28th International Input-Output Association Conference
10th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
28th Aug - 02nd Sept 2022, Langkawi Island, Malaysia


Abstracts and Papers

The Book of Abstracts for the 2022 IIOA Conference on Langkawi, Malaysia, as of 2 September 2022, is behind the link below:

IIOA Conference 2022 [Book of Abstracts].pdf

In total, 100 abstracts and 39 Full Papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstract Full Paper
1 Author: Ganesh Sivamani
Co-Authors: Rajesh Chadha
A Hybrid Energy Input-Output Table for India: Computing Sectoral Energy Needs and GHG Emissions PDF Paper
2 Author: Keitaro Maeno
A marginal extraction analysis for low-carbon global supply chains. PDF  
3 Author: Satoshi INOMATA
Co-Authors: Tesshu Hanaka
A Risk Analysis on the Network Concentration of Global Supply Chains PDF  
4 Author: Norihiko YAMANO
Co-Authors: Colin WEBB
Accounting for within-industry firm heterogeneity in an Inter-Country Input-Output system PDF  
5 Author: Douglas S. MEADE
An Integrated Input-Output Based Method of Multifactor Productivity Measurement PDF Paper
6 Author: Mun Sing Ho
Analyzing Carbon Pricing Policies using a General Equilibrium Model with production parameters estimated using firm data PDF Paper
7 Author: Lorenzo Rinaldi
Co-Authors: Matteo Vincenzo Rocco, Emanuela Colombo
Assessing critical materials demand in global energy transition scenarios based on the Dynamic Extraction and Recycling Input-Output framework (DYNERIO) PDF Paper
8 Author: Radhika PIPLANI
Border Carbon Adjustment: An empirical investigation into the politics of climate change PDF Paper
9 Author: Mitsuru Shimoda
Co-Authors: Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Takatoshi WATANABE
Bottleneck model for estimation of economic damage of earthquakes PDF Paper
10 Author: Fumiya NAGASHIMA
Co-Authors: Shohei TOKITO, Tesshu Hanaka
Carbon Footprint Analysis Based on the Structural Position in the Global Supply-Chain Networks PDF  
11 Author: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Co-Authors: Daniel Moran, Jemyung Lee, Yosuke SHIGETOMI
Carbon footprint of cities based on micro-consumption data PDF  
12 Author: SEIYA IMADA
Co-Authors: Keitaro Maeno, Shigemi KAGAWA
Carbon Footprint of Residential Construction Technologies in Japan PDF  
13 Author: Lena Kilian
Co-Authors: Anne OWEN, Andy Newing, Diana Ivanova
Changes in income of different household types and the impact on UK consumption-based emissions and climate policy PDF  
14 Author: Francesca SEVERINI
Co-Authors: Jacopo Zotti, Rosita PRETAROLI, Claudio SOCCI
Circular economy inside the policy structures: a multisectoral approach PDF  
15 Author: Devrim Murat YAZAN
Co-Authors: Theresa Simone Freiin von Rennenberg, Luca Fraccascia
Circularity Reinforcement of Critical Raw Materials in Europe: An Input-Output Analysis for the Case of Niobium PDF  
16 Author: Waka Nishifuji
Co-Authors: Kayoko SHIRONITTA, Haruka Mitoma, Shigemi KAGAWA
CO2 Mitigation through Similarity Analysis of Production Technologies and Lifestyles of Nations PDF  
17 Author: Daigo Ushijima
Co-Authors: Tomoaki Nakaishi, Haruka Mitoma, Shigemi KAGAWA
CO2 mitigation through the efficiency improvements in the medical sector of Japan PDF  
18 Author: Daisuke Yoshizawa
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA, Yuya Nakamoto
CO2 Reduction Potential of Expanding Car Sharing Services: The case of Japan PDF  
19 Author: Alsu SAYAPOVA
Co-Authors: Rustam Ishbulatov, Vildan Gaiazov
Comparative analysis of endogenization methods of the final demand component parts PDF Paper
20 Author: Nurul Sakinah Ngaini
Co-Authors: MUHAMMAD ANAS NABIL AL-FATTAH MUHAMMAD YAZID, Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman, M. Yusof SAARI
Constructing interregional input-output tables for Negeri Sembilan Malaysia for assessing sources of economic leakages PDF Paper
21 Author: Everlam E. MONTIBELER
Co-Authors: Rodrigo Straessli Pinto Franklin, Everlam E. MONTIBELER, César Sánchez
Contemporary world market, values and depreciation: insights from the World Labour Values Database PDF Paper
22 Author: Kiyoshi Fujikawa
Co-Authors: Mitsuru Shimoda, Takatoshi WATANABE
Conventional Input-Output models to estimate economic damage of earthquakes. PDF Paper
23 Author: Hadya Fatima Cheema
COVID-19 and Income distribution - A case study of South Asia PDF  
24 Author: José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE
Co-Authors: Juan Manuel Valderas Jaramillo
Dealing with incomplete data in Extended Supply and Use Tables: various strategies and practical implications PDF  
25 Author: Klemen Knez
Decomposition of Supply, Demand, Trade and Value Chain Driven Determinants of Structural Change PDF Paper
26 Author: Fernando de la Torre Cuevas
Co-Authors: Xesús Pereira
Deflation of Input-Output Tables using a Path-RAS approach PDF Paper
27 Author: Muhamad Zharif Luqman Hashim
Co-Authors: M. Yusof SAARI, Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman, Syamsul Herman Mohammad Afandi, Chakrin UTIT
Development of MAC-GREEN for Green Economy Assessment in Malaysia PDF  
28 Author: Mohd Alzaiery Abdul
Co-Authors: Chakrin UTIT, M. Yusof SAARI, Muhammad Daaniyall Abd Rahman
Development of Manpower Projection and Assessment Tool (MPAST) for Labor Market Projection in Malaysia, 2021-2030 PDF Paper
29 Author: Yanan Zhang
Co-Authors: Yongming HUANG, JAMAL KHAN
Digitalization, positioning in global value chain and carbon emissions embodied in exports PDF  
30 Author: Everlam E. MONTIBELER
Co-Authors: Filipe Vasconcelos Rocha, Rodrigo Emmanuel Santana Borges
Dimension and formalization impacts of Rio de Janeiro's Shadow Economy: an input-output based method design and insights from real data PDF  
31 Author: SHO HATA
Co-Authors: Keisuke NANSAI, Kenichi NAKAJIMA
Discovering fixed-capital categories resulting in significant material and carbon footprints, with application to Japanese material flow PDF  
32 Author: Xue Dong
Co-Authors: lian Xue, Qaiser Jamal, Yanan Zhang, Yongming HUANG
Does Input Digitization Promote the Share of Factor Rewards and Their Embedding Depth in the Global Value Chains? —A perspective based on domestic value-added decomposition in export PDF  
33 Author: Shogo Eguchi
Co-Authors: Yuya Nakamoto, Hirotaka TAKAYABU
Dynamics and regional heterogeneity in power generation efficiency of PV power plants in Japan focusing on new market entrants PDF Paper
34 Author: Yusuke Oga
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA, Tomoaki Yoshizawa
Economic and Environmental Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic through Foreign Tourists Demand in Japan. PDF Paper
35 Author: Luz Dary Beltran Jaimes
Co-Authors: María C. Delgado
Economic impact of the Next Generation EU funds in Andalusia through a dynamic applied general equilibrium model for 2021-2026 PDF  
36 Author: Zulekha Qadeer
Economic implications of Mega Trade Agreements on South Asia – A CGE Approach PDF  
37 Author: Ananya Ajatasatru
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY, Vishnu Sivadasa Prabhu
Economy-wide impact of climate smart agriculture in India – using a SAM framework PDF  
38 Author: Wannaphong Durongkaveroj
Emphasis on domestic value added in the era of global value chains: evidence from Thailand PDF Paper
39 Author: Haruka Mitoma
Empirical Analysis of Carbon Footprint Considering Production Activities of Informal Sector PDF  
40 Author: Devrim Murat YAZAN
Co-Authors: Orkide Nur Kara, Luca Fraccascia
Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Electric Buses and their Operations PDF  
41 Author: Paul Hadji-Lazaro
Environmental responsibility and exposure of finance: combining Environmentally-extended Input-Output and Balance Sheet approaches PDF Paper
42 Author: Kirsten S. WIEBE
Co-Authors: Carl-Johan H. SÖDERSTEN, Moana Simas
Estimating SDG impacts through GVCs on countries that are in the ICIO's Rest of the World region PDF  
43 Author: Carmen Zürcher
Co-Authors: Sebastien MIROUDOT, Carmen Zürcher
Estimation and Applications of OECD Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) Tables in Previous Year Prices (PYP) PDF Paper
44 Author: Filipe Vasconcelos Rocha
Evaluation of the fiscal recovery regime in State of Rio de Janeiro: a CGE analysis PDF Paper
45 Author: Taiga Shimotsuura
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA, Tomoaki Yoshizawa
Factor Decomposition Analysis of Changes in CO2 Emissions from Container Shipping PDF  
46 Author: Vladimir MOTORIN
From SUT to SIOT and Backward: Exploring the Reverse Transformations under Product Technology and Industry Technology Assumptions PDF Paper
47 Author: Andressa Lemes Proque
Co-Authors: Admir Antonio Betarelli Junior, Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
Fuel tax, Cross Subsidy and Transport: Assessing the Effects on Income and Consumption Distribution in Brazil PDF Paper
48 Author: Peipei Chen
Co-Authors: Huo Jingwen
Full-scale, near real-time multi-regional input-output table for the global emerging economies (EMERGING) PDF Paper
49 Author: Bart LOS
Co-Authors: Xianjia Ye
Functional Specialization in Global Supply Chains and the Environmental Performance of Countries PDF  
50 Author: Oscar Lemmers
Handbook of extended supply and use tables & practical applications PDF  
51 Author: JAMAL KHAN
Co-Authors: Yongming HUANG, Yanan Zhang, Xiaoli nan
Has the ICT sector become the engine of China’s economic growth? PDF Paper
52 Author: Tomomi SHODA
Co-Authors: Keitaro Maeno, Shigemi KAGAWA, Taiga Shimotsuura, Taiga Shimotsuura
Identifying Environmentally-important Shipping Routes and Ports in the Global Supply-chain Network PDF  
53 Author: Muhammad Omer Khan
Co-Authors: Muhammad Aamir KHAN
Impact of UK – Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA): Options for UK and Japan PDF  
54 Author: Huo Jingwen
Impacts of decent living on national and global carbon emissions PDF  
55 Author: Eva Varga
Implementation of a new SUT balancing tool and first experiences PDF Paper
56 Author: Shuning Chen
Co-Authors: Kenichi Kurita, Takako WAKIYAMA, Shunsuke MANAGI, Shigemi KAGAWA
Inclusive Wealth Footprint for Cities of Japan: Regional clusters for Sustainable Development PDF  
57 Author: Fabian Rocha Aponte
Co-Authors: Kirsten S. WIEBE
Inter-industry linkages influence speed and scope of innovation diffusion in the energy transition PDF  
58 Author: Chisato HOSOSHIMA
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA
Investigating Sustainable Urban Structures toward a Decarbonized Society PDF  
59 Author: Timon I. BOHN
Co-Authors: Khee Fung Wong, Nieke Aerts, Oscar Lemmers
Linking micro-data to national input-output tables: by whom and from whom are which products imported and to what end? PDF  
60 Author: Vishnu Sivadasa Prabhu
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Macro-economic impacts of Renewable Energy Transition in India: An Input-Output LCA approach PDF  
61 Author: Nguyen Tien Hoang
Co-Authors: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Mapping the deforestation footprint of nations PDF  
62 Author: Ananya Ajatasatru
Co-Authors: Shraddha Shrivastava, Vishnu Sivadasa Prabhu, Ananya Ajatasatru
Measuring food-energy-water nexus footprint using a systematic input output approach: case study of Pune, India PDF  
63 Author: Emmenegger Jean-François
Co-Authors: Hassan Ahmed Nour Eldin
Measuring I/O-Production in DIGITAL ECONOMY PDF Paper
64 Author: Xue Han
Co-Authors: Norihiko YAMANO
Measuring regional value chains PDF  
65 Author: Norman De Guzman Dytianquin
Measuring Technological Change using the Field of Influence Approach to I-O Analysis: Applications to Growth Dynamics in Selected Asian Countries PDF Paper
66 Author: Norman De Guzman Dytianquin
Measuring Technology Shocks using the Field of Influence Approach to Input-Output Analysis: Applications to the 1997 Asian Crisis PDF  
67 Author: Oscar Lemmers
Measuring the economic contribution of firms and activities in terms of national income PDF  
68 Author: Rajat Verma
Co-Authors: Ganesh Sivamani
Modelling the Impact of Clean Environment Cess: Hybrid Energy Input-Output Approach PDF Paper
69 Author: Francesco - Tonini
Co-Authors: Mohammad Amin Tahavori, Nicolò Golinucci, Lorenzo Rinaldi, Francesco Davide Sanvito, Enrico Arlango, Matteo Vincenzo Rocco, Emanuela Colombo
Multifunctional Analysis of Regions through Input-Output (MARIO) for energy transition policies analysis: the case of Italian private passengers’ transport sector. PDF  
70 Author: Bernhard MICHEL
Multinational groups in the Belgian economy: An investigation with extended input-output tables PDF  
71 Author: Candi Clouse
Net Effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the US Economy PDF  
72 Author: Clio CIASCHINI
Co-Authors: Ian P. Cassar, Stefano Deriu
Production and numerosity of firms in the era of Covid-19: The case of Marche region PDF  
73 Author: Eduardo MORENO REYES
Co-Authors: Maurizio Ciaschini, Rosita Pretaroli, Stefano Deriu, Claudio SOCCI
Real disaggregate multipliers in different approaches: the Mexican case PDF  
74 Author: Cláudio Eurico Seibert Fernandes da Silva
Co-Authors: Rayan Wolf, Thais Diniz Oliveira
Regional economic impacts of the Brumadinho tailing dam rupture disaster in Minas Gerais (Brazil) based on labor productivity changes PDF Paper
75 Author: Takatoshi WATANABE
Co-Authors: Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Mitsuru Shimoda
Resource allocation model for estimation of economic damage of earthquakes PDF Paper
76 Author: Eduardo Rodrigues Sanguinet
Co-Authors: Carlos R Azzoni, Augusto Mussi Alvim
Resource-based Industries and CO2 Emissions Embedded in Value Chains: a regional analysis for selected countries in Latin America PDF Paper
77 Author: Heran Zheng
Rising carbon inequality and its driving factors from 2005 to 2015 PDF  
78 Author: Takahiro Tsukamoto
Spatial Stochastic Frontier Models PDF  
79 Author: German Zamorano
Structural change and greenhouse gas emissions: a case study for Argentina during the period 2000-2016 PDF Paper
80 Author: Andressa Lemes Proque
Co-Authors: Admir Antonio Betarelli Junior, Edson Paulo Domingues, Weslem Rodrigues Faria, Aline Souza Magalhães
Tax elimination on terminal handling charges of the sectoral importers: assessing the economic effects in Brazil PDF Paper
81 Author: Kayoko SHIRONITTA
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA, Yasushi KONDO
The analysis of Carbon dioxide emission structure based on the similarities of economic structure using IO analysis and clustering analysis PDF  
82 Author: Rosario CERVANTES
Co-Authors: Timur Gataullin
The complexity of international supply networks and their influence on global income distribution PDF Paper
83 Author: Mohamed Badr
The current status of Uncertainty in EE-MRIO PDF  
84 Author: Paula Villegas Martos
Co-Authors: Manuel A. CARDENETE, María C. Delgado
The economic impact of a tourist tax in Andalusia examined through a price effect model PDF Paper
85 Author: Lingxiu ZHU
Co-Authors: Erik DIETZENBACHER, Cuihong YANG
The Effect of Educational Status on Household Energy Consumption in Urban and Rural China PDF  
86 Author: Umed TEMURSHO
The limiting distributions of (country) responsibilities PDF Paper
87 Author: Stefano Deriu
Co-Authors: Claudio SOCCI, Francesca SEVERINI, Rosita PRETAROLI
The market rigidity hypothesis in a multisectoral CGE approach PDF  
88 Author: Patieene Alves Passoni
The medium-high and high-intensity technology sectors in Mexico and Brazil: a structural decomposition analysis between 2000-2014 PDF Paper
89 Author: Jing Meng
The narrowing gap in carbon emission intensities and its effect on global carbon emissions PDF  
90 Author: Shunsuke OKAMOTO
Co-Authors: Kayoko SHIRONITTA
The relationship between the international-openness along with the industrial network and economic activity of each country PDF Paper
91 Author: Simone Maria Grabner
Co-Authors: Andre Carrascal Incera, Tasos Kitsos
The role of embeddedness on regional economic resilience PDF  
92 Author: Bawani Lelchumanan
Co-Authors: Mohd Nasir Nasir Mohd Saukani, Noorasiah Sulaiman
The role of foreign labour employment in emerging economic sustainability: A comparative input-output analysis PDF  
93 Author: Manjeet Kaur Harnek Singh
Co-Authors: Bawani Lelchumanan
The role of health-care sector in Malaysia’s national economy: An input-output analysis PDF  
94 Author: Satoru Hagino
Co-Authors: Jiyoung KIM
The usefulness of Japan's extended input–output tables incorporating firm heterogeneity PDF Paper
95 Author: Sora Matsushima
Co-Authors: Jinjun XUE, Keisuke NANSAI, Shigemi KAGAWA
Time Series Datasets of the Embodied Energy and Emission Intensity Data for Japan Using Input-Output Tables PDF  
96 Author: Andrey Timofeev
Tracing the Incidence of Indirect Taxes through the Production-Distribution Chain: Application to Jordan PDF Paper
97 Author: Pablo Pinero
Co-Authors: Giovanni MANDRAS, José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE, Zornitsa Kutlina-Dimitrova
Trade between EU countries and the world: Deviations in official inter-country input-output tables and their implications for policy PDF  
98 Author: Aoi Tsukioka
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA, Sora Matsushima
Unit Structure Analysis of Oil Price Pressure: The Case of Japan PDF  
99 Author: Yongming HUANG
Co-Authors: Xiaoli nan, Yanan Zhang, JAMAL KHAN
Why should you blame your neighbor? A Multi-Regional Input–Output Analysis of emissions embodied in China’s international trade PDF  
100 Author: JAMAL KHAN
Co-Authors: Yongming HUANG, Yanan Zhang
Why should you blame your neighbor? A Multi-Regional Input–Output Analysis of emissions embodied in China’s international trade PDF