28th International Input-Output Association Conference
10th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
28th Aug - 02nd Sept 2022, Langkawi Island, Malaysia


Local Organizing Committee

The main responsibilites of Local Organizing Committee (LOC) are to secure sponsorship and strategic local partners, and organize the event which includes determining conference location and accomodation, managing conference schedules, preparing conference materials and planning meals, etc.

Chair of Local Organizing Committee

Mohd Yusof Saari (Yusof) is an Associate Professor at School of Business and Economics at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Recently, Yusof has seconded to the Employment Insurance System (EIS), Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) as a Chief Economist to the EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA). In addition to research and consultation, Yusof actively involves in the economic planning and development of various national and international agencies and bodies. Yusof holds a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands and has written extensively on issues related to development economics with specific applications of input-output, social accounting matrix (SAM) and applied general equilibrium models. Yusof also one of the prominent speakers and writers in the Malaysian news and printed media.

Deputy Chair of Local Organizing Committee

Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business and Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and a Senior Economist at the EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA). He is also the Managing Director for the Review of Labour Market Policy (RLMP), official journal for EU-ERA. He studied economics in UPM and obtained his PhD at the University of Sydney, Australia in 2018. His research mostly related to application of economic wide modelling for sustainability analysis that portrays an inclusive policy making in term of economic, social and environment. Recently, he focuses more on labour market analysis pertaining to external market impact, regional labour market dynamics, productivity and growth that employs macroeconomic models.

Members of Local Organizing Committee

The core team members for the Local Organizing Committee are supported by the people from the EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA). In addition to the EU-ERA, LOC also is supported by other team members from various local universities and agencies.

EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies
Muzafar Shah Habibullah
Heizlyn Amyneina Hamzah
Muhamad Zharif Luqman Hashim
Mohd Alzaiery Abdul
Muhammad Khalid Ahmad Kamal
Nur Azreen Mokhyi
Henny Abigailwillyen Sinjus
Muhammad Zulkifli Amiruddin
May Hajjartul Ain Meor Mohamad
Siti Nurshafira Mohd Adzhar
Norsyazani Ismail
Muhammad Hafiz Mohd Zulkeply

School of Business and Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Chakrin Utit

Azman Hashim International Business School, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Asan Ali Golam Hassan

Malaysia Productivity Corporation
Zaffrullah Hussein

International Center for Education in Islamic Finance
Baharom Abdul Hamid

School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Abdul Rais Abdul Latiff
Siti Rahyla Rahmat
Noor Alyani Nor Azazi
Radin Firdaus Radin Badaruddin
Maslina Mohammed Shaed

WPHOUS Technologies
Muhammad Sidiq Ali