30th International Input-Output Association Conference
12th Edition of the International School of I-O Analysis
1st - 5th July 2024, Santiago, Chile



Transport from the airport

For airport transfers to the city, convenient minibuses operated by Transvip and Wetransport are available at the airport (Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport - SCL). These minibuses can accommodate 10-12 passengers and provide drop-off services to various neighborhoods in Santiago. The approximate cost per person is around US$ 30.

Individual travelers who prefer private transportation are advised to use official taxi companies, such as Taxi Turismo Oficial, located at the airport. Taxi fares to the city range between US$30 and US$40, depending on the destination. A typical fare from the airport to ECLAC Headquarters would be around $30 when booked inside the airport. There are also mini-buses, taxi services and and a comprehensive subway system with six lines for transportation in the capital. Taxis have meters to determine fares, and tipping is generally not expected. The distance from the airport to ECLAC and hotels nearby is around 23 km or less than 20 minutes on the highway.

These transportation options ensure convenient and reliable travel within and to/from Santiago, offering flexibility for different preferences and budgets.

Transport between venues (ECLAC and Andrés Bello University)

To enhance the convenience of our participants on specific dates with sessions and/or events at both venues, we will provide seamless transportation between ECLAC and Andrés Bello University. Dedicated bus services will facilitate attendees' movement between these locations, ensuring uninterrupted conference experience.