28th International Input-Output Association Conference
10th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
28th Aug - 02nd Sept 2022, Langkawi Island, Malaysia


Conference Organizers

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA)

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA) is a scientific non-profit membership organization founded in 1988. Its objective is the advancement of knowledge in the field of input-output analysis, including improvements in basic data, theoretical insights and modelling, and applications, both traditional and novel, of input-output techniques. The IIOA grew out of an informal worldwide network of economists, government officials, engineers, and managers with interests in input-output analysis.

International Input-Output Association

Malaysian Input-Output Economic Association

Malaysian Input-Output Economic Association is a non-governmental organization established on 17 January 2022 under the Societies Act 1966 in Putrajaya. The main function of the association is to promote, encourage and enhance knowledge and competence in the field of input-output data development and compilation, and modeling in Malaysia. The establishment of the association is expected to support and strengthen the role of International Input-Output Association (IIOA) at the international level.

Malaysian Economic Input-Output Association

EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA)

EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA) is a state-of-the-art research centre in Malaysia, a collaborative laboratory between Employment Insurance System (EIS) at Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and Universiti Putra Malaysia Consultancy & Services (UPMCS), focusing on labour market research and analytics

Centre For Future Labour Market Studies