30th International Input-Output Association Conference
12th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
1st - 5th July 2024, Santiago, Chile


IIOA Development Programme 2024


Attendees to the 2024 IIOA Conference in Santiago are invited to apply for participation in the Development Programme – an event pioneered in the past few IIOA conferences. Like in the previous two years, the DP will be organized in cooperation with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)’s Young Scholars Initiative, which will financially support the participation of highly motivated young researchers.

The scheme aims to provide young researchers with opportunities to learn individually from experienced researchers in the community, and in turn, to enhance the quality of papers. The basic idea of the scheme is that the conference organizers will assign an experienced discussant to each presentation. He/she will advise during the session, not only on the choice of methods and data, but more so about the style and structure of the paper. In addition, issues like positioning the study relative to the existing literature and appealing to a wider range of readers etc. will be dealt with. Furthermore, participants will get the opportunity to consult directly with their discussants on what kind of advice they are seeking.

Other conference participants will be invited to attend the Development Programme sessions as well and are encouraged to contribute to the discussions.

Session format

Each session will be devoted to two papers and 45 minutes will be spent on a paper, according to the following format:

• Each presentation • 15 minutes
• Comments by the discussant • 20 minutes
• Question and answer with attendees • 10 minutes

Note that the presentations should be focused on the research questions, key findings and implications rather than on the detailed deployment of methodology.

Prerequisites for presentation

  • At the deadline for application (February 6, 2024), the presenting author should be under 40 years of age or within four years after obtaining a PhD degree.
  • The paper to be presented must be unpublished work of substantial quality, i.e. that a future version might satisfy the academic standards expected for publication in Economic Systems Research or comparable journals.
  • An appropriate discussant for the paper (in terms of experience and specialization) can be found within the group of conference attendees.

Application procedure

Prior to the application for the Development Programme, one must have:

  • registered in COPASS;
  • submitted an abstract and a full paper by the deadline (see Important Dates).

Other points to follow:

  • If under 40, one will see a checkbox in his/her own individual paper page in COPASS. Please mark it to apply for the Development Programme.
  • If eligible for an IIOA Travel Grant, one will see a checkbox in his/her own individual paper page in COPASS. Please mark it to apply for a Travel Grant.
  • If you are over 40 but still within four years after obtaining a PhD degree, please send your full paper directly to the Development Programme organizer at b.los@rug.nl with the message title "DP application".

Important notes:

  • Participation in the Development Programme can be pursued for only ONE paper per author.
  • Authors of papers that were presented in the 2022 and 2023 Development Programmes cannot apply for inclusion in the 2024 Development Programme.
  • The submitted full paper can be revised until June 1, 2024 but it must remain unchanged afterwards (to ensure that the discussant gives comments on the most recent version).
  • Applicants will be notified about decisions regarding admission by April 1, 2024.
  • In order to confirm participation, the successful applicants are requested to complete the payment of conference fee (as specified in the conference website) within ONE WEEK from the notification of acceptance. Please prepare for the payment well in advance.
  • The papers of unsuccessful applicants will automatically be included in a regular session, if (and only if) the abstract has been accepted by the Scientific Programme Committee.

If you would have questions, please send a message to the organizer of the Development Programme, Bart Los (b.los@rug.nl).

Financial Support for Development Programme participants

The IIOA’s Development Programme is partnering with the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) of the Institute for New Economic Thinking. The YSI provides a platform and support to students, young professionals and others who embrace new and critical ways of thinking about the economy. Everyone who intends to present at the Development Programme should apply for YSI support, which includes a travel stipend depending on the country where you are based in as well as accommodation for 4 nights in a shared twin room. Applications are open now via this link and deadline is on February 6th. Please note, that you can apply for YSI support before you know if you accepted into the Development Programme. It is only necessary that you have submitted an abstract & full paper via COPASS. Please note your COPASS article ID for the YSI funding application.

If you are eligible for an IIOA Travel Grant (see above), please do not forget to apply for it by checking the relevant box in COPASS. Application for an IIOA Travel Grant does not reduce your chances of getting financial support from YSI, and vice versa.

To stay updated, we welcome interested young researchers to join the YSI as a member via the Young Scholar Directory, which is the online platform around which the YSI is organized. Specifically, we would like to invite participants to join the Urban and Regional Economics and the Innovation Working Groups, which are the groups involved in the organization of this year’s Development Program.

For further information on the YSI, please consult the homepage and for specific questions regarding the YSI funding, please write to urban@youngscholarsinitiative.org.