trade data having regard to the impact of globalisation in Hungarian SUT PDF Paper
48 Author: Hector B. POLLITT
Conceptual differences between macro-econometric and CGE models PDF Paper
49 Author: Chen Pan
Constructing a China’s provincial multi-year Multi-Regional Input-Output database PDF  
50 Author: Sarah Schmidt
Co-Authors: Kirsten S. WIEBE, Richard WOOD
Consumption based emission accounts - recommended approaches for modelling energy and emissions embodied in trade PDF  
51 Author: Lingxiu ZHU
Co-Authors: Cuihong YANG
Consumption Pattern Change by Income Group and China's Economic Growth PDF  
52 Author: Bart M. J. VAN DEN CRUYCE
Co-Authors: Bernhard MICHEL
Converting the Belgian 2010 Interregional Supply and Use Table to ESA-2010 rules PDF Paper
53 Author: Kirsten S. WIEBE
Co-Authors: Johannes TÖBBEN, Moana SIMAS
Cross-border effects of climate change mitigation policies under different trade regimes PDF Paper
54 Author: Sheng Zhong
Decomposing Domestic Value Added of Final Products: New Evidence from the ADB-MRIO PDF  
55 Author: Paul de Boer
Decomposition analysis when there are common factorial effects: how to reduce its size? PDF  
56 Author: Minami Kito
Co-Authors: Fumiya NAGASHIMA, Kayoko SHIRONITTA, Shigemi KAGAWA
Decomposition of Lifecycle CO2 Emissions Associated with International Flights of the Japanese Airline Industry PDF Paper
57 Author: Jiemin GUO
Co-Authors: Thomas F Howells
Deflating U.S. Supply-Use Tables PDF  
58 Author: Guadalupe Arce
Co-Authors: Luis A. LOPEZ, Xuemei Jiang
Degrees of separation and carbon embodied in China’s supply chain networks in processing exports and normal production PDF  
59 Author: Futu FATURAY
Co-Authors: Arne GESCHKE, Manfred LENZEN, Mårten Berglund
Demand-driven GHG emissions of Swedish regions: 2008-2016 PDF  
60 Author: Kwang Moon Kim
Co-Authors: Norihiko YAMANO, Bui Trinh
Demographic and income heterogeneity household Input-Output model: consumer behavior in a transition economy PDF  
61 Author: Yongming HUANG
Demystifying the Contribution of Real Estate Sector in China Using the Input-Output Model PDF  
62 Author: Eivind Lekve Bjelle
Co-Authors: Kirsten S. WIEBE, Richard WOOD
Developing a consumer demand model with feedback mechanisms by combining input-output analysis and agent-based modeling to estimate future demand and environmental impacts PDF  
63 Author: Ka Leung Lam
Co-Authors: Peter Leonard Daniels
Developing an energy satellite for an MRIO virtual laboratory PDF  
64 Author: Nino Javakhishvili-Larsen
Co-Authors: Albert Kwame Osei-Owusu
Developing Economic – Environmental Hybrid IO-CGE model for the Danish municipalities PDF  
65 Author: Takako WAKIYAMA
Co-Authors: Keisuke NANSAI, Manfred LENZEN
Development of a city-level multi-regional input output database for sustainable city management in Japan PDF  
66 Author: M. Yusof SAARI
Co-Authors: Chakrin UTIT
Development of SME-SAM for Analysis of Income Distribution in Malaysia PDF Paper
67 Author: Jiyoung KIM
Co-Authors: Satoru HAGINO
Development of U.S.-East Asia Financial Input-Output Table PDF  
68 Author: Fatemeh BAZZAZAN
Co-Authors: Aida Samavaty
Distributional Effects of Carbon Tax Policy in Iran, Input- Output Approach PDF  
69 Author: Erika Stracová
Co-Authors: Martin Lábaj
Drivers of Deindustrialisation in Internationally Fragmented Production Structures PDF Paper
70 Author: Djoni Hartono
Co-Authors: Muhammad Handry Imansyah, Sasmita Hastri Hastuti, Titi Muswati Putranti
Drivers of Energy-Related CO2 Emission Changes in Indonesia: Structural Decomposition Analysis PDF  
71 Author: Chen Pan
Co-Authors: Jianwu HE, Shantong LI, Dequn Zhou
Driving forces of changes in CO2 emissions of China PDF  
72 Author: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Co-Authors: Partha Pratim Ghosh, PAUL J. THOMASSIN
Economic Accounting of Water Use and Wastewater generation in India PDF  
73 Author: Gabriela Ortiz Valverde
Co-Authors: Maria C. Latorre
Economic Analysis of Multinationals Firms in the UK after Brexit PDF  
74 Author: Rosa DUARTE
Co-Authors: Cristina Sarasa, Mònica SERRANO
Economic crisis and gender polarization in Europe? Insights from a MRIO PDF  
75 Author: Cristina Sarasa
Co-Authors: Mònica SERRANO, Rosa DUARTE
Economic structure and gender inequality: a global perspective PDF  
76 Author: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Co-Authors: Partha Pratim Ghosh
Economic Transformation of Japan, 1885-2015: Supply Side Approach PDF  
77 Author: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Co-Authors: Tesshu Hanaka
Edge Clustering for Supply Chain Networks PDF  
78 Author: Umi Zakiah NORAZMAN
Co-Authors: M. Yusof SAARI, Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman, Chakrin UTIT
Effects of lifestyle changes on carbon emissions in Malaysia for periods 2010-2015 PDF  
79 Author: Anke M. MOENNIG
Electromobility 2035 - Effects on the economy and employment through electrification of the powertrain of passenger cars PDF Paper
80 Author: Junrong Zhang
Employment of China’s Industry with Heterogeneity by Firm Size PDF  
81 Author: Sangwon SUH
Engineering-level input-output modeling for low-carbon infrastructure planning PDF Paper
82 Author: Maria A. Tobarra-Gomez
Co-Authors: Luis A. LOPEZ, Andre Carrascal Incera, Raquel ORTEGA ARGILES
Environmental and economic impacts of Brexit in the consumption of vegetables and fruits in RU PDF  
83 Author: Norihiko YAMANO
Co-Authors: Joaquim J.M. GUILHOTO
84 Author: Andrew G Ross
Co-Authors: Kim Swales, Tobias Emonts-Holley
Estimating Induced Effects in IO Impact Analysis: Variation in the Methods for Calculating the Type II Leontief Multipliers PDF  
85 Author: Harald Oberhofer
Estimating the Trade and Welfare Effects of Brexit PDF Paper
86 Author: Partha Pratim Ghosh
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Estimating welfare Impacts of de-facto and de-jure state transfers towards financial inclusion across Indian households PDF  
87 Author: Izumi Uchida
Co-Authors: Yuya NAKAMOTO, Shigemi KAGAWA
Estimation of Vehicle Lifetime in the Used Car Market PDF Paper
88 Author: Xiuli LIU
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
Evaluating the Impacts of Waste Treatment Management Modes on Each Sector’s Price in a Macro Economic System PDF  
89 Author: Adam Rose
Evaluating the Role of Resilience in Reducing Economic Losses from Disasters: A Multi-Regional Analysis of a Seaport Disruption PDF Paper
90 Author: Clio CIASCHINI
Co-Authors: Francesco Maria Chelli
91 Author: Oleg LUGOVOY
Co-Authors: Andrey POLBIN, Vladimir POTASHNIKOV
Evaluating uncertainties in WIOD data base PDF  
92 Author: Masahiro KURODA
Co-Authors: Michael C. HUANG
Evaluation of Knowledge Stocks of R&D Expenditures as Intangible Assets on Static/Dynamic TFP Measures by Input-Output Framework PDF  
93 Author: Massimiliano LA MARCA
Co-Authors: Xiao JIANG
Expansion of green industries in Zambia: Short and long-term effects PDF  
94 Author: Sofía JIMÉNEZ
Co-Authors: Julio Sánchez Chóliz, Rosa DUARTE
Exports diversity, income and global value chains: what’s behind the current world performance? PDF  
95 Author: Nobuhiro Okamoto
Extended Input-Output Model for Demographic Change – Preliminary Application to the Chinese Urbanisation PDF Paper
96 Author: Cuihong YANG
Co-Authors: Kunfu ZHU, Rui WEI, Yiying SHI
Extended Supply & Use Tables by Firm Heterogeneity: Methods and Applications for China PDF  
97 Author: Bernhard MICHEL
Co-Authors: Bart HERTVELDT, Caroline Hambÿe
Extended Supply-and-Use Tables for Belgium: where do we stand? An overview of achievements and outstanding issues PDF  
98 Author: Jean-Francois A Mercure
Co-Authors: Hector B. POLLITT, Richard Lewney
Extending a standard accounting framework to account for non-linear technological change PDF  
99 Author: Ana Rosa Gamarra
Co-Authors: Gonzalo Escribano, Johan Lilliestam, Lara Lázaro Touza, Natalia Caldes Gomez, Yolanda LECHON
Extending MRIO analysis of energy technologies with dependence and governance aspects PDF  
100 Author: Joseph Lawley
Co-Authors: Anne OWEN, John Barrett
Extending the input-output framework to calculate household energy service demands: a UK case study PDF  
101 Author: Hubert ESCAITH
Extraction-cum-substitution and the mapping of bilateral trade conflicts PDF Paper
102 Author: Silvia DAndrea
Co-Authors: Claudio SOCCI, Francesca SEVERINI, Rosita PRETAROLI, Stefano Deriu
103 Author: Michał Przybyliński
Co-Authors: Artur Gorzałczyński
Forecasting inflation using input-output model. Sources of errors. PDF Paper
104 Author: Maria C. Latorre
Co-Authors: Zoryana Olekseyuk, Hidemichi Yonezawa
Foreign multinationals in services sectors: A general equilibrium analysis of Brexit PDF Paper
105 Author: Quanrun Chen
Co-Authors: Fei WANG, Gaaitzen DE VRIES, Jiansuo Pei, Yuning Gao
Formerly Assembled, But Now Designed in China? Assessing the Domestic Value-Added of Activities in Gross Exports PDF Paper
106 Author: Richard Lewney
Co-Authors: Jean-Francois A Mercure, Hector B. POLLITT
From input-output to macro-econometric model PDF Paper
107 Author: Anuradha Venkatesh
Co-Authors: Barun Deb Pal
From Supply and Use Tables to Social Accounting Matrices for India: A Synthesis of Methodologies PDF Paper
108 Author: Timon I. BOHN
Co-Authors: Erik DIETZENBACHER, Steven Brakman
From Trade in Value Added to Trade in Income PDF  
109 Author: Oleg LUGOVOY
Full probability density model for IOT and national accounts PDF  
110 Author: Eduardo MORENO REYES
Co-Authors: Martín Carlos PUCHET ANYUL
Functional income distribution, labor productivity and technological change in input-output matrices: an approach of complexity to the Mexican case. PDF  
111 Author: Takashi YAGI
Global Cost Structure Analysis PDF  
112 Author: Maksym G. Chepeliev
Co-Authors: Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
Global Fossil-fuel Subsidies and Emission Externalities: Inclusive Approaches to Welfare Assessment PDF  
113 Author: Beatriz Georgina Calzada Olvera
Global Value Chains and Employment in the Mining Sector PDF  
114 Author: Susanne Goldhammer
Globalisation challenges for including exports in the supply and use framework: examples from Germany PDF  
115 Author: Camila Unis Krepsky
Co-Authors: Esther Dweck
Growth and Final Consumption in Brazil from 2000 to 2016: a Structural Decomposition Analysis PDF  
116 Author: Matteo Vincenzo Rocco
Hard-linking Energy and Economy models based on a Dynamic Input-Output framework PDF Paper
117 Author: Casiano A. Manrique de Lara Peñate
Co-Authors: Luis Márquez Llabres, Pablo Alberto Maciuniak
Hospital Activities and Cost Matrices and their Models PDF  
118 Author: Marta Baltruszewicz
Household final energy use footprints in Zambia - lessons learned from quantitative studies PDF  
119 Author: Pille DEFENSE-PALOJARV
How are Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables, the basis of our analyses, compiled? PDF  
120 Author: Willem Raes
How can an input-output model support local environmental policy? Opportunities, limitations and challenges PDF Paper
121 Author: Giancarlo Infantino
Co-Authors: Claudio SOCCI, Francesca SEVERINI, Jacopo Zotti, Rosita PRETAROLI
How incentives for skilled-workers stimulate economic performance and employment level. Evidence from a CGE analysis. PDF  
122 Author: Christian Lutz
How to catch the rebound effect in interindustry modelling PDF Paper
123 Author: Faye Duchin
Human Migration in a Globalized Economy: Groundwork for Analyzing Alternative Scenarios PDF  
124 Author: Arthur Jakobs
Co-Authors: Stefan Pauliuk
Hybridising Multi-Regional Input-Output and Life Cycle Assessment models using the Maximum Entropy principle. PDF  
125 Author: Meraris Carolina Lopez
Identification of key sectors in greenhouse gas emissions for the Salvadoran economy: an application of the input-output analysis PDF  
126 Author: Haruka Mitoma
Co-Authors: Fumiya NAGASHIMA, Shigemi KAGAWA, Keisuke NANSAI
Identifying Critical Supply Chain Paths and Key Sectors for Mitigating PM2.5 Mortality in India PDF Paper
127 Author: Nicolas GARRIDO
Co-Authors: Anett GROSSMANN, Anke M. MOENNIG, Juan Pedro EBERHARD, Loreto Bieritz, Patricio AROCA
Impact Assessment of the Changes in the Energy Sources and Efficiency on the Chilean Mining Sector PDF  
128 Author: Hadi Setiawan
Co-Authors: Sofia Arie Damayanty
Impact of VAT on Agriculture Sector in Indonesia: a SAM Approach PDF  
129 Author: Óscar Dejuán
Co-Authors: Ferran Portella-Carbo, Mateo Ortiz
Impact on emissions, employment and the balance of trade of the decarbonization of the electricity production and transport in the EU. A MRIO multiplier-accelerator model. PDF  
130 Author: Alberto Franco Solís
Co-Authors: Xueqin Zhu
131 Author: Nik Rozelin bt Nik Ramzi Shah
Co-Authors: M. Yusof SAARI, Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman, Chakrin UTIT
Impacts of Processing Trade on Productivity in Malaysia PDF  
132 Author: Takayuki Mase
Impacts of producing electrically driven vehicles on Japan industrial output PDF Paper
133 Author: YE ZUOYI
Co-Authors: Kiyoshi FUJIKAWA
Income distribution effects of Value Added Tax reform in China PDF Paper
134 Author: Kevin Connolly
Co-Authors: Grant Jordan Allan, David Comerford, Peter McGregor
Incorporating Natural Capital into A Computable General Equilibrium Model for Scotland PDF Paper
135 Author: Fabrício Pitombo Leite
Induced subnational government expenditures in an Input-Output framework: a first assessment PDF  
136 Author: Hervey Gibson
Industrial and Regional Analysis in Britain’s Brexit debate PDF Paper
137 Author: Koen Breemersch
Co-Authors: An VERCALSTEREN, Evelien Dils, Maarten Christis
Input-Output analysis and the richness of environmental applications: A researcher’s perspective PDF Paper
138 Author: Luis Daniel TORRES
Co-Authors: Advait Rajagopal, Jangho Yang
Input-Output Linkages and Productivity Propagation PDF  
139 Author: Yang Qu
Co-Authors: Eleni Papathanasopoulou, Melanie Clare Austen, Tara Hooper, Xiaoyu Yan
Integrating natural capital into CGE modelling PDF  
140 Author: Rodrigo da Rocha Gonçalves
Co-Authors: Cassius Rocha Oliveira
141 Author: Pedro MARTINS FERREIRA
International Competitiveness in EU based on balanced domestic trade estimates PDF Paper
142 Author: Unnada Chewpreecha
Co-Authors: Hector B. POLLITT
Introduction to the E3-India model PDF  
143 Author: Ming Ye
Co-Authors: Sebastien MIROUDOT
Investigating double counting terms in the value-added decomposition of gross exports PDF Paper
144 Author: Carolina SILVA RIBEIRO
Co-Authors: Gilca Garcia de Oliveira, Roberto Maximiano Pereira
Investments in wind energy in the State of Bahia: an analysis using input-output indicators PDF Paper
145 Author: Ana Serrano
Co-Authors: Rosa DUARTE
Is Central and Eastern Europe a pollution haven within the EU? A MRIO-panel data approach PDF  
146 Author: Armando Andrés Álvarez
Co-Authors: Juan José López
Keynesian multiplier and limits to the accumulation: an Input-Output analysis PDF Paper
147 Author: Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Edinak
Labor Movement forecast on the base of I-O approach PDF Paper
148 Author: José Bruno Fevereiro
Co-Authors: Carlos Pinkusfeld Bastos
Labour productivity in Hyper-Integrated Subsystems in Brazil: 2000-2016 PDF  
149 Author: Miguel Ángel Almazán-Gómez
Co-Authors: Rosa DUARTE, Raquel Langarita, Julio Sánchez Chóliz
Linking a multiregional input-output and a Hydro-Economic models to analyze the Ebro River basin PDF  
150 Author: Christian Lutz
Co-Authors: Markus Flaute, Ulrike Lehr
Macroeconomic effects of energy transition PDF Paper
151 Author: Alexander Shirov
Co-Authors: Andrey Kolpakov
Macroeconomic impact of the energy technologies changes in Russia: input-output approach PDF Paper
152 Author: Surabhi R. JOSHI
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Mapping effectiveness of Indian COP24 commitments towards low carbon climate resilient sustainable growth trajectory for India PDF  
153 Author: Ortzi Akizu Gardoki
Co-Authors: Estitxu Villamor
Measuring energy footprint in bottom-up energy transitions in the Basque Country PDF  
154 Author: Mariusz Plich
Measuring the contribution of nuclear energy to reducing greenhouse gas emissions – case of Poland PDF  
155 Author: Qingyan Jiang
Measuring the impact of outward direct investment on home country’s employment: The case of China’s ODI to the US PDF Paper
156 Author: Anett GROSSMANN
Co-Authors: Mark Meyer, Martin Distelkamp
Meeting the Paris Agreement and Supporting Sustainability - quantifying synergies and trade-offs PDF Paper
157 Author: Christa Dean COURT
Methodological considerations for estimating the total economic impacts of natural disasters for the agriculture industry PDF  
158 Author: Juan Carlos Castillo
Mexican manufacturing and its integration into global value chains PDF Paper
159 Author: Maria Socrates Markaki
Co-Authors: Athena Belegri-Roboli, Panayotis G. Michaelides, Konstantinos N Konstantakis, Theocharis Marinos
Migration and Employability Indicators: A Structural Analysis PDF Paper
160 Author: Antonio F. AMORES
Mind the gap! The challenge of using consumption surveys to feed macroeconomic models PDF  
161 Author: Jiansuo Pei
Misallocation and China's regional disparity: Theory and evidence PDF  
162 Author: James Squibb
Modelling Inter-Regional Trade Flows: A new method based on Generalized Radiation Model and Multi-Regional GRAS Technique PDF  
163 Author: Oluwafisayo Alabi
Co-Authors: Gioele Figus, Christian Francisco Calvillo, Antonios Katris
Modelling the distribution of Costs from Network/Infrastructural Upgrades for Electric Vehicles (EVs): who ultimately pays? PDF Paper
164 Author: Richard Lewney
Modelling the impact of Brexit using the E3ME macro-sectoral model PDF Paper
165 Author: Laura Maria Virtanen
Co-Authors: Bjarne Hartz Madsen
Modelling the regional labour market for midwives in Denmark with LINE, an interregional SAM-type 2-by-2-by-2 principle model PDF  
166 Author: Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman
Co-Authors: Bart LOS, Anne OWEN, Manfred LENZEN
Multi-level Comparisons of Input-Output Tables using Cross-Entropy Indicators PDF  
167 Author: Richard WOOD
Multipliers on trade - estimating a simplified SNAC for the EU PDF  
168 Author: Venkata Sai Gargeya Vunnava
Co-Authors: Futu FATURAY, Manfred LENZEN, Shweta Singh
Multiregional economic impacts of renewable energy adoption in the United States using Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory PDF  
169 Author: Grant Jordan Allan
Co-Authors: Graeme Roy, Scott J McGrane
Multisectoral analyses of industrial water use in Scotland: decomposition analyses, linkage measures and their policy relevance PDF  
170 Author: Pablo RUIZ NAPOLES
Co-Authors: Eduardo MORENO REYES
171 Author: Aleix ALTIMIRAS-MARTIN
New method to build a PIOT without disposals to nature by merging data from a MIOT and from natural resource primary inputs: the brazilian copper PIOT case. PDF Paper
172 Author: Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Of Yeast and Mushrooms: A comparison between TFP growth and hyper-integrated labour productivity changes PDF  
173 Author: Andre Carrascal Incera
Co-Authors: Deniz Sevinc, Diana Gutierrez Posada, Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS, Kurt KRATENA, Raquel ORTEGA ARGILES, Tasos Kitsos
On the estimation procedure of the new I-O UK regional model: SEIM-UK PDF  
174 Author: Vinicius A. VALE
Co-Authors: Eduardo Amaral Haddad, Natalia Quiroga Cotarelli
On the Numerical Structure of Local and Nationwide Government Spending Multipliers: What Can We Learn from the Greek Crisis? PDF Paper
175 Author: Ke Wang
Co-Authors: Jiayu Wang
Optimizing multi-regional production with economic-energy-environmental constraints in China PDF  
176 Author: Carlos Andres Lopez-Morales
Options for Water Distribution and Wastewater Treatment in Mexico City PDF  
177 Author: Keiko Ito
Participation in the Global Value Chains and Domestic Technology Change: Evidence from Japanese Patent-Firm-Matched Data PDF  
178 Author: Rossella Bardazzi
Population ageing, cohort effects and personal consumption expenditure PDF  
179 Author: Bingqian YAN
Co-Authors: Bart LOS, Erik DIETZENBACHER
Potential environmental savings through food waste reductions: a new method PDF  
180 Author: Kenia B. DE SOUZA
Co-Authors: Tânia Moreira Alberti
Poverty and the functional distribution of income: in pursuit of strategies for inclusive growth PDF  
181 Author: Xu Jian
Co-Authors: Xuemei ZHANG, Yang Yang GUO, Haoyang Zhao
Price Transmission and Industrial Linkage: A theoretical explanation of inter-sectoral price transmission based on input-output coefficients PDF Paper
182 Author: Hector B. POLLITT
Co-Authors: Eva S. ALEXANDRI
Projections of consumption-based emissions for the EU and globally PDF Paper
183 Author: Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman
Co-Authors: M. Yusof SAARI, Arunima MALIK, Manfred LENZEN
Quantifying Skill and Ethnic Wage Inequality from Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): A Demand-side Analysis for Malaysia PDF  
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