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For each of the papers, an abstract plus keywords are available that can be read directly. The full text of each paper (except for the published papers) is available in pdf-format. For papers that have been published only the abstracts and keywords are available, not the full texts. The abstracts, however, include an e-mail address for further correspondence with (one of) the author(s).

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Publications in 2011

WPIOX11-001 Sadao Nishimura
Towards Analysis of Vertical Structure of Industries: A Method and its Application to U.S. Industries: Abstract|PDF

Publications in 2010

WPIOX10-002 Umed Temurshoev and Jan Oosterhaven
On Input-Output Linkage Measures: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX10-001 Umed Temurshoev, Norihiko Yamano and Colin Webb
Projection of Supply and Use tables: methods and their empirical assessment: Abstract|PDF

Publications in 2009

WPIOX09-013 Gulay Gunluk-Senesen and Umit Senesen
Decomposition of Labor Demand by Employer Sectors and Gender for Turkey: Findings for Major Exporting Sectors: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-012 Cristela Goce-Dakila and Francisco G. Dakila Jr.
Vulnerability of a Developing Economy to Reduction in Overseas Remittances: A CGE Approach: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-011 José M. Rueda-Cantuche and Thijs ten Raa
Testing the Assumptions Made in the Construction of Input-Output Tables: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-010 Susana Santos
Using a SAM-based model to measure the distributional Impacts of government policies: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-009 Kurt Kratena and Gerhard Streicher
Macroeconomic Input-Output Modelling - Structures, Functional Forms and Closure Rules: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-008 Jan Oosterhaven and Fernando Escobedo-Cardeñoso
Cell-corrected ras (cras) as a spatial input-output projection technique: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-007 Frederik Neuwahl, Andreas Uihlein and Aurelien Genty
An Econometric Input-Output Model for EU Countries Based on Supply and use Tables: The Production Side: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-006 K. Kratena, I. Mongelli and M. Wueger
An Econometric Input-Output Model for EU Countries Based on Supply and use Tables: Private Consumption: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-005 Utz-Peter Reich
Consistency in Aggregation? Trying the KLEMS data base: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-004 Ling Yang and Michael L. Lahr
Sources of Chinese Labor Productivity Growth: A Structural Decomposition Analysis, 1987-2005: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-003 Michael Sonis and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
Coefficient Change and Innovation Spread in Input-Output Models: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-002 Theodore Mariolis and George Soklis
Additive Labour Values and Prices of Production: Evidence from the Supply and Use Tables of the German and Greek Economy: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX09-001 Rosa Duarte Pac, Mónica Flores García and Julio Sánchez Chóliz
Comparison and Components of Backward Linkages in a Social Accounting Matrix: Abstract|PDF

Publications in 2008

WPIOX08-006 Karen Turner, Michelle Gilmartin, Peter G. McGregor, J. Kim Swales
The Added Value from Adopting a CGE Approach to Analyse Changes in Environmental Trade Balances: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX08-005 Kijong Kim
Hypothetical Integration in a Social Accounting Matrix and Fixed-price Multiplier Analysis: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX08-004 José M. Rueda-Cantuche, Joerg Beutel, Frederik Neuwahl, Ignazio Mongelli and Andreas Loeschel
A Symmetric Input-Output Table for EU27: Latest Progress: Abstract|Published
WPIOX08-003 José M. Rueda-Cantuche and Thijs ten Raa
The Choice of Model in the Construction of Industry Coefficients Matrices: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX08-002 Gulay Gunluk-Senesen, Umit Senesen
Impacts of Taxes on Oil Use: a Retrospective Analysis for Turkey: Abstract|PDF
WPIOX08-001 Gaspar Núñez
A Social Accounting Matrix of Mexico for the Year 2000: Abstract|PDF

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