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The International Input-Output Association (IIOA) is a non-profit, scientific organisation founded in 1988. The IIOA today is a thriving, growing and influential organisation with over 630 members spanning 59 countries.

The objective of the IIOA is the advancement of knowledge in the field of Input-Output data compilation and analysis, including improvements in basic data, theoretical insights and modelling, and applications - traditional and novel - of Input-Output techniques. The IIOA delivers its core objectives by supporting young scholars, widening the awareness of the organisation, providing exchange of experience through our global annual IIOA Conference.

The global IIOA community brings together both producers (e.g. national statistical offices) of the statistics needed and the wide range of users, analysts and policy makers to advance knowledge on energy, environment, international trade, financial flows, price and general equilibrium analysis, ecological sustainability and well-being.

We welcome you to browse through the IIOA webpages, contact one of our Council Members, and to attend our annual conferences to learn more of the IIOA and its activities.

We also encourage you to become a Member of the IIOA by registering here.


Job Vacancy: “Consultant/Expert” position in UNECA to support their TiVA project.

Consultant/Expert support wanted

Duties and responsibilities
  • Providing expert advice and guidance to ensure the best practice is adopted and applied to produce a quality model and dataset
  • Guiding the development of related computer codes (i.e., R and Python)
  • Facilitate capacity building for statisticians and economists at ECA on the importance of TiVA and related techniques; and
  • Training ECA staff on the development, maintenance, and use of the regional IOTs and TiVA database
  • Overseeing the related documentation write-ups
  • Be an expert in the area, very good understanding of regional SUTs and IOTs and their applications, and knowledge of related international standards
  • Experienced in the production and use of TiVA indicators
  • Experienced in working with developing countries with limited data resources
  • Proficiency in code writing in R and Python
Contractual arrangements
  • Remote support and contribution; several travels to UNECA for face-to-face workshops and seminars
  • Available immediately, and ready to support through July 2023

The 2022 IIOA Conference in Langkawi finished on September 2nd with a beautiful Closing Video.

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