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The IIOA introduced a series of webinars as one of the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 annual IIOA Conferences. The aims of these webinars include:

 • sharing information, research, developments and analyses;
 • promotion of innovative ideas and inspiring others;
 • providing another IIOA channel for learning and development for younger scholars; and
 • least of all, seeing / hearing albeit online, existing friends and colleagues as well as newbies.

Topics can be of any nature relating to Input-Output and the presenters from within the IIOA community or beyond.


The ground work laid out by Douglas Meade, Bart Los and Sanjiv Mahajan led to the introduction of the Webinar Programme Series in 2021 with Maureen Rimmer being the first presenter. As of 2022, Kuishuang Feng, a Member of the IIOA Council, is the new lead for the Webinar Programme Series, supported and advised by Sanjiv Mahajan.

Notification of webinar(s)

As and when a new webinar is available, this webpage will be updated and all IIOA Members will also be notified via email. Nearer the event date, final details will be circulated and a link to the webinar will be provided. No registration or payment is needed.

Forthcoming webinar

Presenter: Dr. Josef, Richter, Dr. Bert Steenge and Dr. Rossella Bardazzi
Title of presentation: Towards an IO (Historical) Archive

Date and time: Tue, 04-Jun-2024 15:00(CET)
Start in 15 days, 13 hours, 12 minutes

We are excited to welcome you to the upcoming 15th IIOA Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, June 4th, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM CET. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Josef Richter, Dr. Bert Steenge, and Dr. Rossella Bardazzi for hosting this webinar entitled “Towards an IO (Historical) Archive”.


Dr. Josef Richter, now retired, spent most of his professional life in IO - statistics and empirical IO - analysis. Thanks to the help of Clopper Almon and a stay at the University of Maryland, the first IO model of the INFORUM type for Austria has already been created 1972. Josef had teaching obligations at the Universities of Innsbruck and Linz from 1983 onwards. His work has focused mainly on the empirical foundation of IO - analysis and on the problematic relationship between the producers of data and empirical economists. He has contributed to many IIOA conferences; his publications cover very different applications of input-output techniques. Josef was a founding member of the International Input-Output Association and was its first treasurer, serving from 1988 to 2006.

Dr. Bert Steenge studied at the University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics, specializing in Economics/Econometrics. He defended his PhD thesis in 1980. In 1986 he became Full Professor of Economics at the University of Twente, Faculty of Public Administration and Public Policy. In 2007 he returned to his ‘Alma Mater’, the University of Groningen, as emeritus. Bert has had a life-long interest in I-O modelling because of its versatility and deep roots, which originated in pre-revolutionary France and now cover a wide range of topics. His work has focused mainly on the theoretical side of topics in I-O, and he has contributed to many IIOA conferences, as well as being involved in related activities. His publications cover several fields and subfields of present-day I-O modelling. Bert served as a Council member from 2007 to 2015.

Dr. Rossella Bardazzi is associate professor of economics at the University of Florence, Italy. She has devoted her research activity to the theoretical and empirical analysis of macroeconometric and microsimulation models. She belongs to the international research network of macroeconometric models INFORUM (Interindustry Forecasting at the University of Maryland) and has contributed to the development of the Italian Multisectoral model (INTIMO). Her research interests include the development of multisectoral and microsimulation models, bilateral trade models, demand systems for household consumption, energy demand of enterprises and households. Rossella has served as a council member of the International Input-output Association (IIOA) from 2018 to 2023.

Abstract: The project to create an IO (historical) Archive was initiated to preserve relevant material on the early stages of IO analysis that would otherwise be lost forever, and to make these documents easily accessible to the IIOA membership. In this context, IO should be seen in a wider sense to include related areas such as regional economics, environmental economics, mathematical economics, and history of economic thought, as well as various satellite accounts extending the IO framework.

The aim of this webinar is to present the guiding principles and features of the project, and to report what has been achieved. The main milestones so far have been the creation of an efficient infrastructure (a web database) to make the material available to IIOA members, and the integration of more than 600 documents into this system. At the moment, many of the contributions to the IO conferences of 1971 to 1995 are already accessible. The focus of the webinar will be on the presentation of how the information already available in the Archive can be utilised. Various search options will be shown, and we will show how these documents can be accessed. The final part of the webinar will be devoted to outline possible next steps.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the webinar programme or improvements we can make, please contact us and let us know. More importantly, if you or your colleagues within or outside the IIOA would like to make an Input-Output related presentation, again, please let us know.

The contacts are below and the email details are available via the IIOA Members Area or via this form.

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