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The IIOA introduced a series of webinars as one of the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 annual IIOA Conferences. The aims of these webinars include:

 • sharing information, research, developments and analyses;
 • promotion of innovative ideas and inspiring others;
 • providing another IIOA channel for learning and development for younger scholars; and
 • least of all, seeing / hearing albeit online, existing friends and colleagues as well as newbies.

Topics can be of any nature relating to Input-Output and the presenters from within the IIOA community or beyond.


The ground work laid out by Douglas Meade, Bart Los and Sanjiv Mahajan led to the introduction of the Webinar Programme Series in 2021 with Maureen Rimmer being the first presenter. As of 2022, Kuishuang Feng, a Member of the IIOA Council, is the new lead for the Webinar Programme Series, supported and advised by Sanjiv Mahajan.

Notification of webinar(s)

As and when a new webinar is available, this webpage will be updated and all IIOA Members will also be notified via email. Nearer the event date, final details will be circulated and a link to the webinar will be provided. No registration or payment is needed.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the webinar programme or improvements we can make, please contact us and let us know. More importantly, if you or your colleagues within or outside the IIOA would like to make an Input-Output related presentation, again, please let us know.

The contacts are below and the email details are available via the IIOA Members Area or via this form.

Kuishuang Feng or Sanjiv Mahajan

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