28th International Input-Output Association Conference
10th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
28th Aug - 02nd Sept 2022, Langkawi Island, Malaysia


10th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis

School of IO


The ISIOA since 2011 continues to grow as an event and is now a key feature of the annual IIOA Conference. This event provides a notable and unique training and educational opportunity in the field of Input Output for all attendees.

Background of the ISIOA

In 2010, in the 18th IIOA Conference in Sydney, Australia, a set of three training sessions, mainly orientated to young scholars were provided which were very well attended and exceptionally well received. These pioneering sessions were provided by Sanjiv Mahajan (over 50 people attended), Juan Carlos Parra and Thijs ten Raa.

The successful nature of this initiative turned out to be the springboard to officially setting-up the International School of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA), launched a year later in the 2011 IIOA Conference in Alexandria, USA. The presentations in the 1st Edition were provided by Sanjiv Mahajan, Joy Murray and Susana Santos.

The logistics and early work was driven, planned and organised by José M. Rueda-Cantuche supported by Geoffrey Hewings, Erik Dietzenbacher and Albert E. Steenge as well as the trainers.

Since the introduction of the ISIOA, the IIOA has incorporated in each of its annual IIOA Conferences, an annual Edition of the ISIOA. The ISIOA has extended its activities to online training sessions during 2021, in response to the demand from IIOA younger members.

The 28 thIIOA Conference in Langkawi Island, Malaysia will hold the 10th Edition of the ISIOA.

Aim of the ISIOA

The aim is to train younger scholars in the use of standard tools of I-O analysis in a broad sense and encouraging direct communication and/or collaboration between scholars and renowned researchers/ lecturers in the field.

In addition, the ISIOA plays a relevant role in the support of international workshops for groups of scholars and/or researchers coming from areas in the world with a low tradition in I-O related studies and with manifested interest in advancing the field in a broad sense.

Organisation of the ISIOA

At each annual IIOA Conference, the Directorate of the School prepares every year Modules of Teaching Sessions, which can vary in number with a maximum of six per year. The Modules deal with core topics of interest in I-O analysis and building on the feedback from previous Editions. Each Module is led by one or various lecturers and consists of four teaching sessions.

There are usually two events: the first, usually consists of an ISIOA Reception on the evening prior to the school day, aiming to introduce the lecturers and any logistics related to the Module; and the second, the school day itself, the teaching sessions.

The location and other details will be announced nearer the time. A flavour of the type of themes in the past include:

  • Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis;
  • Construction of Supply and Use Tables and Input-Output Tables;
  • Tourism Satellite Accounts;
  • Structural Decomposition Analysis;
  • Measuring Productivity Growth;
  • Global value chain analysis;
  • Econometric input-output modelling;
  • Computable general equilibrium models;
  • Estimation of Multi-Regional Input-Output Tables; and
  • Construction of Social Accounting Matrices.

Details for the 2022 ISIOA

The IIOA will organise at the 28th IIOA Conference, the 10th Edition of the International School of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA).

The 2022 ISIOA will be held at the second floor, Bayview Hotel (conference venue), Langkawi Island, Malaysia. There will be a reception held for the tutors, attendees and IIOA Council Members in the foyer (second floor) at 17:30 on Sunday, 28th August 2022. The actual training modules will run split in four sessions from 09:00 to 17:30 on Monday, 29th August 2022.

In order to register for one of the 2022 ISIOA Training Modules:

  • Complete the Registration form in the link above.
  • Email a brief CV and a copy of your registration confirmation for the 28th IIOA Conference (i.e. a confirmation payment) to:
  • Please put “[ISIOA 2022] *your surname*” in the email subject heading.
  • Deadline for the application for the ISIOA is Monday, 1st August 2022.

The final list of participants will be published in early August 2022, around one month prior to the IIOA Conference on this web page. In order to be eligible for the final list, participants should have paid the registration fee for the IIOA Conference by Monday, 1st August, 2022.

The list of participants, including observers, for the 2022 ISIOA can be found below:

In the meantime, if you want any specific details or clarifications, please contact either:

José M. Rueda-Cantuche
Head of the ISIOA
 or both 
Mohd Yusof Saari
Chair of Local Organizing Committee