18th International Input-output Conference - Abstracts and Full Papers

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In total, 139 abstracts and 105 full papers

  Authors Titles of Papers Abstract Full Paper
1 Author: Ferran Sancho
Co-Authors: Ana-Isabel Guerra
A Comparison of Input-Output Models: Ghosh reduced to Leontief PDF Paper
2 Author: Rutger Hoekstra
A complete overview of environmental input-output articles PDF Paper
3 Author: Phirada Pruitichaiwiboon
Co-Authors: Lee Cheul-Kyu, Kim Yong-Ki, Lee Kun-Mo
A Construction of Energy Input-Output Tables based on a Life Cycle Approach: A Case Study of Korea Transportation Economy PDF Paper
4 Author: Manfred Lenzen
Co-Authors: Keiichiro Kanemoto, Arne Geschke, Daniel Moran, Ting Yu, Julien Ugon, Pablo Munoz, Richard Wood
A global multi-region input-output time series at high country and sector detail PDF  
5 Author: Stefano Merciai
A micro-founded Hybrid Input-Output framework PDF Paper
6 Author: Bin Wang
Co-Authors: Jian Xu
A non-linear input-output model for measuring the employment effect of changes in final demand: an approach based on the employment elasticity PDF Paper
7 Author: Bart Los
Co-Authors: Robert Stehrer
A Preliminary Series of Worldwide Intercountry Input-Output Tables PDF  
8 Author: Susana Santos
A quantitative approach to the effects of social policy measures. Application to Portugal, using Social Accounting Matrices. PDF Paper
9 Author: Tomohiro Okadera
Co-Authors: Masataka Watanabe, Nobuhiro Okamoto
A regional inventory of water demand and water pollutant discharge in the Yangtze River and China as a whole based on an inter-regional input-output analysis model PDF Paper
10 Author: Wu Li
A Structural Growth Model and its Applications to Sraffa's System PDF Paper
11 Author: Takashi Yagi
A theory for measuring productivity change in the system with fixed capital PDF Paper
12 Author: Keiichiro Kanemoto
Co-Authors: Keiichiro Kanemoto, Manfred Lenzen, Arne Geschke, Daniel Moran, Julien Ugon, Ting Yu, Pablo Munoz
A time series of global carbon footprints at high country and sector detail PDF  
13 Author: Fidel Aroche
Co-Authors: Marco Antonio Marquez Mendoza
A trilateral input-output table for North America PDF  
14 Author: Xuemei Jiang
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher, Bart Los
Accounting for Differences in ICT-Specialization across China: a New Aspect of Spatial Structral Decomposition PDF Paper
15 Author: Debesh Chakraborty
Co-Authors: K. Mukhopadhyay, P. Thomassin
Aggregation bias: An experiment with input-output data of Canada PDF Paper
16 Author: Suwin Sandu
Alternative Approaches to Designing Climate Policy Response: An Australian Case Study PDF Paper
17 Author: Bo Meng
Co-Authors: N. Yamano
Alternative Measurement of Vertical Specialization using a Ghosh Supply-driven Input-Output Model PDF Paper
18 Author: Maria Teresa Alvarez-Martinez
Co-Authors: Clemente Polo Andrés
An AGE assessment of external and domestic shocks in Spain PDF Paper
19 Author: Bhoj Raj Khanal
An Economic Analysis of the Mekong Tourism Brand in the Economic Corridors of the Greater Mekong Subregion: A Case Study of Lao PDR PDF Paper
20 Author: Bart Los
An Empirical Evaluation of Methods to Estimate Use Tables of Imports PDF  
21 Author: Xu Jian
Co-Authors: Tong Rencheng
An Input-output Interpretation of Price Relationships in China PDF Paper
22 Author: Jeroen Kole
An optimisation approach for updating product data in supply and use tables PDF Paper
23 Author: Aline Eloyse Lang
Co-Authors: Andre Dantas
Analyzing Impacts of Fuel Constraints on Freight Transport and Economy of New Zealand: an Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
24 Author: Jian Wang
Co-Authors: Michael B. Charles
Application of the Input-Output Model to the Analysis of the Economic Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Investment in Australia PDF Paper
25 Author: Bertram Schefold
Approximate Surrogate Production Functions PDF Paper
26 Author: Satoshi Inomata
Asia beyond the Crisis: visions from international input-output analyses PDF  
27 Author: Ali Asghar Banouei
Co-Authors: Mehdi Karami, Seyed Iman Azad, Jillian Banouei
Assessing the Potential Sudden Reduction of the Supply of Oil and Gas on the Different Sectors of the Iranian Economy PDF Paper
28 Author: Rutger Hoekstra
Co-Authors: Ruben van der Helm
Attributing GDP growth to final demand categories PDF Paper
29 Author: Liane Ritter
Attribution of GDP and Imports to Final Demand Components for Germany PDF Paper
30 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Benchmarking and Industry Performance PDF Paper
31 Author: Fatemeh Bazzazan
Benchmarking of Sectoral Productivity Changes in Iran PDF Paper
32 Author: Esteban Fernandez-Vazquez
Co-Authors: Jose Manuel Rueda-Cantuche, Antonio F. Amores
Bias and variability in the estimation of multipliers: an experiment with supply and use tables PDF  
33 Author: Kartik Krishna Ganju
Co-Authors: Hina Zia, Gaurav Taneja, Kazushige Shimpo
Building the Future: An analysis of the Change in Carbon Emissions from Adopting Building Codes PDF  
34 Author: Albert Steenge
Co-Authors: Mònica Serrano
Calculating wage-profit frontiers and supporting prices in Leontief-Sraffa models PDF Paper
35 Author: Dipti Prakas Pal
Co-Authors: Swati Pal
Changing Gross Output Elasticities in the Energy Sector: A Comparative Study in the Economies of India and Pakistan in the I-O Framework PDF Paper
36 Author: Geng Xianhui
Co-Authors: Zhou Yingheng
Chinese Agribusiness: Structure, Linkage and Development - A Comparative Analysis Based on Input-Output Model PDF Paper
37 Author: Gregory Legoff
CO2 emissions embodied in the Australian international trade in goods PDF  
38 Author: Mohammadgholi Yousefi
Co-Authors: Mohammad Hussain Ghelbash
Comparative Assessment of Application of Gross and Net Multipliers for the Determination of Iranian Economy PDF Paper
39 Author: Shigemi Kagawa
Co-Authors: K. Nansai, S. Suh, Y. Kondo
Detecting Energy Clusters from the Automobile Supply Chain: Spectral Clustering Approach PDF Paper
40 Author: Stuart John Nettleton
Developments in the use of Mathematica for Computable General Equilibrium analysis PDF Paper
41 Author: Óscar Dejuán
Economic growth from a CLAKESCH AGE model PDF Paper
42 Author: Rutger Hoekstra
Co-Authors: Jan Pieter Smits, Ruben van der Helm
Economic growth, structural change and environmental pressures: The case of the Netherlands, 1950-2009 PDF Paper
43 Author: Mohd Yusof Saari
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher, Bart Los
Economy-wide impacts of higher energy prices on household cost of living: an extended SAM price model PDF Paper
44 Author: Narges Moradkhani
Co-Authors: Anuuar Md Nassir, Taufiq Hassan, Zakariah Abd Rashid
Effect of Changing Energy Prices on Household Expenditure with Emphasis on Industry and Transportation: Preliminary Evidence from Malaysia PDF Paper
45 Author: Julianne Christie
Co-Authors: Maria Varua
Effective Full Time Employment for Location Quotients – A Proposal PDF Paper
46 Author: Peter Rørmose Jensen
Co-Authors: Thomas Olsen, Dennis Hansen
Emissions Embodied in Danish Import. An Unidirectional Trade Model With 51 Countries. PDF Paper
47 Author: Albert Steenge
Endogenous explanation of activities’ levels and the exploding multiplier PDF Paper
48 Author: Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar
Co-Authors: Clemente Polo Andrés, M. Alejandro Cardenete
Energy intensities and CO2 emissions in a SAM model of the Andalusian economy PDF Paper
49 Author: Charalampos Economidis
Co-Authors: Anastasia Basina, Athanasios Sfetsos
Environmental impacts of generating electricity by substituting lignite with photovoltaic technology. An analysis based on a NAMEA-table for the Greek economy. PDF Paper
50 Author: Stanislav Edward Shmelev
Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis of the UK Economy: Multicriteria Approach PDF Paper
51 Author: Paola Anna Antonello
Estimation and balancing of constant-price quarterly I-O tables with autoregressive conditional heteroskedastic errors PDF  
52 Author: Xiuli Liu
Evaluating Chinese Household Consumption Potential, Their Export Replacement Capacity and Pulling Effect on Chinese Economic System amid the 2008 World Financial Crisis PDF Paper
53 Author: Arnold Tukker
EXIOPOL: Philosophy and Main Approach PDF  
54 Author: Gerd Ahlert
Co-Authors: Holger Preuss
Experiences in estimating the macroeconomic impact of mega tourism events – the case of hosting the FIFA Football Word Cup Germany 2006 PDF Paper
55 Author: Joost Reyes Santos
Extension of Input-Output Analysis to Portfolio Diversification PDF Paper
56 Author: Keisuke Nansai
Co-Authors: Kenichi Nakajima, Rokuta Inaba, S. Suh, Shigemi Kagawa, Y. Kondo
Finding a Global Energy and Resource Network in a Product Supply Chain using a Global Link Input–Output Model PDF Paper
57 Author: Erik Dietzenbacher
Fragmentation in an Inter-country Input-Output Framework PDF Paper
58 Author: Richard Wood
Generic methods for estimating input-output models under partial information PDF Paper
59 Author: Norihiko Yamano
GHG emissions embodied in international trade (intercountry-interindustry framework) PDF Paper
60 Author: Yasuhide Okuyama
Globalization and Localization of Disaster Impact: An Empirical Examination PDF Paper
61 Author: Hak K. Pyo
Co-Authors: Dong Koo Kim, Keun Hee Rhee
Green Growth Accounting with Combined Use of Hybrid Input-Output Tables and Supply - Use Matrix PDF Paper
62 Author: Robbie Andrew
Co-Authors: James Lennox, Glen P. Peters
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Embodied in New Zealand’s Trade PDF Paper
63 Author: Bonnie McBain
Co-Authors: Manfred Lenzen
How do we manage our local environment in the face of global uncertainty and complexity? PDF  
64 Author: Huijuan Wang
Co-Authors: Xikang Chen, Cuihong Yang
How Much Does the International Financial Crisis Affect China’s GDP and Employment? PDF Paper
65 Author: Thomas Oliver Wiedmann
Co-Authors: Manfred Lenzen, Kuishuang Feng, John Barrett
Hybrid methods for incorporating changes in energy technologies in an input-output framework PDF Paper
66 Author: Arpita Ghose
Co-Authors: Paramita Roy Biswas
Impact of trade liberalization on productivity growth of manufacturing sector: evidence from a non-parametric approach with Indian data PDF Paper
67 Author: Tom Skladzien
Indian development paths and long run impacts on Australia PDF  
68 Author: Manfred Lenzen
Co-Authors: Stefan Wisniowski, Tess Howes, Joy Murray, Chris Dey, Linda Schofield, Geoff Barton, Don Taylor, Charlie Benrimoj, Bob Kotic
Input-Output Analysis for Business Planning: A Case Study of the University of Sydney PDF Paper
69 Author: Hitoshi Hayami
Co-Authors: Masao Nakamura
Input-Output Relation and Distribution of Emission-Recycling-Final Disposal Coefficients of Japanese Industrial Wastes at the Establishment Level PDF  
70 Author: Maureen Rimmer
Input-output tables for use in Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models: the case of the USAGE model of the United States PDF  
71 Author: Maaike Corinne Bouwmeester
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven
International material resource dependency in an international input-output framework PDF Paper
72 Author: Hideo Fukuishi
Interregional Virtual Water Trading in Japan: the applied idea to identify the characteristics of Virtual Water Trading using the Input-Output Approach. PDF Paper
73 Author: Faye Duchin
Co-Authors: Stephan Lutter, Nathaniel Springer, Stefan Giljum
Introducing Physical Constraints into Economic Models PDF Paper
74 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Co-Authors: Pierre Mohnen, Jan Luiten van Zanden, Bas van Leeuwen
Invention, Entrepreneurship and Prosperity: The Dutch Golden Age PDF Paper
75 Author: Utz Peter Reich
Is there entropy in an economy? Revisiting an early concept of sustainability introduced by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen PDF  
76 Author: Umed Temurshoev
Co-Authors: Marcel P. Timmer
Joint Estimation of Supply and Use Tables PDF Paper
77 Author: Raghu Bista
Liberalization and Productivity Growth in Nepal: A case of FDI firms PDF Paper
78 Author: Kakali Mukhopadhyay
Co-Authors: P. Thomassin
Macroeconomic impacts of the bio-fuel sector in Canada PDF Paper
79 Author: Zhao Zhao
Co-Authors: Shi Minjun, Jing Yang
Market Access, Supply Access and Geographic Concentration of Manufactures in China: A Interregional Input-output Approach PDF Paper
80 Author: Martin Soeren Lindner
Co-Authors: Dabo Guan, Klaus Hubacek
Measuring Embodied Emission Flows for the Interdependent Economies within China PDF Paper
81 Author: Ana-Isabel Guerra
Co-Authors: Ferran Sancho
Merging the Hypothetical Extraction Method and the Classical Multiplier Approach: A Hybrid Possibility PDF Paper
82 Author: Arpita Ghose
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty, Partha Pratim Ghosh
Models for the correction of input-output forecasts: experiments with Sri Lankan input-output data PDF Paper
83 Author: Eladio Febrero
Monetary Economy of Production. Attempting to integrate financial accounts in an Input-Output framework. PDF Paper
84 Author: Quanrun Chen
Co-Authors: Erik Dietzenbacher, Bart Los, Cuihong Yang
Partially endogenized consumption: a new method to incorporate the household sector into input-output models PDF Paper
85 Author: Rutger Hoekstra
Physical input-output tables: developments and future PDF Paper
86 Author: Zuoyi YE
Co-Authors: Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Mitsuru Shimoda, Takashi Watanabe
Price and revenue effect of Japan’s VAT reform PDF Paper
87 Author: Seyed Iman Azad
Co-Authors: Ali Asghar Banouei, Narges Moradkhani
Quantitative Analysis of Services & Sub- Service Sectors in the Iranian Economy PDF Paper
88 Author: Carol A Robbins
Co-Authors: Mary Streitwieser, Robert Corea, William Joliff
R&D and Other Intangible Assets in an Input-Output Framework: A First look with U.S. Data PDF  
89 Author: Stuart John Nettleton
Recent controversies in neoclassical modelling and developments in Evidence-Driven Policy PDF Paper
90 Author: Jie Zhang
Regional Environmental Impact of Tourism – Linking the regional tourism satellite accounts and the regional environmental accounts within the Danish regional model framework PDF Paper
91 Author: Alsu Sayapova
Russian and Regional Input-Output Tables PDF Paper
92 Author: Kazushige Shimpo
Co-Authors: Amrita Goldar, Jaya Bhanot
Social Equity versus the Environment Dilemma: Evaluating the GHG Impact of Poverty Alleviation in India PDF  
93 Author: Ya-Yen Sun
Stability of I-O technical coefficients by capacity utilization: A case study of the hotel sector in Taiwan PDF Paper
94 Author: Clemente Andrés Polo
Co-Authors: Elisabeth Valle
Structural changes in the Balearic Islands PDF Paper
95 Author: Partha Pratim Ghosh
Co-Authors: Debesh Chakraborty, Paramita Dasgupta
Structural Changes In The Indian Economy During The Pre-Reform And Reform Periods: An Analysis In The Input-Output Framework PDF Paper
96 Author: Yuko Oshita
Co-Authors: K. Nansai, Shigemi Kagawa
Structural Decomposition Analysis Using Spectral Graph Theory and Its Application to the Energy Issue in Japan PDF Paper
97 Author: Yan Xia
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang, Xikang Chen
Study on China’s Energy-Economy-Environment System Based on Sustainable Economic Growth PDF Paper
98 Author: Jianwen Yuan
Study on Modern Service Industry of Guangdong Province Based on Input-output Analysis PDF Paper
99 Author: Zhirui Mu
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang
Study on Multi-objective Optimization of Export Commodity Structure Based on Non-competitive Input-Output Analysis PDF Paper
100 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Teaching Session 1: Linear programming in input-output analysis PDF  
101 Author: Juan Carlos Parra
Teaching Session 1: SimSIP SAM PDF  
102 Author: Sanjiv Mahajan
Teaching Session 1: Supply and Use Tables and links to Symmetric Input-Output Tables PDF  
103 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Teaching Session 2: Linear programming in input-output analysis PDF  
104 Author: Juan Carlos Parra
Teaching Session 2: SimSIP SAM PDF  
105 Author: Sanjiv Mahajan
Teaching Session 2: Supply and Use Tables and links to Symmetric Input-Output Tables PDF  
106 Author: Thijs ten Raa
Teaching Session 3: Linear programming in input-output analysis PDF  
107 Author: Juan Carlos Parra
Teaching Session 3: SimSIP SAM PDF  
108 Author: Sanjiv Mahajan
Teaching Session 3: Supply and Use Tables and links to Symmetric Input-Output Tables PDF  
109 Author: Richard Wood
Co-Authors: Edgar Hertwich
Technology Scenarios, Economic Modeling and Life-Cycle Inventories PDF Paper
110 Author: Jiansuo Pei
Co-Authors: Jan Oosterhaven, Erik Dietzenbacher
The bias in accounting for national income changes when pervasive processing trade is present PDF Paper
111 Author: Yuwan Duan
Co-Authors: Cuihong Yang
The change of the capital and labor input for China's economy PDF Paper
112 Author: Dipti Prakas Pal
Co-Authors: Mausumi Datta Biswas Ghosh
The Changing Structure of Indian Agriculture During the Post-Reform Period: A Study in the I-O Framework PDF Paper
113 Author: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Co-Authors: Joerg Beutel
The Choice of Type of Input-Output Table Revisited: Moving Towards the Use of Supply-Use Tables in Impact Analysis PDF Paper
114 Author: Ross Alexander
Co-Authors: Terry McGrath
The compilation of the Australian input-output tables PDF  
115 Author: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Co-Authors: Joerg Beutel
The construction of input-output tables and the use of supply-use tables in input-output analyses: a review PDF  
116 Author: Xikang Chen
The Effect of Raising Compensation of Employees on the Prices in China PDF Paper
117 Author: Nooraddin Sharify
Co-Authors: Abdolreza Sharifi, Fatemeh Sharify
The Effects of Nanotechnology Implementation on Production Costs and Employment: An Input-Output Simulation PDF Paper
118 Author: Bjarne Madsen
The general interregional quantity model - multiplier experiments with a sub-regional model for Denmark PDF Paper
119 Author: Makiko Tsukui
Co-Authors: Keisuke Nakamura
The impact and effects of modal shift of waste transportation by IR-WIO (interregional waste input-output) analysis PDF Paper
120 Author: Xue Fu
The industry similarity in input-output system of China in 1981-1995: Application of dual scaling and fuzzy clustering PDF Paper
121 Author: Natalia Ustinova
The oil and gas sector in Russian Supply and Use Tables PDF Paper
122 Author: Kuishuang Feng
Co-Authors: John Barrett, Thomas Wiedmann, Klaus Hubacek, Jan Minx, Kate Scott
The role of infrastructure in meeting UK climate change targets: a case study of wind energies PDF Paper
123 Author: Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores
Co-Authors: Ferran Sancho
The Role of Supply Constraints in Detecting Keysectors PDF Paper
124 Author: Stuart John Nettleton
The Service Science of Climate Change Policy Analysis: applying the Spatial Climate Economic Policy Tool for Regional Equilibria PDF Paper
125 Author: Hongxia Zhang
Co-Authors: Zheng Xinye, Xiuli Liu
The Sources of Carbon Intensity Change in China: 1997-2007 PDF Paper
126 Author: Joy Murray
Co-Authors: Richard Wood
The Sustainability Practitioner's Guide to Input-Output Analysis PDF  
127 Author: Antonio F. Amores
Co-Authors: Thijs ten Raa
Three way decomposition of the Efficiency of Andalusian Economy PDF Paper
128 Author: Mark Thissen
Co-Authors: Dario Diodato
Towards a New Economic Geography based Estimate of Cross-Hauling in Regional Supply and Use Tables PDF Paper
129 Author: Norihiko Yamano
Towards multiproducts production model: analysis from harmonized multinational supply and use database PDF  
130 Author: Harry C Wilting
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in MRIO modelling – some empirical results with regard to the carbon footprint of the Netherlands PDF Paper
131 Author: José Manuel Rueda-Cantuche
Underestimation of the performance of the EU carbon dioxide emission reductions via external trade PDF Paper
132 Author: Bjarne Madsen
Urbanicity and rurality - Islands economies, social accounting within sub-municipality framework PDF  
133 Author: Paul Gretton
Use of input-output tables in assessing national economic reform - Australian Productivity Commission experience PDF  
134 Author: Brian C Moyer
Co-Authors: Carol A. Robbins, Thomas F. Howells III
Using an Input-Output Framework for Double-Deflated Quarterly U.S. Gross Domestic Product by Industry: Methods, Initial Results, and Future Plans PDF  
135 Author: Fidel Aroche
Wassily Leontief’s The Structure of the American Economy. The early reactions: 1940-1950 PDF Paper
136 Author: Cristina Sarasa
Co-Authors: Rosa Duarte Pac, Julio Sánchez Chóliz
Water Rates and Responsibilities of Direct, Indirect and End-Users in Spain PDF Paper
137 Author: Cristela Goce Dakila
Welfare Effects of Regional Transport Infrastructure Improvement in a Developing Economy : SCGE Approach PDF Paper
138 Author: Tobias Heinrich Kronenberg
What can post-Keynesian input-output models tell us about social sustainability? PDF Paper
139 Author: Mr. Hamil Bakari Amour
Zanzibar Tourism Accounts: A research proposal to strengthen their present status PDF Paper

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