29th International Input-Output Association Conference
11th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
25th - 30th June 2023, Alghero, Italy


Abstracts and Papers

The Book of Abstracts for the 2023 IIOA Conference, is behind the link below:

IIOA Conference 2023 [Book of Abstracts].pdf

In total, 251 abstracts and 69 Full Papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstracts Full Papers
1 Author: Wenyin CHENG
Co-Authors: Bo MENG, Yuning Gao, Shang-jin WEI, Kyoji Fukao
'Made in the World': Measuring the Productivity of Global Value Chains PDF  
2 Author: Xue Han
Co-Authors: Faith BALISACAN
A brief introduction of ADB MRIO and Digital Supply and Use Table PDF  
3 Author: Alec Phillpotts
A Comparative Assessment of Nowcasting Approaches For MRIO Databases PDF  
4 Author: Keiji Ujikawa
Co-Authors: Xuemei Shen, Yu Zhang
A Compilation of SEEA and Application to Input-Output Accounts PDF  
5 Author: Joan Shilpa Kiran
Co-Authors: Tejal Kanitkar
A Methodology for Estimating Labour Impacts of Low Carbon Growth Pathways PDF  
6 Author: Marcelo Resende Tonon
Co-Authors: Esther Dweck, Fabio Neves Peracio de Freitas
A Montgomery Additive Decomposition with disaggregate factors within the Leontief Inverse. PDF  
7 Author: M. Carmen LIMA
Co-Authors: Ferran Sancho, Manuel A. CARDENETE
A price-quantity linear model as an extension of the standard models in input-output analysis: An empirical application on NextGenerationEU funds. PDF  
8 Author: Francesco Zezza
Co-Authors: Giacomo Cucignatto, Giuliano Toshiro Yajima
A Prototype empirical Stock-Flow Consistent Input-Output Ecological model of the Italian economy PDF  
9 Author: Konstantin STADLER
Co-Authors: Hazim Hussein, Mohamed Badr, Peter Maxwell, Candy Deck, Ruslan Zhuravchak
A Python Based Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis Toolbox: Pymrio - newest updates and future developments PDF  
10 Author: Fernando de la Torre Cuevas
Co-Authors: Michael L. LAHR
A space-industry econometric filter: The A matrix as a measure of industry proximity PDF Paper
11 Author: Mattia Pettena
Co-Authors: Marco Raberto
A Stock-Flow Consistent Input-Output model to study the relevance of interindustry product flows in green energy transition policies PDF  
12 Author: José Bruno Fevereiro
A Structural Decomposition Analysis of the evolution of the Wage Share in Developed and Developing Economies PDF  
13 Author: Jialu Sun
Co-Authors: Chuan Li, Ji Kangxian, Xu Jian
A Study on the Accuracy of Heterogeneous Input-Output Models Based on Monte Carlo Simulation PDF Paper
14 Author: Quanrun Chen
Accounting for Global Production of Exports: A Unified Framework PDF Paper
15 Author: Huo Jingwen
Achieving a decent living in emerging economies challenges national reductions goals PDF  
16 Author: Lena Kilian
Co-Authors: Anne OWEN, Andy Newing, Diana Ivanova
Achieving Fair and Effective Emission Reductions: The Impact of Rebound Effects on Emissions of UK Households PDF  
17 Author: Lingxiu ZHU
Co-Authors: Cuihong YANG, Erik DIETZENBACHER
An Adjustment of China’s Energy Consumption Data and the Estimation of the Sectoral Energy Intensity PDF  
18 Author: Martin Jaraiz
Co-Authors: Ruth Pinacho
An agent-based modeling approach for real-world economic systems: calibration with a Social Accounting Matrix of Spain PDF Paper
19 Author: Amin Ullah
Co-Authors: Yousaf Ali
An Application of the Multiregional Input-Output Model (MRIIM) approach to assess the disruptions caused by the Earthquake in Turkey PDF  
20 Author: Michał Przybyliński
Co-Authors: Artur Gorzałczyński
An attempt to assess the interdependence between prices and the structure of inputs on the basis of input-output tables expressed in constant and current prices PDF Paper
21 Author: Kehan He
Co-Authors: Zhifu Mi
An Electricity Big Data Application of the Sequential Interindustry Model – The Case of Chongqing PDF  
22 Author: Luis Alberto Villanueva Martinez
Co-Authors: Xiao JIANG
An in-depth ex-ante assessment of the employment and macroeconomic impacts of the Malawi M1 Road Rehabilitation project PDF Paper
23 Author: Ferran Sancho
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Guerra, Betty Agnani
An index of static resilience in interindustry economics PDF Paper
24 Author: Lorenzo Rinaldi
Co-Authors: Matteo Vincenzo Rocco, Emanuela Colombo
An integrated energy-economic model for the energy transition: insights on critical raw materials exploitation PDF  
25 Author: Sang-Ho Nam
Analysis of the regional socio-economic effects of the basic income in South Korea PDF Paper
26 Author: Maximilian Banning
Co-Authors: Christian Lutz
Analyzing climate change adaptation measures in Georgia PDF Paper
27 Author: Andrea K. EL MELIGI
Co-Authors: Mohammed Basheer, Valeria Ferreira, Victor Nechifor
Artificial Intelligence Driven Solutions for Complex Targets: Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms coupled with SAM-Based Modelling PDF  
28 Author: Enrique Gilles
Co-Authors: Fabio MONSALVE
Assessing the carbon footprint inequality of Colombian households PDF  
29 Author: Andres Gonzalez
Co-Authors: Xesús Pereira
Assessing the Distributional Effects of Maritime Spatial Planning Policies in Galicia, Spain: A Social Augmented Matrix Approach PDF  
30 Author: Futu FATURAY
Co-Authors: Lintje Sie, Wanru Zhou, Ya-Yen Sun
Assessing the Labour, Income and Carbon Footprint on the Global Tourism Sector PDF  
31 Author: Roberto Dellisanti
Co-Authors: Roberta Capello, Giovanni Perucca
At the territorial roots of global processes: the heterogeneous participation of regions in Global Value Chains PDF  
32 Author: Guilherme Spinato Morlin
Co-Authors: Marco Stamegna, Pietro Guarnieri, Simone DAlessandro
Balancing Sustainability and Labor: Policy Solutions for the Italian National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate PDF  
33 Author: Marta Baltruszewicz
Co-Authors: Kjartan Steen-Olsen
Blame the rich? Norwegian consumption-based accounts of household archetypes PDF  
34 Author: Vinicius A. VALE
Co-Authors: Kenia B. DE SOUZA, Mariana Catharin Velludo, Felipe Duplat Luz
Brazilian exports and income distribution: an input-output analysis for 2002-2014 PDF  
35 Author: Tânia Moreira Alberti
Co-Authors: Vinicius A. VALE
Brazilian trade pattern and its vulnerabilities: reflections based on the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic PDF  
36 Author: Xiaoning Gong
Co-Authors: Eleanor Carys Jerram Keeble, David Gbetongninougbo Boko, Ana Deveza
Building AfCIOT and TiVA Indicators in Africa in Support of AfCFTA PDF Paper
37 Author: Yuru Guan
Co-Authors: Jin Yan, Yuli Shan, Klaus Hubacek
Burden of the global energy price crisis on households PDF  
38 Author: Miguel Ángel Martínez García
Co-Authors: Angeles Camara, Cristina Sarasa, Rosa DUARTE
Carbon impacts of generational and consumption changes for an ageing Europe PDF  
39 Author: Xiangjie Chen
Co-Authors: Kuishuang Feng, Klaus Hubacek
Carbon tax design and revenue recycling in line with national redistribution policy and global justice principles PDF  
40 Author: Surabhi JOSHI
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
CBAM ready trade: Assessing socio economic impacts of process choice for decarbonisation under the evolving global trade dynamics for India PDF  
41 Author: Guadalupe Arce
Co-Authors: Ángela García-Alaminos, Mateo Ortiz, Jorge E. Zafrilla
Climate change displacement responsibility along global production chains PDF  
42 Author: Alfredo J. MAINAR CAUSAPÉ
Co-Authors: Patricia D. FUENTES SAGUAR, Liesbeth de Schutter, Prajal Pradhan, Tobias Seydewitz, Stefan Giljum
Climate hazards economic impact analysis using a Bio-MRSUT framework PDF  
43 Author: Antoine MANDEL
Climate impact assessment through input-output networks PDF Paper
44 Author: Andrea K. EL MELIGI
Co-Authors: Ana Isabel Sanjuán López, George Philippidis
Cluster Analysis of the Effects of Trade Restrictions on the EU Food System: A SAM Multiplier Approach PDF  
45 Author: Seiya IMADA
Co-Authors: Keitaro Maeno, Shigemi KAGAWA
CO2 Emission Hotspot Anlysis in the Supply Chain Complexity for Wooden Houses in Japan PDF  
46 Author: Chisato HOSOSHIMA
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA
CO2 emissions recuction potential from passenger vehicles in road network complexity in Japan PDF  
47 Author: Tomomi SHODA
Co-Authors: Keitaro Maeno, Shigemi KAGAWA, Taiga Shimotsuura
CO2 mitigation through global supply chain restructuring with consideration for the environmental efficiency of international shipping PDF  
48 Author: Santacruz Banacloche Sánchez
Co-Authors: Pablo Pinero, José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE
Combining standard TiVA indicators towards a single exposure indicator PDF  
49 Author: Marc Ingo Wolter
Comparison of adaptation measures against climate change and uncertain supply chains PDF  
50 Author: Iljen DEDEGKAJEVA
Compilation of investment matrix as an integrated part of the SUT framework for Estonia PDF Paper
51 Author: Kaiyao Wu
Co-Authors: Qiuhua Zhou
Composition and Influencing Factors of Employee’s Compensation in China—Based on the perspective of Global Value Chain PDF  
52 Author: Chen Pan
Co-Authors: Jianwu HE, Shantong LI
Constructing a China’s provincial multi-year Multi-Regional Input-Output database: 1987-2017 PDF  
53 Author: Daan in t Veld
Co-Authors: Harry C. Wilting
Consumption and production footprints in the EU; a comparison of different accounting approaches to national greenhouse gas emissions PDF  
Crowding-out of Energy Consumption Using the Hefty Network of Trade-induced Spillover and Feedback Effects: A Structural Decomposition Analysis PDF Paper
55 Author: Anthony T. FLEGG
Co-Authors: Xesús Pereira, Napoleón Guillermo Sánchez Chóez, Fernando de la Torre Cuevas, Timo TOHMO
Curve shapes and parameters in FLQ regional modelling: some alternative approaches PDF Paper
56 Author: Kurt KRATENA
Decarbonization in the non-ETS with sector coupling via input-output linkages PDF Paper
57 Author: Peter Anthony Gittins
Developments and Challenges in Producing UK Supply and Use Tables PDF Paper
58 Author: Raquel Langarita
Co-Authors: Ignacio Cazcarro, Adrian Espinosa-Gracia, Julio Sánchez Chóliz
Disaggregating electricity in a supply-use framework extended with capital and investment matrices: The Spanish case PDF  
59 Author: Ángela García-Alaminos
Co-Authors: Jorge E. Zafrilla, Fabio MONSALVE
Disentangling social impacts in global value chains through structural path analysis: the case of forced labour in the cotton industry PDF  
60 Author: Elena Calvo Calvo
Co-Authors: Cristina Sarasa, Rosa DUARTE
Disparities in consumption patterns and carbon footprints driven by increasing female-headed households in Europe PDF  
61 Author: Lilia Caiado Coelho Beltrao Couto
Co-Authors: Tiago DINIZ
Distributional impacts of long-term renewable power policies: a multi-regional analysis for Brazil until 2050 PDF  
62 Author: Thais Diniz Oliveira
Co-Authors: Ademir Rocha, Ana Clara DURAN, Paula C. PEREDA
Do the metrics matter? Region-specific carbon footprints of Brazilian products PDF Paper
63 Author: Haiyan Zhang
Co-Authors: Michael L. LAHR
Drivers and Changing Patterns of Household Carbon Footprints in China (1997-2017) PDF Paper
64 Author: Lucas Leão
Co-Authors: Eduardo Gonçalves, Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli
Economic complexity, international trade, and environmental pollution: an application of Miyazawa PDF  
65 Author: Grant Jordan Allan
Co-Authors: Gioele Figus
Economic consequences of climatic changes in crop yields in water-abundant regions PDF  
66 Author: Luz Dary Beltran Jaimes
Co-Authors: Pilar CAMPOY-MUÑOZ, María C. Delgado
Economic impact of the social policy “Ingreso Mínimo Vital” in Spain: a multisectoral approach PDF  
67 Author: ZHAO ZENG
Co-Authors: Laixiang Sun
Economic Loss and Recovery of Foreign Direct Investment under Natural Disaster: The case of Shanghai in the 2010s and 2050s PDF  
68 Author: Gioele Figus
Co-Authors: Grant Jordan Allan
Economic resilience to changes in Covid-19 driven tourism demand: an ex-post modelling contribution PDF  
69 Author: Yusuke Oga
Co-Authors: Shigemi KAGAWA
Economic, Social and Environmental Consequences of the Decline in Foreign Tourist Demand in Japan due to the COVID-19 Pandemic PDF  
70 Author: Alberto Roca Florido
Co-Authors: Simon Mair
Economic, social and environmental impact assessment of MSP for UK marine-related industries PDF Paper
Co-Authors: Joaquim J.M. GUILHOTO
Economies vulnerability to import’s restrictions: a supply-driven analysis PDF  
72 Author: Sora Matsushima
Effects of Lifetime Changes of Residential Buildings on CO2 Emissions PDF  
73 Author: Paul Malliet
Co-Authors: Frederic Reynes
Empirical estimates of the elasticity of substitution of a KLEM production function without nesting constraints: The case of the Variable Output Elasticity-Cobb Douglas PDF Paper
74 Author: Xi LIU
Co-Authors: Kuishuang Feng, Xu Zhao, Honglin Zhong
Energy demand-driven water stress and mitigation in China PDF  
75 Author: Katharina Hembach-Stunden
Co-Authors: Maximilian Banning, Britta STÖVER, Johannes Többen, Philip Ulrich
Energy transition and regional distribution in Europe: A new MRIO modelling approach PDF  
76 Author: Shunichi Hienuki
Environmental and Energy Efficiency of Eco-Friendly Vehicles with Renewable Energy: A Life Cycle Analysis PDF  
77 Author: Haruka Mitoma
Environmental and social footprint analysis considering the production activities of the informal sector: the case of manufacturing industries of India PDF  
78 Author: Devrim Murat YAZAN
Co-Authors: Orkide Nur Kara, Luca Fraccascia
Environmental Sustainability of Electric Buses and their Operations PDF  
79 Author: Ananya Ajatasatru
Co-Authors: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Envisaging Economy-wide Context of Employment & Skills - Green Jobs in India PDF Paper
80 Author: Marina Uematsu
Co-Authors: Haruka Mitoma, Tomomi SHODA, Shigemi KAGAWA
Estimating the GHG emissions mitigation effects of “buying local food” through a life cycle analysis: the case study of Japanese seven regions PDF  
81 Author: Simon Schulte
Co-Authors: Stefan Pauliuk
Estimating the Uncertainty of Greenhouse Gas Emission Accounts in Multi-Regional Input-Output Modelling PDF  
82 Author: Xu Zhao
Co-Authors: Xinxin Zhang
Evaluating the vulnerability of physical and virtual water resource networks in China's megacities PDF  
83 Author: Ana López-Ojeda
Co-Authors: Casiano A. Manrique de Lara Peñate, Elisabeth Valle
Evolution of Tourism in the world economy 2005-2015: an analysis through the ICIO tables from OECD PDF Paper
84 Author: Arkaitz Usubiaga
Co-Authors: Erik DIETZENBACHER, Ignacio Cazcarro, Iñaki Arto, José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE, Maria Victoria ROMÁN, Pablo Pinero
Expanding Eurostat’s FIGARO MRIO database: industry disaggregation, and environmental and labour extensions PDF  
85 Author: Norihiko YAMANO
Co-Authors: Colin WEBB
Expanding the geographical coverage of OECD’s TiVA database to include more developing countries – recent experiences PDF Paper
86 Author: Nicolò Golinucci
Co-Authors: Matteo Vincenzo Rocco
Expanding the supply and use framework: from technologies to needs PDF  
87 Author: Jorge M. Lopez-Alvarez
Co-Authors: M. Carmen LIMA
Exploring gender oriented policies and their multiplier effects: an empirical exercise with Next Generation EU Funds PDF  
88 Author: Andre Carrascal-Incera
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
Exploring the deep roots of interregional inequality: Spatial income distribution in the European regions PDF  
89 Author: Carlos Andres Lopez-Morales
Exploring the Economics of Urban Water: Valuation, Recycling, and Sustainability PDF  
90 Author: Lucía BOLEA
Co-Authors: Rosa DUARTE, Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS, Sofía JIMÉNEZ
Exploring the structure of global value chains in European economic convergence PDF  
91 Author: Cuihong YANG
Co-Authors: Kunfu ZHU, Rui WEI, Yiying SHI, Zhuoying ZHANG
Extended Supply-USE Tables by Firm Heterogeneity for China PDF  
92 Author: Siyi Kan
Co-Authors: Heran Zheng, Jing Meng, Nana Deng
Extensive loss of forest and non-forest natural land covers driven by global agricultural supply chains PDF  
93 Author: Frederic Reynes
Co-Authors: Jinxue Hu, Luis Pedauga, Paola Rocchi, José M. RUEDA-CANTUCHE, Jorge M. Lopez-Alvarez
FIDELIO: four modules linking input-output and general equilibrium modelling PDF Paper
94 Author: Hiroyasu Inoue
Firm-level Propagation of the Effect of the Disruption of International Trade through Domestic Supply Chains PDF Paper
95 Author: Raffaele Giammetti
Co-Authors: Mauro Gallegati, Simone Landini
From micro to meso to macro and back: combining agent-based-modeling and input-output analysis PDF  
96 Author: Shigemi KAGAWA
From the roots to the present: input-output contributions in Environment PDF  
97 Author: Bart LOS
From the roots to the present: input-output contributions in Growth and Development PDF  
98 Author: Rosa DUARTE
From the roots to the present: input-output contributions in Innovation and Structural Change PDF  
99 Author: Sebastien MIROUDOT
From the roots to the present: input-output contributions in International Trade PDF  
100 Author: Michael L. LAHR
Co-Authors: Ye Yao, Xiaoyu Li
Funding Childcare for the Poor: A CGE Analysis of the Sugary Beverage Tax in Philadelphia PDF  
101 Author: Rosa DUARTE
Co-Authors: Cristina Sarasa, Mònica SERRANO
Gender polarization and gender inequality in globalized economies: recent insights from a MRIO perspective PDF  
102 Author: Ye Yao
Co-Authors: Michael L. LAHR
Gendered Motivations of Economic Change in China, 2002-2017 PDF  
103 Author: Anne OWEN
Co-Authors: Milena Buchs
Generational effects in UK Household Carbon Footprints PDF  
104 Author: Viktoras Kulionis
Global carbon footprints: a detailed look at affluence and technology effects PDF  
105 Author: Yang Wang
Co-Authors: Klaus Hubacek, Yuli Shan, Yuru Guan
Global energy inequality in households PDF  
106 Author: Honglin Zhong
Co-Authors: Xuan Shao, Peipei Tian, Kuishuang Feng, Laixiang Sun, Klaus Hubacek, Dan LI
Global inequality under planetary boundary PDF  
107 Author: Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Co-Authors: Nadia Garbellini, Raffaele Giammetti
Global labour requirements in the world economy: a GVC decomposition approach PDF  
108 Author: Juan Carlos Ruiz Garcia
Global Value Chain Disruptions: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity PDF  
109 Author: Simon Mevel
Co-Authors: Lionel G. FONTAGNE, Stephen Njuguna Karingi, Yu Zheng
Greening the African Continental Free Trade Area PDF  
110 Author: J.Christopher Proctor
Growth of what? An exploration of pathways for global economic demand with low fossil fuel use and high employment PDF Paper
111 Author: Andrea Coveri
Co-Authors: Antonello Zanfei, Elena Paglialunga
GVC positioning of countries and income inequality: A global empirical assessment PDF Paper
112 Author: Yongming HUANG
Co-Authors: Changwei Liu, Suppakorn KHONKHLONG, Xin Li, Yanan Zhang, Zebo KULDASHEVA
Has servitization reduced the embodied carbon emissions of manufacturing export trade? PDF  
113 Author: Arthur Bazolli Alvarenga
Co-Authors: Cláudio Eurico Seibert Fernandes da Silva, Elvira Helena Oliveira de Medeiros, Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli, Filipe Santiago dos Reis
Heritage Tourism and Economic Development: An Input-Output Analysis for Minas Gerais, Brazil PDF  
114 Author: Chuan Li
Co-Authors: Jialu Sun, Xu Jian
How does the digital economy promote the development of the dual circulation pattern? -An analysis based on the input-output table of the digital economy. PDF Paper
115 Author: Xiaoyu Li
Co-Authors: Ye Yao, Zhenni CHEN, ZHAO ZENG, Huibin Du, Shuxian Xu
How does the low-carbon development of urban agglomeration narrow income inequality in China? PDF  
116 Author: Geoffroy Duparc-Portier
How should governments respond to energy shocks? A horse-race approach to compare the impacts of energy policies designed to counteract energy shocks. PDF  
117 Author: Chuan Liu
ICT Investment as Produced Input in Growth Accounting PDF  
118 Author: Keitaro Maeno
Identifying Critical Sectors in the Restructuring of Low-Carbon Global Supply Chains PDF  
119 Author: Waka Nishifuji
Co-Authors: Haruka Mitoma, Kayoko SHIRONITTA, Shigemi KAGAWA
Identifying Technology Clusters with Similar Production Technologies and Its Policy Implications PDF  
120 Author: Massimiliano LA MARCA
Co-Authors: Xiao JIANG
ILO’s Structural Model for Sustainable Development: some applications on SSA countries PDF  
121 Author: Joaquim J.M. GUILHOTO
Co-Authors: Gregory Max Legoff, Achille Pegoue, Maria Borga, Erich H STRASSNER
IMF Multi-Analytical Regional Input-Output (IMF-MARIO) Database PDF Paper
122 Author: Wolfgang Koller
Co-Authors: Mikulas Luptacik
Impact of automation on productivity in a multisectoral economic system PDF  
123 Author: Ai Nagata
Co-Authors: Sora Matsushima, Seiya IMADA, Shigemi KAGAWA
Impact of Promoting the Use of Wood in Buildings on CO2 Emissions in Japan PDF  
124 Author: Linus Ronsiek
Co-Authors: Johanna Zenk
Impacts of a green hydrogen value chain on the labor market in Germany PDF Paper
125 Author: Heran Zheng
Co-Authors: Daoping Wang, Jing Meng, Xin Wang
Impacts of Russia-Ukraine conflict on Russian states and their recovery pathway PDF Paper
126 Author: Yolanda Bravo Rodíguez
Co-Authors: Cristina Sarasa, Rosa DUARTE
Impacts of the electric vehicle penetration in Spain: A dynamic EV-aware CGE model PDF Paper
127 Author: Peipei Tian
Co-Authors: Kuishuang Feng, Laixiang Sun, Heran Zheng, Klaus Hubacek, Jiashuo Li, Honglin Zhong, Xiangjie Chen, Dan LI
Implementation of carbon pricing in an aging world calls for targeted protection schemes PDF  
128 Author: Kakali MUKHOPADHYAY
Co-Authors: PAUL J. THOMASSIN, Vishnu Sivadasa Prabhu
Implications of healthy diet in India - An economy, environment and nutrition nexus approach PDF  
129 Author: Ana Luiza Maria Guimarães Coelho
Implications of the Green and Sustainable Transition in Economic Structure: Analyzing the Evolution of the Complexity of the German Economy PDF Paper
130 Author: Timon I. BOHN
Co-Authors: Nieke Aerts, Tom Notten, Khee Fung Wong
Importing from developing countries: quantifying what is in it for them (and us) PDF  
131 Author: Amarendra Sahoo
Co-Authors: Emanuele FERRARI, Valeria Ferreira, Victor Nechifor
Improving Self-Sufficiency In Rice Production In Senegal: An Economy-Wide And Distributional Analysis PDF  
132 Author: Adrian Espinosa-Gracia
Co-Authors: Rosa DUARTE, Sofía JIMÉNEZ
Income inequality and globalization: new evidence from a sectoral perspective PDF  
133 Author: Rongjie Chen
Co-Authors: Chen LIN, Xiangyu Xu
Incremental Market-Oriented Reforms, Industrial Policies and Economic Growth in China PDF  
134 Author: Andre Carrascal-Incera
Co-Authors: Albert E. STEENGE, Mònica SERRANO, Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS
Industrial strategies to reduce interregional inequalities in Europe: An alternative Miyazawa approach PDF  
135 Author: Caitlyn Carrico
Co-Authors: Jean Luc Mastaki Namegabe, Simon Mevel, Stephen Njuguna Karingi
Industrialization and Economic Diversification – Keys to Unlocking the Full Potential of the AfCFTA – A Case Study for Central Africa PDF  
136 Author: Yingzhu Li
Co-Authors: Bin SU
Input-output analysis of embodied energy and carbon emissions: Impacts of imports data treatment on transmission dynamics PDF  
137 Author: Carolina SILVA RIBEIRO
Co-Authors: Roberto Maximiano Pereira
Input-output analysis of the energy sector in Brazil for the years 2000 and 2015 PDF  
138 Author: Faith BALISACAN
Co-Authors: Mahinthan Joseph Mariasingham, Xue Han
Integrating developing countries into the global value chain: Compilation, Extensions, and Analysis of the ADB Multiregional Input-Output Database PDF  
139 Author: Gissela Landa Rivera
Co-Authors: Frederic Reynes
Investigating the double dividend in a quantitative macroeconomic framework PDF Paper
140 Author: Guannan Miao
Co-Authors: Xiao JIANG, Luis Alberto Villanueva Martinez, Massimiliano LA MARCA
IO approach to Employment Impact Assessments: A Brief Overview PDF  
141 Author: Raffaele Giammetti
Co-Authors: Nadia Garbellini, Ariel Luis Wirkierman
It was better when it was worse. Or not? The impact of deglobalizing value chains PDF  
142 Author: Damares Lopes Afonso
Co-Authors: Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli, Weslem Rodrigues Faria
Land and Deforestation embodied in Trade: An Analysis for Brazilian Biomes PDF  
143 Author: Xingrui Cai
Life-cycle CO2 and Air Pollutant Emission Assessment of China’s Cement Industry under Planetary Boundaries PDF  
144 Author: Daigo Ushijima
Co-Authors: Haruka Mitoma, Tomoaki Nakaishi, Shigemi KAGAWA
Life-cycle CO2 Reduction Potential through the Operational Efficiency Improvements in the Japan’s medical sector PDF  
145 Author: Meriem Hamdi-Cherif
Co-Authors: Paul Malliet, Frederic Reynes
Macro-economic impacts of low-carbon infrastructure investments in France PDF Paper
146 Author: Douglas S. MEADE
Macroeconomic and Employment Impacts of Achieving Net-Zero Emissions in the US by 2050 PDF Paper
147 Author: Srishti Goyal
Co-Authors: Maria Llop
Main Drivers of Carbon Emissions across the World: Does the Level of Development Matter? PDF Paper
148 Author: Nicolò Golinucci
Co-Authors: Mohammad Amin Tahavori, Lorenzo Rinaldi, Matteo Vincenzo Rocco, Emanuela Colombo
MARIO: a versatile and user-friendly software for building Input-Output models PDF  
149 Author: Esteban FERNANDEZ-VAZQUEZ
Co-Authors: Adrian Maarten Rodriguez del Valle den Ouden
Measuring global market power for the agricultural industry with input-output data PDF  
150 Author: Norihiko YAMANO
Co-Authors: Ricardo CHIAPIN PECHANSKY, Peter Horvát
Measuring labour force participation in Global Value Chains by gender PDF Paper
151 Author: Peter Horvát
Co-Authors: Juergen Amann
Measuring regional Global Value Chain integration in the UK: A bottom-up approach for better regional statistics PDF  
152 Author: Oscar Lemmers
Measuring the economic contribution of firms and activities in terms of national income PDF  
153 Author: Pablo R. Liboreiro
Measuring the factor content of trade in a context of factor intensity ambiguities PDF Paper
154 Author: Xiang Gao
Co-Authors: Geoffrey J.D. HEWINGS, Cuihong YANG
Measuring the Industry Relocation at the Macro-level PDF  
155 Author: Yuning Gao
Co-Authors: Bo MENG, Meichen Zhang, Jiabai Ye
Measuring Trade Balance and Competitiveness under the Perspective of Income Flow through Global Value Chain PDF  
156 Author: David Silva Gutierrez
Co-Authors: Zeus GUEVARA, Juan Roberto Vargas, Zeus Salvador Hernández Veleros
Mexico, towards the energy transition? The possibilities of success of Mexico's current energy policy PDF Paper
157 Author: Ben Gallant
Co-Authors: Tim Jackson
Mitigating Baumol's cost disease in a stock-flow consistent framework PDF  
158 Author: Frederik Parton
Modeling the labor demand of the construction industry with regard to the implementation of the green transformation in Germany. PDF  
159 Author: Sebastian Valdecantos
Modeling Transition Pathways through Environmental Stock-Flow Consistent Input-Output Models: the case of Argentina PDF  
160 Author: Andrew Jackson
Co-Authors: Tim Jackson
Modelling energy transition risks and opportunities in an SFC-IO model. PDF  
161 Author: Jiyoung KIM
Co-Authors: Satoru Hagino
Monetary policy evaluation using international financial input-output table for the United States, Euro area and Japan. PDF  
162 Author: Saskia Reuschel
Co-Authors: Johannes Többen, Lara Ahmann, Martin Distelkamp, Christian Lutz, Mark Meyer
Monitoring the sustainability of the German Bioeconomy PDF  
163 Author: Maksym G. Chepeliev
Co-Authors: Alessandro Gatto
Mounting Nutritional and Environmental Pressures of the Global Food Loss and Waste Calls for Urgent Policy Action PDF Paper
164 Author: Jorge E. Zafrilla
Co-Authors: Mateo Ortiz, Nuria Gomez
Multinationals' technological transfer on right-sourcing strategies: an environmental assessment for the European Union PDF  
165 Author: Mårten Berglund
Multiregional Input-Output Tables for Swedish Regions - today and tomorrow PDF Paper
166 Author: Filippo Bontadini
Co-Authors: Ariel Luis Wirkierman, Maria Savona, Valentina Meliciani
Nearshoring and Farsharing in Europe: implications for employment PDF  
167 Author: Bo MENG
Co-Authors: Fei WANG, Yuning Gao, Yu Liu, Kyoji Fukao, Wenyin CHENG, Meichen Zhang, Meifang Zhou, Meng Li, Miao Yu, Xinbei Li, Ming Ye, Zhi Wang, Harry X Wu, David Tao Liang, Norihiko YAMANO, Jiemin GUO, Jing Zhang, cheng Wang
New Chinese Input-Output Tables: Considering Firm Size and Ownership PDF  
168 Author: Bo MENG
Co-Authors: Haoran Zhang, Meng Yuan, Jinjun XUE
Non-negligible indirect risks of sea level rise: Evidence from Japan PDF  
169 Author: Mattia Cai
Non-survey regionalization with commodity balance and the gravity model PDF Paper
170 Author: Maximilian Koslowski
On the choice of technique and distribution in a finite world PDF  
171 Author: Maik Budzinski
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Towards a comprehensive and inclusive European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism PDF  
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Towards regionalization? Assessing its effects on foreign shock exposure and welfare PDF  
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