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IO Tables and Relevant Data


Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) tables
Harmonised national Input-Output tables
Trade in Value Added (TiVA) indicators
Trade in Employment (TiM) indicators
Trade in embodied CO2 (TECO2) indicators
Analytical AMNE database


European Union

Supply, Use and Input-Output tables

FIGARO tables

Air emission accounts inc. footprints


Japan's national I-O tables for 1995, 2000 and 2005:

EORA Multiregion-Input-Output Database

The Eora multi-region IO-database provides a time series of high resolution input-output (IO) tables with matching environmental and social satellite accounts for 187 countries.

World Input-Output Database (WIOD)

The World Input-Output Database has been developed to analyze the effects of globalization on trade patterns, environmental pressures and socio-economic development across a wide set of countries. The database covers 27 EU countries and 13 other major countries in the world for the period from 1995 to 2009.

Environmental accounts compatible with WIOD release 2016

Asian Development Bank: IO Tables compiled in Asia and the Pacific region

In a multi-year regional technical assistance program, Asian Development Bank (ADB) has coordinated the compilation of supply-use tables (SUT) for 19 economies and input-output tables (IOT) for 25 economies of its member countries. The following link connects to the data compiled in the course of this programme:
Also MRIO Tables are available. To gain access to these data online ( please send an email to Dieco ( to register yourself as user.


EXIOBASE is a global, detailed Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input Output (MR EE SUT/IOT) database with high detail and extensive coverage of environmental extensions, including 43 countries and 5 RoW regions, 200 products, 163 industries, 15 land use types, employment by 3 skill levels, 48 types of raw materials and 172 types of water uses.

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