Annual Editions of the ISIOA at the International IO Conference

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA) organizes at the annual International Input-Output (IO) conferences, the annual Editions of the International School of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA). Following the successful experience of past editions, the Directorate of the School prepares every year Modules of Teaching Sessions, which can vary in number with a maximum of six per year. The Modules deal with core topics of interest in input-output analysis, mostly taking into account the feedback of past editions.

Each Module is led by one or various lecturers and consists of four teaching sessions. As examples of Modules, one may think of topics such as: Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis; Construction of NAMEA Accounts; Construction of Supply-Use and Input-Output Tables; Tourism Satellite Accounts; Structural Decomposition Analysis; Measuring Productivity Growth; Estimation of Multi-regional Input-Output Tables; Multi-regional Input-Output Analysis; and Construction of Social Accounting Matrices.

If available, the use of the laptops in lecture rooms (preferably with wireless internet connection) or the use of computer rooms to follow the lectures will be possible. Participants are encouraged however to bring their own laptop. The sessions will be preferably hands-on, with many examples and applications so that the attendants become familiar with the (software) tools and the outputs they produce. The Modules aim at serving the attendants to apply the acquired knowledge in their daily work. If possible, the attendants will receive the documentation of the Modules as prepared by the lecturers and the corresponding outline a few days before the Module takes place.

The first event usually consists of a welcoming and get together on the day previous to the school day, aiming to introduce the lecturers and prepare any logistics related to the Module (e.g., software, laptops). On the school day, the teaching sessions will run from 09:00 am to 17:30 pm. The location and other details are announced in due time under the sections below.

The number of participants is limited to 15 and the rules for registration can be downloaded from below. Participants will receive a Module Certificate of Studies in Input-Output Analysis once they have fulfilled the corresponding criteria, which can also be found below.

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Annual Training Sessions of the ISIOA

The International Input-Output Association (IIOA) organizes together with other related scientific associations annual Editions of Training Sessions of the International School of Input-Output Analysis (ISIOA), which will usually take place under the auspices of a related International Workshop. These activities are different although complementary to the one-day Modules organized every year by the ISIOA next to the annual International Input-Output Conference.

Scientific Workshops

The IIOA also supports the organization of international scientific workshops with the aim to reduce perceived or existing gaps between scientific communities of (groups of) countries. Workshops can be centered on one or two topics and have participants discussing their papers with IIOA-based researchers during a couple of days.