29th International Input-Output Association Conference
11th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
25th - 30th June 2023, Alghero, Italy


Keynotes Speakers

Introduction to the Plenary Sessions

For the 2023 IIOA Conference, we will have five Keynote Speakers across three Plenary Sessions and a Plenary Panel Session on the compilation of Global Inter-country Input-Output tables by international organisations.

InspIO Talks

Based on the innovation at the 2019 IIOA Conference, where a new format was introduced to one of the Plenary Sessions, the second and third Plenary Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday will cover two keynote addresses called InspIO Talks with no more than 15 minutes each, high-level, note-free and slide-thin presentations. The Speakers will be required to focus more on key messages and are encouraged to use memorable visual aids. The InspIO Talks are attempting to engage and excite the audience in a similar way to the well-known TED talks. Each talk will be followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussion.

The 2023 IIOA Conference InspIO Talk speakers will be two former presidents of the IIOA:

  • Jan Oosterhaven, University of Groningen, Netherlands; and
  • Satoshi Inomata, IDE-JETRO, Japan.

Keynote Sessions

The Plenary Sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be of the conventional type. Each session will have 25-30 minutes presentation followed by 25-30 minutes questions and answers. The three highly reputable guests will be:

  • Rutger Hoekstra, Associate Professor at the Institute for Environmental Sciences, Leiden University;
  • Alessandra Alfieri, Chief, Environmental-Economic Accounts Section, UNSD.
  • Nadim Ahmad, Deputy Director at the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities.

Panel Keynote Session

On Friday, the IIOA, the SPC and the LOC have organised a Plenary Panel Session on Global Inter-country Input-Output Tables, sponsored by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) under the auspices of the OECD Regional-Global Trade in Value Added Initiatives, represented by the European Commission (Eurostat and JRC), OECD, UN-ECLAC, Asian Development Bank and International Monetary Fund. The European Commission will chair this Session and the five panellists will speak about the relevance for users to have international agencies working together towards a convergence on a global benchmark of the required input data entering the various global inter-country input-output tables.

The plenary panel session will have one hour of discussion among panellists followed by 25-30 minutes questions and answers from the audience.

Background to the speakers

Coming soon.

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