28th International Input-Output Association Conference
10th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
5th - 10th July 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Call for Papers

Aims for the Conference

The 2020 IIOA Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will build on the successes of the previous IIOA conferences. We aim to attract a wide range of experienced academics, scientists, researchers, innovators, educators and policy makers from across the world and at all stages of their careers by creating a programme to inspire the next generation and encourage partnerships and collaborations.

At the IIOA Conference, we want to continue in this direction embracing this vibrant approach to promote and stimulate the worldwide exchange of ideas amongst all IIOA Conference attendees with interests in input-output analysis and related methods. The main theme of the IIOA conference is "Promoting Economic Growth and Strengthening Social Pillars by Empowering Local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)." We particularly welcome papers/presentations about how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through developing and promoting relevant policies. We want to ensure we have a successful conference and reaching out to experienced and younger scholars in the world.

Papers and presentations are strongly encouraged ensuring greater participation, information sharing and success.

Mode of Participation

Organised Sessions

Shigemi Kagawa, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

We strongly encourage all members to suggest and organise special sessions for the IIOA Conference. In the past, these sessions have been most successful in terms of the number of attendants and participant interaction. Please send proposals for thematic sessions or sets of sessions well before the deadline to the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC), Shigemi Kagawa, via e-mail (kagawa@econ.kyushu-u.ac.jp) and include all of the following:

  • title(s) of the organised session(s).
  • the name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of the organiser(s).
  • abstract(s) describing the theme/objectives of the session(s) (of not more than 300 but not less than 200 words).
  • name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of session chair(s).
  • titles and paper IDs of the presentations therein (three presentations per session).
  • names and institutional affiliations of the presenters.

Once the session proposal is accepted by the SPC Chair, the abstracts of individual articles should follow the information as specified below for each of the presentations planned for the proposed sessions.

Individual submissions

We ask that authors submit their names, institutional affiliation(s), the paper title and an abstract of the presentation (not less than 200 words but not more than 300 words) and select a topic from the list provided.

Abstracts are individually reviewed by Members of the Scientific Programme Committee before they can be accepted for inclusion in the Conference Programme. Authors are requested to provide in their abstracts the following information about the submitted articles:

  • the research question;
  • the method used;
  • the data used (if any); and
  • the novelty of the research.

Failing to do this may disadvantage the selection of the article. On the other hand, if a corresponding full paper (of at least 2,000 words) is provided at the time of abstract submission, it will significantly increase the possibility of acceptance.

Each author is permitted to present a maximum of two papers at the conference, a maximum of one in an Organised Session and a maximum of one in a normal session. Authors are allowed to be a co-author on a number of submitted papers.

Paper submissions

Please follow the navigation through our online article submission system COPASS.

Please fill in the requested data (title, abstract, names of all authors, e-mail address, etc.) and select an appropriate topic for the abstract. Once the abstract is accepted, please submit the full paper via COPASS by the specified deadline. A paper with more than 2,000 words shall be considered a full paper for the submission.

Please note that the following three conditions are the NECESSARY CONDITIONS for securing a spot on the final program.

  • acceptance of an abstract;
  • submission of an electronic version of the full paper; AND
  • completion of registration and payment of the appropriate conference fee by the presenter.

Also, the SPC Chair reserves the right to withdraw any article from the programme if it is found that the corresponding presenter shall not show up to the Conference.

Due to an increasing number of participants and papers at IIOA Conferences, the SPC puts every effort to make the best use of available slots in the programme, by eliminating or at least minimising no-shows as much as they can. We sincerely ask for the earliest notification to the SPC Chair (one week beforehand at least) if a presenter finds him/herself unavailable for a presentation at the IIOA Conference.