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Ambica K. Ghosh

It is with great sadness that I read the news today that Professor Ambica Ghosh has passed away. I think that the input-output community (and the Indian io community in particular) has lost a great scientist. Although I do not know very many of his publications, his 1958 Economica paper on the allocation of goods has become a true classic. Only few scholars have their name attached to a model or theory and Professor Ghosh was one of them. Everyone in input-output knows about the Ghosh model and the Ghoshian inverse. The model is highly original and (like the input-output model itself) strikingly simple. The model was published in 1958 and was widely applied by supply-side economists. This led to a very lively debate in the late 1980s. Several scholars tried to frame Professor Ghosh's original idea in a standard production framework. And they failed, which led them to opine that the model is implausible. As a more personal footnote to this story, I should like to add that it was (and still is) my pleasure that I have been able to provide a solution to the puzzle. By showing that with a slightly different interpretation all problems vanish, the Ghosh model turned out to be perfectly plausible again.

Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to meet Professor Ghosh, I would have loved to discuss these issues with him. Today is a very sad and rainy day. I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. I wish them a lot of strength in the upcoming period.

Erik Dietzenbacher,
President of the International Input-Output Association.

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