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Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) tables
Harmonised national Input-Output tables
Trade in Value Added (TiVA) indicators
Trade in Employment (TiM) indicators
Trade in embodied CO2 (TECO2) indicators
Analytical AMNE database


European Union


Japan's national I-O tables for 1995, 2000 and 2005:

EORA Multiregion-Input-Output Database

The Eora multi-region IO-database provides a time series of high resolution input-output (IO) tables with matching environmental and social satellite accounts for 187 countries.

World Input-Output Database (WIOD)

The World Input-Output Database has been developed to analyze the effects of globalization on trade patterns, environmental pressures and socio-economic development across a wide set of countries. The database covers 27 EU countries and 13 other major countries in the world for the period from 1995 to 2009.

Asian Development Bank: IO Tables for 17 countries in Asia and the Pacific region

In a multi-year regional technical assistance program, Asian Development Bank (ADB) has coordinated the compilation of supply-use tables (SUT) and input-output tables (IOT) for 17 of its member countries. The following links connect to the data compiled in the course of this programme.

ADB Supply-Use Tables
ADB Input-Output Tables

To access the ADBs Statistical Database System, go to ADB-SDBS.


EXIOBASE is a global, detailed Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input Output (MR EE SUT/IOT) database with high detail and extensive coverage of environmental extensions, including 43 countries and 5 RoW regions, 200 products, 163 industries, 15 land use types, employment by 3 skill levels, 48 types of raw materials and 172 types of water uses.

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