29th International Input-Output Association Conference
11th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
25th - 30th June 2023, Alghero, Italy


Conference Organizers

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA)

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA) is a scientific non-profit membership organization founded in 1988. Its objective is the advancement of knowledge in the field of input-output analysis, including improvements in basic data, theoretical insights and modelling, and applications, both traditional and novel, of input-output techniques. The IIOA grew out of an informal worldwide network of economists, government officials, engineers, and managers with interests in input-output analysis.

Associazione InputOutput 2023

The Associazione InputOutput 2023 is a scientific non-profit membership organization that aims to promote, organize and manage the 29th edition of the "International input- output conference" and the 11th edition of the "International school of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA)".

Università degli Studi di Sassari

The University of Sassari was founded in 1558 by Alessio Fontana, a distinguished gentleman of the Town of Sassari. The official launch dates back to May 1562, when the Jesuits started their activity as scholars and teachers for the local clergy.
Today, this medium-sized University, with over 13,000 students and around 700 scholars, consists of 10 Departments, which also collaborate with a number of academic and research centers and institutes. In addition to its 50+ institutional courses, it also offers a wide range of post-graduate studies and research activities, including PhD courses, medical specialisation schools, advanced training programs and international exchange projects.

Comune di Alghero

The Municipality of Alghero, location city of the conference, with a population of about 42 thousand inhabitants, located in the Province of Sassari (Autonomous Region of Sardinia).
It is also known as the Sardinian Barceloneta, or "little Barcelona": the city has in fact retained the use of Catalan.
The city, one of the largest in Sardinia, is part of the Riviera del Corallo, a name that derives from the fact that in the waters of its bay there is a large quantity of red coral, fished by underwater coral that with the processing and sale, for centuries has had a great economic and cultural importance, so much so that a branch of coral is inserted in the coat of arms of the city.
Alghero is the third university city of Sardinia after Sassari and Cagliari, with the headquarters of the Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of the University of Sassari.

Fondazione Alghero

Founded in July 2010, the M.E.T.A. (Museums Events Tourism Alghero), is a participatory instrumental body of the Municipality of Alghero, aimed at implementing strategies for cultural development and tourism promotion in the area. The Foundation is entrusted with the management, conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage assets of the Municipality of Alghero. From 2019 it becomes the Alghero Foundation - (Museums Events Tourism Art)

Joint Research Centre (JRC)

The JRC is a directorate-general of the European Commission under the responsibility of Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. The JRC provides independent, evidence-based knowledge and science, supporting EU policies to positively impact society. As a department of the European Commission, the JRC plays a key role at multiple stages of the policy cycle. The JRC works closely with other Commission departments, EU institutions and agencies, as well as with scientific partners and policy organisations in Europe and internationally. The JRC offers scientific expertise and competences from a very wide range of scientific disciplines in support of almost all EU policy areas.

Sardegna Ricerche

Sardegna Ricerche is an agency of the Regional government of Sardinia. The Agency is an integral part of the regional policies promoting scientific research and technological innovation in Sardinia.

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