30th International Input-Output Association Conference
12th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
1st - 5th July 2024, Santiago, Chile


Local Organizing Committee

The local organizing committee, led by ECLAC's International Trade and Integration Division, comprises members from various organizations, including ECLAC, Andrés Bello University, Central Bank of Chile, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Subsecretariat of International Economic Relations.


Nicolás Garrido, Director, Economics and Management Department, UNAB José Durán Lima, Economic Affairs Officer, Regional Integration Unit, ITID, ECLAC Keiji Inoue, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, International Trade and Integration Division, ECLAC Francisco Ruiz, Manager of Macroeconomic Statistics of the Central Bank of Chile Simón Accorsi, Director of Studies, Foreign Ministry of Chile, SUBREI (in consultation) Patricio Aroca, Professor, Economics and Management Department, UNAB Sebastián Castresana, Senior Statistics, Regional Integration Unit, ITID, ECLAC Matthew Gomies, Associate Economic Affairs Officer, Regional Integration Unit, ITID, ECLAC


As part of the planned activities, in addition to the management of the papers that will be received to be presented at the conference, the Central Bank of Chile, in conjunction with ECLAC, proposes an engaging side event workshop that brings together experts from various Central Banks in the region. Specifically, representatives who are in charge of national accounts or actively utilizing the input-output methodology are expected to participate (i.e., representatives from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Dominican Republic, among others). The workshop will be primarily organized by the Central Bank of Chile and address important topics such as Input-output analysis and climate change, economic modeling, and the estimation and use of subnational input-output matrices.

In collaboration with ECLAC, the Subsecretariat of International Relations of Chile (SUBREI) will co-organize a meeting that focuses on the input product applications in foreign trade agendas. This specialized meeting will be oriented to policymakers and address two crucial topics: the methodology of input products and the promotion of value chains. ECLAC will act as a facilitator in the structured dialogues. The meeting will be open to conference participants, and in order to enhance accessibility and inclusivity, ECLAC, with the support of the Central Bank of Chile, will provide coverage for airfare expenses for policy makers who serve as speakers at this meeting.

Andrés Bello University will play a vital role in organizing the International School of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA) by provisioning spacious and well-equipped rooms for conducting classes and workshops. Additionally, the university's Events Hall and Auditorium will serve as the venue for the gala dinner and the captivating folkloric activity.

Lastly, adding to the significance of the conference, a distinguished director from the Central Bank of Chile will serve as a speaker during one of the highly anticipated Plenary Sessions. Additionally, we will coordinate the Council meeting, with the possibility of it taking place at either the University Andrés Bello (to be confirmed) or at the hotel where we have bulk reservations, which may offer a meeting room at no additional cost (to be confirmed).

To accommodate participants who are unable to attend the conference in person, we will offer video conferencing options. Livestream and video conference accessibility will be granted only for special cases with prior notification and approval.